06 February 2010

The first week of February...

                  February 6, 2010

Our old Boxelder tree standing proud  in the snow,
and looking beautiful!
I love this tree.

It shades our home in Summer,
while being a home to countless birds raising families.
It lets me hang wind chimes from it's branches, and protects the shade garden.

The Boxelder puts on the most fantastic show in Fall!
I never tire of the colors it produces.

Every winter I hang huge snowflakes from it's branches,
to celebrate Winter!

It almost looks small in these pictures.
But, trust me.
The branches spread out from one end of our home to the other!
I am almost jealous of the one hundred years of history
it has seen!

This week has seen much rain, sleet, snow, fog, and one lone day of sun.

I have dealt with,

4 cranky horses who could not go out for a couple of days because of slick pastures.
1 fussy filly who has found her voice to whinney her displeasure!
3 dogs who have spent way too much time inside, because their yard is slop.
(i finally hid the toys with sqeakers! i am not being mean, just need to stay sane)
1 broken finger. (me) Compliments of Allegra, the Princess Mare.
1 barn hot water heater that died.
1 barn cat who got stuck behind the dryer. I couldn't move it, so Tink had to wait for J to come to the barn!
1 husband who stayed up most nights until midnight studying for exams.
(and I stayed up to quiz him!)
1 sloppy muck pile that found me face down in it after slipping in the mud. ugh.
(can you say eewwww!)
2 sliding barn doors that need repaired and could not be used.
(J is fixing these today!!)
1 adorable filly who has proven to have a lot of smarts during her lead-line lessons this week!
3 mares who are all in season, at the same time!
1 stallion who knows this!!

But, that is Life!
Then a new week starts.
And I love it!


p.s. Look for another Ariat giveaway in the Spring!!

I apologize for not visiting much this week, Life got in the way!
But, I hope to catch up with all of you this weekend :)


Amy said...

There you are!!!! Wondered what happened to you and I can see by your post it has been a LOT! OMG! Well, hope you get some time to relax this weekend and that next week is a better week! Big hugs from the gang here in the woods :-))

Ann On and On... said...

What a week! I was laughing and awww'ing and laughing some more. That was a week to remember or a week your hoping to forget.

Andrea said...

Thank you for sharing. Beautiful pictures! We are in the middle of a snow storm, too. I am sure you guys are getting MUCH more than we are..
Blessings, andrea

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Misha, It has been a rough week.. But the good news is that there will be a better one soon...

We had nothing but rain for two days and then a little snow (dusting) during the night... It's cold and cloudy and dreary today AGAIN... I know how you feel.

Take care my friend.

Julie Harward said...

Maybe this week will be better, I hope so! I think I heard that there was a lot of snow there and ice. we don't get much of wither here and we always have sunshine. Love the big tree and love that you have horses, we do too. Did I tell you that we have the same pic on our side bars (the gal in the trough) great minds think alike I guess! Come say hi :D

The Lone Star Queen said...

That is one gorgeous tree! I'm a tree hugger of sorts... You have had quite the week girl! Sorry to hear about your finger, I bet it makes mucking the stalls a bit difficult. Hope next week runs a little smoother. Enjoy the weekend!

Sydney said...

We are lucky we don't have a slop hole around here. I do wish for more white fluffy precipitation! Just 6 or so inches for a few days please.

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a week! At least there were a few bright spots - like quality time with that sweet Annie :) So sorry about your finger. Hope next week is a fabulous one! Good to hear from ya! -Tammy

Jenny said...

Oh my ...what a terrible, horrible, very bad week for you! But thank you for taking the time to post the picture of that tree and stars. It is a gorgeous photo!

JeniQ said...

Busy week with lots of ups and downs, but isn't that what it's like to live a full life? I think it is.

Enjoy next week and all it's challenges and triumphs.


Country Dreaming said...

I have missed you. Boy, yiu are busy. Sorry to hear about your finger--hope it is healing well.
Sounds like Annie and the others are doing well.
Slow down and enjoy the weekend.
Hope to see you soon.


allhorsestuff said...

WOWee...full of fun and some other stuff!
I Loved your photo's of that gorgeously dreamy tree!
Hope you can spend some time in front of it just chilaxin'!
Hang in there...!

Deb said...

busy week...hopefully you can relax this weekend...

Donna said...

If I didn't like my "spa" stuff so well I would send it to you! Sounds like you need it too!
Thanks for your sweet comment and thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. Today has been a "bad" one...I am just a "nut" case sometimes :)_
I love your posts and I will post pics of my b'day last year...the Big 50! I am trying to take baby steps. In the next few weeks we are going to the mountains and drive through Cades Cove for the first time without Amber and say a sweet prayer for her. Jennifer is going with us for the last time before she gets married. It is something we need to do ... just the three of us.
Jennifer has a blog on my sidebar "Wedding Bells and Fairy Tales" she gives wedding details. You might want to check it out.
Blessings & Hugs,

Feral Female said...

Boy Misha, you have had your hands full! Welcome back!

Snappy Di said...

Hope your owie boo boo finger is doing better today. :-(

The Blue Ridge Gal

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

You have a love for your old tree that we have for our old silver maple....we know the little girl who grew up here, she planted it when she was eight and now she's in her nineties! It almost makes our house the home that it is...without it, I think we'd feel naked here.

I love your tree photos, especially the first!

You sound like you have had QUITE a week! WOW! And, for now, you've got more snow than we do up here in Michigan! Amazing!


Oz Girl said...

Your story about your inopportune face-to-face meeting with the muck pile had me laughing... I'm sure you uttered a few choice words that day (as I would have too!), but of course things like this are always funny in retrospect. It would have been even funnier had J been there and managed to snap off a few pics. Ok, I know, I'm pushin' it! LOL

Making straw trails is a good idea... our paddocks are a giant mess right now! Luckily we are heading into another freeze starting tonight, so the mud will go away. At least for a lil while.

Wishing you a wonderful week Misha! :)


Rural Revival said...

You broke your finger?!! Oh my, I leave for a few days and look what happens!! : ) What a week...so what do you do for excitement in those mountains? ; ) I hope your healing nicely and things are evening out for you this week...who ever will I thrift with and sip on cocoa with after an afternoon of skating?

I've never heard of the boxelderwood but it looks really cool. I need to see if they're hearty for my neck of the woods.

Be well - please! ~Andrea~

PS. Sugar cookies? Yes please!