16 February 2010

Because everyone has a story to tell...an authentic story!

                        ~~ Yes, this is a long post, but I hope you will stick around to read!~~            

             Last week I was visiting with Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm.
She posed a simple question in her post.
A question that I forgot to answer, even though I left a comment.
But I believe the reason I didn't answer it was because...

I didn't really know the answer.

"Why do you blog?"

For me, like so many of you, I began a blog to keep family
up to date with our life here in the mountains.
To post pictures of us, the pups and cats,
and of course the horses.

And it also was a place I could share my love of the written word.
But somewhere along the way a very unexpected thing happened.
I made new friends.
I got a glimpse into the lives of others.
I could travel to wonderful places in my own country that I have never been.
I could travel to places around the world that I will
probabaly never get to see in person.
And get a glimpse into their daily lives.

And I was amazed at how many people left such wonderful comments
about the little slice of life, my life,
that I shared.

Whe Annie was born, the well wishes that poured in were wonderful.
A little creature that so many people had been waiting for....
To make her arrival.

I was astounded at how many comments I got that thanked me
for sharing our lives with the horses.
I was amazed at how many said they had never touched a horse,
or even seen a horse in person!
These are the things that J and I, in our daily lives, take for granted.
I believe this was a real turning point in for me.
Because at that moment I understood the power of blogging.
Not just mine, but all the wonderful places and people I visit each day.

I write from heart.
The way I see it.
The way I feel it.
The way my life is intertwined with the beautiful creatures,
of all sizes, that are entrusted to my care.
The way they make my life.
the life it is.

My story is mine.
The way I see it.
The way I feel it.
And, yes, in my world the animals speak!
Because this is my story and my life, with them!
It is Authentic.

Authentic writing.

I will be quite honest.
I write what comes from my heart.
I add my pictures to complete the writing.
For the most part, neither would make sense alone.
A few months ago I was contacted by one those sites that
profiles different bloggers.
They choose a post to display on their site.
They did not seem to have a catagory that fit my blog!
I suggested-
"Pictorial Essay"
They asked me write a short synopsis of how I decide what to write
that my readers want to read.

I replied that I just write.
I do not get frazzeled over whether or not
blogland is going to like my post.
If I had to decide on each post of whether or not
it was "comment" worthy....
well then I wouldn't be an
authentic writer,
would I?

Which leads me to one of the saddest aspects of blogging.
Opening ourselves up tp criticism.
The last few weeks I have witnessed in written word,
some truly mean words.
Not here, on My Front Porch, but on the sites of friends.
Words that critisize their authentic writing.
Words that critisize the very thing that brings us together:

Our differences.
Our different ways of living.
Our different ways of seeing the world.
Our different ways of feeling our world around us.

A city gal in Manhatten who takes the subway to her work everyday
may never ever wish to trade places with me.
I can't imagine looking out my window,
onto a sea of concrete, and hearing honking taxi cabs.
But, then she couldn't imagine scraping manure off her boots,
and coming into this cold farmhouse cottage to feed the wood stove!

But she and I may find joy in reading about one another's lives.
Our authentic lives...

So to those anonymous and not so anonymous commenters,
please remember....
that the reason we all began our own writings,
and reading that of others,
is because we were looking willing to share our lives,
our different authentic lives,
with one another!


And because I have a story to tell,
I am sharing my yesterday with you!

The old livestock barn civered in white fluff..again!

Mother and daughter getting a drink from the water trough.
Are those not the two cutest bums!
Annie's little tail is finally growing. It is going to thick and beautiful,
just like Miss D's tail!

Me, taking a break.
I am wearing so many layers, I feel like I am dragging
10 extra pounds!
cuddle skins
long underwear
insulated flannel lined cords
turtle neck
long sleeve shirt
thick, wool socks
and my trusty, crusty, crispy old Ariats!

Do you see Jam?
She is walking along the top of the stalls.
She sings a little song in meow-speak as she travels along!

You can't see Jam, but J was playing with her in the straw.
She does not leave us alone at all during the day.
She has to be involved in everything we do!

The straw queen!

Tink snuggles in her cupboard all day.
She hates the cold.
She does not like blankets. She shreds
paper! At night she sleeps with the horses :)
I felt bad she wouldn't come out to eat,
so she had breakfast in bed!

Got tuna?

Always a load of horsey laundry.
These are yesterdays grooming towels.
Sometimes I feel like a professional laundress.
Laundry at home.
Laundry at the barn.

Water buckets to be cleaned and filled.
There are auto-waterers in each stall.
But in the event they should freeze,by hanging a bucket, no one would be without water!

*Did you know the average horse drinks about 10 gallons of water a day!!

I have to put their hoof conditioner in front of the space heater
to warm it up. Otherwise it is one big glop of goo!
Each day when the horses come in, they are groomed.
They also get their feet picked. Those hooves pick
up a lot of mud, rocks etc.
The hoof conditioner helps keep the hoof from drying out and cracking.

Little Miss Annie trying to nibble only the green grass.
If only Miss D would go further down the pasture, she would find
yummy stuff to eat  both her and Annie!
But, she likes to hang near the barn with me!
(actually I think she just wants to make sure we are not going to forget her
when it's time to come back into the barn!)

Look at Annie's forelock. (her "bangs" for non-horsey people!!)
It just does not grow...yet.
Every day when I groom her, I brush it forward and add a little
J says it makes her look like Howdy Doody!

And that is my authentic story to tell today.
Just a pictorial essay on a little slice of
my Life!
But wait....
Did you notice something different when you arrived on my front porch?
Something wonderful, beautiful, and new?
Something created just for moi by a new friend...
Yep, the header!
I now have a beautiful header.
I am thrilled!
Snappy Di, The Blue Ridge Gal,
created it just for me!
And guess what?
There was no charge!
Because out of the goodness of her huge heart and crafty self,
she is now creating FREE headers!
Di made my week!
It is little things like this that just thrill me to pieces!

Yep, it's the little things in life that make my life special..
Little things that add up to create an authentic slice of life!

And remember, although the grass does seem
greener on the other side at times...
if you just search you might just find it.
At the other end of the pasture!

***If you would like to have an awesome header made by Di, The Blue Ridge Gal,
just click on her button, located on my sidebar!   
Thanks again, Di! You rock!


Lucy said...

I could answer the 'why do you blog' question. Because it's so darn much fun! :)

Julie Harward said...

Oh Misha...I just hung on every word...you are a great writer! Because you do write from the heart! Thats what I do to..just write about whatever is happening in my life. Thats the way it should be. Your cat Jam..looks just like my Sage! I wish I could come follow you around for the day and help you..we could talk horse talk..I was raised on a farm and I understand every word that you say! My sis was a professional horse trainer her whole life..I am from a horse crazy family...I just love Annie's soft, fizzy "bangs". :D

Donna said...

Well said or should I say well written! I love seeing the world through other blogs.
Please give Miss D and Annie a hug for me :)
Love your new header!

Brenda said...

Misha - I always enjoy the visit to your front porch in the mountains! I love seeing and reading about the horses and other animals on your beautiful farm. I enjoy watching Annie grow and how you take such good care of them. Thank you for sharing!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Misha, I SO enjoy your blog... I don't know a thing about horses --but I love reading this wonderful life and passion of yours. I can FEEL your love for Annie and the horses. That is a cute picture of you!!!!!!

Your header is great also... Thanks for being YOU and for being a friend to another Tennessean.

Sydney said...

That is a lovely header.

I have yet to have a nasty comment on my blog. I do not moderate what people post. I guess I have a good group of followers. However having moderated one of the biggest web creation sites on the net I know exactly how little people know of "netequite" and post nasty things just in spite. I agree with you though I would never want to wake up in a sea of concrete.

JeniQ said...

Misha - The new header I noticed right off. I love the pictorial of your day and your writings - heartfelt, honest, and soulfuel

Flat Creek Farm said...

Misha, you truly have a gift for writing from the heart! Another wonderful post, my friend. Love the pictures and a look at your day. You look so adorable in your barn gear! I seriously do NOT rock the layers nearly as well as you :) Love the header!! -Tammy

Flat Creek Farm said...

Misha, you truly have a gift for writing from the heart! Another wonderful post, my friend. Love the pictures and a look at your day. You look so adorable in your barn gear! I seriously do NOT rock the layers nearly as well as you :) Love the header!! -Tammy

Country Dreaming said...

There is a lot of nastiness lately
in blogland--you aren't the only one writing about this.

I think the this phrase applies here as it does out in the world.
"If you can't say something nice then don't say ANYTHING at all."

Great post. Love those horses!


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Misha - I didn't have to make myself read this lengthy post - it kept me in it.... I've never run into these negative bloggers.... but your reason for blogging is like many...I'm very surprised that I have followers that think any of my stuff is even interesting... It gives me a lot of joy and a reason to take lots and lots of pictures! Have a wonderful week! Of course, I love all your horsey pictures - little Annie... and your header is beautiful!

Snappy Di said...

Hi Misha! Thanks soooo much for the shout out on my header creation. I'm glad you are enjoying it.

Yes, there can be a bit of ugliness on blogging comments at times. I guess some people use the comment box for an outlet due to having unhappy lives. As long as they don't use swear words I let them speak their mind and have only ever had to delete a couple of comments. Freedom of speech is a biggie for me, I truly believe in it and think it's a big part of the internet world.

As for Tink, well, she has the same look on her face that our dog Handsome wakes up with every morning... sort of half asleep while he munches on his breakfast. Very cute!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Karen said...

Wonderful post... really put into words why I'm blogging too... and I haven't expressed it as well as you. Glad to meet you!

Karen of This Old House.

The Lone Star Queen said...

Misha--I am glad you share your life in Tennessee with all of us in blog land. Your posts always make me feel good and are the next best thing to actually being in the country. I too started a blog for the family but along the way it became a way to make friends and escape to places I might otherwise never visit. I do admit to worrying about what I post, whether or not it will be criticized by readers. I have never had a negative comment yet but I was accused of stealing someone's post the other day. It hurt my feelings because I actually got my info (snow stats) from the newspaper's website. I guess she thought she owned them.

The old barn looks really good in white!


Rural Revival said...

Sweet Misha,

It's not only because you are authentic and you speak from the heart but because you have such a beautiful heart that makes you who are and your blog what it is...which is a delight to visit any day and I would read through the end of the post if it took me a year.
I may never get to the Tennesse mountains in person but that's okay because I get to go there every day and I owe it and a lot more all to you.

I feel blessed to call you my friend.


Feral Female said...

Well said Misha!!

cindy said...

I love to read your blog. It reads with so much passion for life.
Thank you for writing!

TAke care

Heart2Heart said...


Your place is one of the most comforting places to stop by in the blogging world. When I come by here, I never know what I am going to get, yet as I begin reading, my heart rate slows, my breathing returns to normal and I find myself relaxing in each word and picture I see.

It's not easy for anyone to pull that off yet you manage to do it without any effort, it's just part of who you are and how you write. Yours is a place to relax and feel comfortable. I love it here and can't wait each day to venture back.

Thanks for making my day, just that much better and brighter.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

passport in my pocket said...

Annie has such a sweet face! :)

And beautiful blog header.

Rural Revival said...

Shhh! I love to do laundry too! It will be our little secret! I like sorting the dirty stuff into piles, folding and piling everything up in the laundry basket and then going through the house and putting everything away into tidy cupboards and closets. I'm always bummed when it's all done.
Boy, do you ever have a lot of laundry to do! So far, I'm really happy with this recipe and I just can't believe not only how cheap it is but there are no extra added chemicals, which is good for four and two legged kiddies! : )

And Misha, I feel the same, it's wonderful knowing I have such a sweet friend out there!

Be well! ~Andrea~

Ann On and On... said...

It is disappointing to hear other bloggers are being mean. It doesn't make sense to me..."If you don't have anything nice to say...don't say it at all".

The world would be pretty boring if we were all the same.

Thank you for sharing your world with us!

Aunt D said...

You are more than authentic, kiddo. You're a natural. Love, Aunt D

Jules @ MoonCat Farms said...

Thank you for this post. The lovely Sandra posed a difficult question for us all. You have summed it quite nicely for many of us who feel the same way.

I've been fortunate also in that I've dealt with generally nice people on my blog who leave very pleasant and supportive comments.

I've seen some of the nastiness though and it amazes me that people will say stuff online that you know dang well they wouldn't say to a person's face. Manners and proper behaviour are not something that many are being taught any more.

As for Annie' forelock - Rainey, one of our Quarter Horses never did get a lovely forelock. He was born with a little three inch curlicue and it never changed in his 26 years! It was adorable.

Buttercup said...

This city girl from Manhattan found your blog and is very glad. Love the glimpse into the country life.

Rue said...

Good morning Misha :)

I'm so sorry I didn't get to this post until now. Thank you so much for sending it to me!

I loved every word. The part about sharing your authentic story and the part were you shared your beautiful life. Gosh you make me miss having horses! Your sweet Annie is darling.

Thank you also for your sweet words to me on my blog.