17 January 2010

If these boots could talk...

Oh, how I love my Ariat paddock boots!
I got my first pair in 1993, when the company first began making them.
Ariat has not left my feet since!

I like to think of them as my Jimmy Choos.
For the horsey set...

I have no idea how many pairs I have owned since then.
A bunch.
Or how much money I have spent on them.
A lot.

But, believe me when I tell you my Ariat testimony.
They are worth it!

See the Arait paddock boots on my tootsies in the pics above?
I purchased these in 1999, at a tack store in Wellington, Florida.

I was doing private horse care for a wealthy family that lived on the beach.
(kinda like a horse nanny)
They wanted to ride the horses on the beach.
In the surf.
It was my job to acclimate three Arabian horses to the ocean.
I may as well have been asked to teach these Arabians to each ride a bicycle!

For six months, each day, I would walk each horse on the beach.
We would walk in the hot sand.
Me sinking with each step.
The horses, with eyes bulging, would glare and snort at the raging waves.
 They were sure those waves would eat them!
Three horses.
Three lessons a day.
Finally after a few months we were walking in the surf!
Then we began to wade further in.
They did it! They had each learned to conquer the ocean!
And on my feet?
My Ariats, of course.
Salt dried, sun scorched.

And ten years later these are still my favorite paddock boots.
I know, they are not pretty.
They have faded.
They are crunchy.
J says they are downright ugly!
But, they still feel as comfy as the day I purchsed them ten years ago!

Each day when I pull them on, and lace them up, I remember my three friends from the beach.
And all the other horses in between then and now, that these boots have known.

If these boots could talk....
Well, now that could be a whole new blog!


If you would like to read more about Ariat, just click here! And then purchase a pair of
really cool boots, shoes or clogs for your faithful feet!

I have not been paid to endorse this awesome product, but should Ariat wish to give
me a new pair of paddock boots, I would wear them with pride!

p.s. to maggie who asked what kind of jeans i wear on the farm.
 i only wear Levis 501 button-fly jeans.
My fave jean since i was 13!
( a long, long, time ago!)


Donna said...

Misha, What a great story! I still have my boots I used to wear to the barn years ago to feed and clean stalls in the winter and rain. They were nothing like yours, but I like them.
I love your horse stories!

Feral Female said...

They look like great boots Misha!

~Kim~ said...

I don't have a horse, but have plenty of friends that do, and even I know about Ariat's--Their reputation truly preceeds them!!

Lucy said...

They look like a comfy fit to me.

Milah said...

My son-in-law trains horses, but never along the ocean! I chuckled imagining him doing that....walking in the sand with his work boots on! He would do it though, he loves training them.

Brenda said...

I agree! I've worn out a few pair of Ariat boots too. I have to say that I haven't been able to keep them usable as long as your boots... I always seem to get them cut on fencing or something silly. They are the most comfortable boot I've owned though.

The Lone Star Queen said...

Nice post. I think you could make that a weekly feature. "If these boots could talk". You could tell us a different story every week. Have a nice day.

The White Farmhouse said...

They are gorgeous. They look very comfy and well loved. Love the horse story. What a great job to have!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I love your Ariats, Misha... But --my question is how to you keep from getting so muddy this time of year --after the snows melt??? My hubby gets mud all over the garage and everywhere --just bringing wood up from the wood pile. What's the magic trick?????


Flat Creek Farm said...

What memories you have in those boots! I loved picturing the Arabians eventually learning to be calm with the ocean. We are an Ariat couple, the hubs and me. He wears Ariat all-terrain (I think?) to work - and will wear nothing less! Me, I love my Fat Babies - pure comfort :) -Tammy

Amy said...

Hi Misha, isn't it great to find a classic item which lasts through the years and is just as good years later as the first time you tried them? I usually always walk in boots because it's either muddy, snowy, wet, SOMETHING in the woods here..so I have Muckboots..great invention also..but hey, you've found your boot and I hope you both have many wonderful years together..hahaha.
I was remembering my days in Texas, walking in boots in the heat...when I read about your walking on the beach in the heat..ugh..really felt for ya there..
Have a great night!!! Hugs from Norway :-)

Cheryl and Carman said...

It takes so long to find something perfect, but when you do.....
I have a pair of FatBabys.

Country Dreaming said...

I too have a pair of FatBabys and I love them! They are denim blue. One day I'll own a pair of RED ones!!!!!



Mountain Woman said...

I love my Ariat boots too but I left them at home because they are the lined winter ones and way too warm for here. But I miss them :(

Heart2Heart said...


WOW those boots look too cute for life on the farm. I could see wearing those here for a casual day paired with jeans in California. Perhaps sending this post along to Ariat might spark them to send you a pair! You just never know what the good winds will bring you. How is Annie doing with her pureed carrots?

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Shelly's Stuff Jewelry said...

I LOVE Ariat boots! I have a pair of Canyon lacers (very similar to the ones in your pic) that I wore until the soles were smooth! Even though they're not safe to wear anymore since they have no tread or traction, I can't throw them away! But my new fave is the Fatbaby line. I have 4 pair, but my brown ones are my "go to" shoes. Doesn't matter what I'm doing...riding the motorcycle, riding horses, going shopping...I put on my Fatbabies!

Rural Revival said...

Those boots do NOT look that old! What an interesting life you've led! Horses on the beach, neat, for a newbie country girl like me. ; )

Be well!


Oz Girl said...

Ah, Ariat must have caught your link and that's how you received the honor to giveaway a pair of their wonderful boots! So much fun... congrats Misha! I sure hope they are giving YOU a pair of their awesome boots too, in addition to one of your lucky readers. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.