24 January 2010

Sunday, Sunday...

My morning will be foggy and windy.
Very windy.
We have "High Wind"
alerts in the mountains today.
With heavy rains expected by late afternoon.

My afternoon will be spent cleaning up "PigPen."

His mud-hole is at peak perfection right now.
In fact, at this very moment, he is gazing out his stall window, staring at it.
Waiting for morning.
So, as soon as I take him through his gate and remove his halter,
he can make a mad dash, to his mud pit.
The mud pit he calls heaven!

What did you clean up today?

Have a happy Sunday!


p.s. stay tuned for a "Hurry Spring" give-a-way!
My first :)
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p.s.s. I received so many emails with questions about the decor in our living room,
I have decided instead of answering each one individually, I will just do a
question/answer post! Soon..
I hope that is o.k.
So, if you emailed me about the "head" (!) on the desk etc.
the answers are coming!!
Thanks for all of your very sweet questions and comments!


Amy said...

Doesn't sound like a dumb horse too me....mud baths are suppose to be quite the spa treatment!! hahaha...Have a relaxing Sunday! Hugs from Norway :-)

Feral Female said...

Your weather forecast for today sounds like ours here in the mountains of PA Misha.

So far this morning I cleaned up my bagel and my cup of coffee, but the overflowing hampers are next in line!

I look forward to your first give-away!

Rural Revival said...

What a handsome boy; I hope he has lots and lots of fun in the mud today! Sorry! : )

We did all of our cleaning yesterday,(although a certain pup sure could use a scrubbing!) so after church this morning we can do whatever we want. They're calling for rain here too so a movie just might be in order!

Have a wonderful Sunday, and don't get blown away on such a blustery day!


PS. Signed RR's Mom...I laughed when I read your message...I reckon pretty soon she'll be as famous as PW...I can hear people talking now..."you'll know you've made it when RR's Mom visits and leaves a comment on your blog!" Oh boy!! In reality, people are probably scratching their head and saying "who is RR??" : )

Statch said...

I love the longing look on his face as he looks at the mud-hole!

Jackie said...

Hi Misha. That is so cute that he loves his mud pit! Well, I have a sick kiddo with a stomach virus right now and cleaning up mud sounds much more fun than what we're dealing with here. Calling for snow here...the winds and the fog have passed us by.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

We've had the high winds and lots of rain all night, Misha. SO--it is definitely headed your way (if not there already). I thought the winds were going to bring down the house a couple of times. SCARY!!! Our windchimes were singing --rather HOLLERING.... ha

Yesterday I cleaned around my computer. I have to do that on occasion just to get to the computer. HA

Be careful out there, and have a nice day!

Donna said...

Misha, Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. It is raining here so hard it looks like a river in our backyard ... and there is not a river.
I remember when we had horses as soon as we would bathe them they would turn right around and roll in the dirt or mud! They are all alike!

Country Dreaming said...

Hi Misha!

Love those horse stories they just make me laugh! The pictures my mind creates of you cleaning a horse named Pig Pen crack me UP!
Laundry is the cleaning item of the day.

Have a great evening.


Flat Creek Farm said...

I love your handsome, 'mud puppy' boy. He is a smart fella I think! I cleaned the stall as usual. I only did preliminary cleaning in the house (read: 'I did everything else but clean today' :)). Hoping my cleaning gear kicks in tomorrow...

We had the wind/rain here yesterday (Sat). Hope yours wasn't too bad! -Tammy

Elle Bee said...

Good ole Pig Pen! HA!

I cleaned the kitchen today...three times at least! It never ends! (thank goodness :o))

Hope you stayed safe in the high winds.


allhorsestuff said...

Ya know Misha,
when riding on trails with mudd...Wa mare tries to avoid it...but when turned out with mudd...it is a magnet to her!
You cracked me up with the photo...it gave my elbow a twinge just . looking at him! I have a neck cover on Wa mare's blanket, as I have worn out my brushing abilities! I miss Wa mare's mane now...looking at his...my sissy convinced me to bang it again while she was sedated from having her teeth done 2 weeks ago.
it'll grow! I rather like grasping it on large hills..I feel naked now with nothing to reach for!
How fun a give away!!!
Be looking for it~

allhorsestuff said...

Hope your debris from the winds was not too bad today!