19 February 2010

The end of my day....Finally!

In the barn! from misha on Vimeo.

***There are two videos to watch. In the barn, and the second is the mares and Annie in the pasture!***

Just click the white "star" to the right of the minute bar (where it says Vimeo) to enlage to full screen! You will have to turn up your speakers. My voice didn't pick up that well. Or maybe it is because I am so soft spoken...HA! (Don't forget to pause the music player at the bottom of the page. It only plays one song and then stops, if you cannot get it to pause)

After this video is finished playing and the Vimeo screen pops up, there is another video from yesterday I made. Click on the middle pic (of the run-in shed from a distance)

Everyone was being very lazy. So I got to be the fitness instructor!

Watch Miss D. She is just beautiful as she struts her stuff, arches that neck, and snorts and blows! You can actually see the steam coming from her nostrils because it was a seriously frigid day!

Her tail carriage is awesome!!
She flips up that tail and arches her neck low, as if to say,
"I am an Arabian Mare. Hear me roar!!"

Hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful day :)


Karen said...

Your barn is spotless! surely you use a blower for the isle, or do you actually sweep that thoroughly!?.. I did for many years, and my back pays the price :-)

I love the bay with attitude.. and I notice you use straw as bedding...do you prefer it over shavings? I've never used it but wondered if it was very heavy and therefore difficult to clean out when wet, etc. I know it's popular in a foaling stall for respiratory reasons, etc.

Feral Female said...

I did enjoy! Thanks SO much for sharing Misha!

Julie Harward said...

WOWZA...there is nothing as beautiful as an Arabian horse! She is just exquisite! I love to watch then move, it gives me chills from my head to my toes! I had an Arabian once...it was death when I had to sell him. Have you ever heard of a stud called "Golden Ali"...liver chestnut with a blond mane and tail? This was my sisters horse...she was a horse trainer and has taken horses to the top ten more than once. Have a good day and come say hi :D

Andrea said...

Arabian's are awesome. They are so beautiful when they run..everything always looks so elegant about their movement to me.

Blessings, andrea

maurakeith said...

Oh Misha that was just wonderful! I used to have an Arabian years ago and LOVED the way he'd run around with his tail up and neck arched snorting the whole time. Your horses are beautiful...especially Annie and her mom. Thank you so much for sharing these videos with us. I am so happy to have found your Blog!

Sydney said...

hehe so cute.

Flat Creek Farm said...

These were wonderful! Thanks so much for the smiles today, Misha. I heart your horses :) Your barn is amazing as well. Enjoy your weekend!! -Tammy

Andrea said...

I just wanted to come back and tell you how much your comment on arise 2 write means to me. I was very discouraged yesterday. It had nothing to do with the prayer request on my blog, but more to do with an attack by the enemy. I praise GOD for people like you who come along and become living vessels to pick us up, encourage us, and help us set our focus back on our Heavenly Father!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how neat, Misha.... I watched all three --even though I had seen the oldest one before. LOVE them.... Annie is growing up so fast--and her Mama is a gorgeous horse.

Thanks for sharing.

The Lone Star Queen said...

Your barn is really nice and it's SO clean. Those beautiful horses of yours really have it good! I love when you post video's, such a great escape for me. Thanks for posting them!

Snappy Di said...

Hi Misha! Love the video of Miss D and Annie running together. Such horse play! It's so beautiful there in your area of Tennessee!

The Blue Ridge Gal
(waiting for warmer weather!!)

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Misha, I loved that video! I have no horses, but it sure is fun to see you and yours, and to hear your voice, I feel like I actually got to meet you! I have a feature of you on my blog tomorrow (Saturday 2/19/10) ...I hope you like it, I tied your little Annie in with a vintage children's book about a horse...I'm sending my friends over to your blog to meet Annie for themselves! Have a great weekend!

Donna said...

Misha, Your barn is spotless! I know how hard it is to keep one clean and "cleaned out" :)
The horses are gorgeous and just adorable. Annie is growing so fast. Loved the video...made me smile :)

Amy said...

I want a horse!!!! So beautiful Misha! You're lucky to spend your days in the company of those lovely horses! Is your Stallion Annie's dad? I love Miss D, she's gorgeous! Did you say she was the sister to Allegra? Amazing they have such different colouring!
Can't get over the fact that you have NO snow and we have tons!
Have a great day!!!

Donna said...

Hi, Misha! I found your lovely blog from Old Centennial Farmhouse and discovered that you are just down the road, LOL. Nothing like finding out from Michican about a neighbor! Your horses are gorgeous!!!

Marydon Ford said...

I love horses, but not the farm life. Yours are beautiful.

Have a beautiful weekend.
Hugs, Marydon

Rural Revival said...

Misha, These are amazing!! Thank you so, so much. You have no idea how much I enjoyed visiting the barn and seeing the whole family! I can't think of anything better, next to being there in person. Miss D IS beautiful and it was such a joy to see her run through the pasture. I'm sure these take a while to upload and post and I do truly appreciate the effort. I couldn't believe how tall Annie was when you walked up to her and Miss D in their stall. She is growing so fast...too fast! Darn kids. : )

Have a wonderful Saturday night ~Andrea~

Ann On and On... said...

As if you knew the perfect way to end my day....

I owe you so many thanks. It is because of your generosity to share your life, mine is brighter. Horses hold a very special place in my heart as do people like you.

Heart2Heart said...


Just wanted to let you know that you are the winner of the Hear No Evil book giveaway on my blog. Please email me your mailing information at Stevenkat27@verizon.net and I can get that in the mail to you.

Congratulations again!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Susan said...

Love your blog! I have a conference in Pigeon Forge next month and I'm looking forward to a view of the mountains. We are so blessed here in Tennessee!

Susan at Charm of the Carolines