22 February 2010

I have treasures to share!

The winter wreaths hanging on the front gate.
They make me smile each time I pass through!
Pretty soon, spring wreaths will hang here :)

And now on to exciting happenings in my neck of the woods!

New treasures to behold

Remember the Ariat giveaway?
After all was said and done, an email came thanking me for hosting the giveaway.
And Ariat told me to pick out a pair of new paddock boots for myself!
I was thrilled beyond belief!
Hosting the giveaway with Ariat was thrilling in itself.
A product I believe in...
to share with others!


This was on my front porch a few days ago...
A box with the unmistakable Ariat logo
with three horse shoes

J and I had a good laugh.

The packing slip listed me as
"Blogger Misha"

This is what my life has come to;
an identity change within the world of blogging!

I heard angels singing as I took the first boot out of the plastic!


Think I needed new boots?
Me, too!
And now I do.

These boots are going to do a lot of barn chores,
clean a lot of stalls, walk many a mile turning out the horses...

And soon I will have new stories to tell you.
But for now, they are tucked away in a closet.
To be a part of...
"If These Boots Could Talk!"
(I just cannot bear to wear them yet!)

~~~Another Ariat Giveaway Coming Soon~~~

The next wonderful thing that made it's way onto my front porch
came from Hilary at  Crazy as a Loom.

This was the little diddy that I wrote for Hilary,
to entice her to choose my kitchen for her beautiful,
hand-woven towel giveaway!

"I need a good towel. A really, really good kitchen towel. One that will do the work required of it. One that will maintain it's glorious beauty while it hangs from a fancy-dancy hook on my old kitchen wall. A towel that will understand, that even though there is a dishwasher in the 100 year old kitchen, a choice has been made not to use it.
I grew up with a dishawasher. I never had to do dishes growing up as an only child. Except at my Nana's home. She taught me the art of dish washing. And it starts with the perfect towel!
And that is why my kitchen needs a beautiful,waffle weave custom towel. Made by love with Hialry's hands :) "

It came wrapped in lovely lavender tissue paper..

And I was so excited,

I hung it up, on it's fancy-dancy hook.
On my 100 year old kitchen wall.
Today the hand-woven waffle weave towel gets a break,
since it traveled quite a distance to get to Tn.
But, tomorrow, it will be expected to work.
While the dishwasher...
Thank you, Hilary! I love it!!
Pay a visit to this incredible artist. You will be amazed.
And her studio is awesome!
p.s. it is her Birthday Week :)
Remember the secretary that sits next to my desk?
It holds all of my treasures.
Little treasures collected over the years.

Do you see it?
One of my newest treasures?

It is Miss D and Annie!

An Arabian mare and foal in pewter on a beautiful wood base!
My sweet Daddy got this for me as a Christmas gift :)

And look at the bottom of the base-

So sweet...
that Daddy is of mine!

Treasures come in many different forms.
Bought, hand-made, hand-me-down~
but I think it's how we love them that make them
 the treasures they become,
to us!



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Misha, if anyone deserves those boots, YOU do... I was talking about you today in the car to my hubby... Your life and love for your horses is such a joy for me to read. Those horses are VERY lucky---as are you!

Love the gift your Dad gave you. That's awesome! And the towel is so pretty.... You are one lucky lady!!!


Sharon said...

What wonderful blessings! I just love Ariat boots and my husband does too :) That was very sweet of them to send you a pair. I cannot wait for Spring to arrive here but it won't be happening in Colorado for awhile :) Your towel is so nice, what a treat. And the statue too precious! What a loving gift. Have a wonderful evening Misha!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Misha - you rec'd some pretty nice things there... The pewter is beautiful and the boots and towel will be wonderful when you break down and put them to work!

Country Dreaming said...

Your gift from your Dad IS beautiful! Nice looking boots too.


Donna said...

You have been a very good girl :) I love all your new pretties! You did need some new boots!
Give Annie a hug for me!

Elle Bee said...

What great treasures!! Awesome boots blogger Misha! :o) And I love your new dish towel and especially your Miss D & Annie! How sweet of your dad!

Julie Harward said...

WOW...you are a lucky lady..I love Ariat boots, they are so comfortable! How cute your little poem was and how nice to receive such a handmade treasure! Love the mommie and her baby Annie pewter..and it's doubly sweet coming from Dad...what a good week you are having! :D

Amy said...

Oh how fun!! Such wonderful treasure you lucky girl!! I've also got a surprise for you on my blog- check it out ok!! Big hugs from Norway!!

The White Farmhouse said...

Wow! You are the lucky girl this week! Love the boots, and yes, it looks like you need a new pair. Love your little towel story. I think I would of picked you too. Such a sweet and thoughtful Dad to get you such a beautiful gift. You made out like a bandit!

Karen said...

I love my Ariat stuff.. My current paddock boots have a hole in the toe from where my horse reached around during a trail ride and nibbled my foot while I was talking to a fellow rider. I think it's time for new boots too!

Love the oil lamp on your table, beautiful!... and thanks for sharing your treasures. Loved the post - K

The Lone Star Queen said...

I love the statue that your dad gave you. It really is special.

Just wanted to tell you so you could pass it along to Ariat that your givaway and blogging about Ariat really is an effective advertising tool. Hillbilly and I gave each other new boots for Valentine's Day and I ended up with a couple of pair. One pair that I bought is Ariat's Rodeo Baby square toe boots. Ariat was not a brand that I was familiar with until you blogged about them. I had always bought Tony Lama's or Justin's in the past (I used to wear boots quite a bit). Thought you would like to know...

Rural Revival said...

I was so tickled when I read on Hilary's blog that you won the dish towel!

You most definitely deserve a new pair of Ariats...more than anyone I know. : )

And your dad, well he's a sweetie and appreciate every minute you have with him. You are so blessed!

Hugs ~Andrea~

Donna said...

All of those are sweet treasures which will make you smile in the days ahead!

Feral Female said...

Those are some snappy boots! And the towel and pewter are lovely as well!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Blogger Misha :) Awesome treasures indeed! Annie & Miss D just melted my heart. And I love your sheet music background in the secretary. Also I'm glad i'm not the only one who prefers the 'old-fashioned' dishwashing method! Hope this day is a treasure for you! -Tammy

Heart2Heart said...


WOW you were 100% correct when you said things were coming your way! Congratulations for all your wonderful things you have received that have completely made you so happy!

Love that you got a new pair of boots even though you didn't ask! WOO HOO!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

allhorsestuff said...

So wonderful all the news and the views...love the wreath!
Your dad...too cool what he gave you to treasure Misha! Love the Hutch full with sheet music backdrop.
Your boots are nice...still have never had lace ups...been privy to slip on paddock boots..what is the positive difference to you?

Catherine said...

Lucky you ! your boots look super! thanks for your visits, have a nice day. Catherine

Deb said...

love your wreath...great boots...

Hilary said...

The towel looks right at home!!!
Glad you like it.

Sydney said...

What fun treasures. I haven't got my boots yet. I guess I can't get them from my tack shop D: Gotta mail it away. The tack shop owner said Ariat takes forever to ship. I wanna wear the boots now! :P

Ann On and On... said...

I am so happy to hear that your feet will be tucked into new fancy boots. I have a feeling your hard working feet with sigh in relieve and appreciation.

You're treasures are grand. I love the gift from you dad. How very thoughtful!!!