01 February 2010

And the winner is....

***The winner of the Ariat boots giveaway is***
Congrats to Sydney!
Sydney has a great blog called  Bitless Horse!
Check it out and leave her a sweet comment for winning such an
awesome giveaway :)

Sydney please email me (asap) at
with your address, so I can pass this on to Ariat.

I really want to thank Ariat Internationl, Inc.
for sponsering such a wonderful giveaway!
A great company with unrivaled customer service!

And if you checked your Facebook page today,
(because you are all now fans of Ariat on Facebook)
you probably know the BIG news that was announced this morning...
You know, right?
You don't?
Well I will give you a little preview...

Ariat Denim
has made it's debut!

I am over the moon.
I have to have these!
(maybe a future giveaway?)

So, when you visit Ariat on facebook,
leave a heartfelt comment of thanks
for their wonderful giveaway here at
From my front porch in the mountains!
They really appreciate hearing from their fans :)


And I appreciate all of you, so very much.
I wish each and every one of you could have won!
Thanks to these special ladies who took the time to put the giveaway on their blog.

Tammy of Flat Creek Farm
Andrea of Rural Revival
Becky of Sweet Cottage Dreams
Mountain Women of Red Pine Mountain
Kacey of All Horse Stuff
Susan of City Gal Moves to Oz
Deb (Lone Star Queen) of Howdy from Cowtown
Amy of Eventyrhus
(all links are on my sidebar)

And to everyone who participated.
I heart you!


what annie and i would look like together,
if i was 10 years old!
(from my special friend Lucy, at Arizona Photos)


Donna said...

Congratulations to Sydney for winning! I saw the jeans on FB and they look very comfortable.
I love the pic of the little girl and the horse.
Blessings & Hugs,

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Congrats Sydney - this was a wonderful giveaway!!!

Sharon said...

Congratulations Sydney!!! Enjoy your new boots :) Thank you Misha and Ariat for hosting such a wonderful giveaway :) The jeans look great!

Have a blessed evening!

Amy said...

Congrats to the lucky winner!! But eh hem Miss Misha, you forgot to list my name for announcing your giveaway on my blog!! ;-)) Don't worry, I'll get over it...my heart is a bit bruised but I'll survive...haaha, just kidding with you...but I seriously did announce your giveaway- just didn't do a picture...sorry ;-))
Have a super day and good luck getting your hands on the Ariat jeans- I'm sure the big wigs would be willing to send you a pair or two if you'd hold another contest for them!! :-))
Big hugs from Amy :-)

Rural Revival said...

Congrats Sydney! Looking forward to finding your blog. : )


The Lone Star Queen said...

Congrats to Sydney! Thanks for the fun givaway Misha.

Feral Female said...

Congrats Sydney!

Gloria said...

Hi, Misha. I just came across your blog. Your "little one" Annie is so beautiful. I can see you wanting to hug her all day! Thanks for sharing!
Best regards,

The White Farmhouse said...

Congrats to Sydney! Lucky girl! Love the horse sculpture. How great is that?

Sydney said...

Really!? Seriously!? I won!? Pinch me! I never win anything!!
Oh I am so excited. After tripping and falling in chicken poop, slamming two fingers in the door and getting up 15 minutes late this morning this has really made my day a lot better. It's not even 9 am yet!
I am so excited!

Oz Girl said...

Congrats Sydney!! And thank you Misha for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway from Ariat. :)

That horse sculpture looks familiar -- I wonder if it is from the Sedona area??

Amy said...

Thank you sweetie...*big air kiss flyin your way* ;-))

SixAreMine said...

Congrats to Sydney! Enjoy your wonderful boots!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Congratulations, Sydney! You're quite welcome, Misha. Thanks Ariat and Misha for hosting the giveaway. Love those jeans, and that statue is precious :) -Tammy

Heart2Heart said...


What a great giveaway and I wished I was a facebook person, but I barely have time for blogging! Congratulations to Sydney and I am sure that this will be a wonderful gift to her.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Elle Bee said...

Congrats to Sydney and thanks Misha for such an awesome giveaway!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh Har! Sydney!!! Congrats too..she had me laughing with the tripping in chicken poo!
I LOVE that bronze sculpture..it is sweet!~

Catherine said...

congratulations to the winner. CATHERINE

Ann On and On... said...

What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity. Congrats to Sydney.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Misha: I just have to tell you that after I checked out your blog a few days ago, I had to download the thirtysomething tune to my ipod. And now I hear that song in my head constantly!!! I will never relate that song to the TV show - only to your blog :D