11 January 2010

mountain ramblings....

Happy Anniversary
to my awesome

I so meant to have this posted last evening. The anniversray date is January 10!
But, this weather here in the mountains has really taken it's toll in the past week.

Our kitchen faucet is frozen, our washer is frozen, our road is one sheet of ice.
I spent the day doing human laundry in the horse barn! I lugged all of our insulated, flannel
jeans that we have been living in, to the barn.
Thank goodness the horseys have their own washer and dryer!

Because we heat by wood, J has spent a huge amount of time with his ax and chainsaw!
We have flown through our supply of winter wood....

My parents were here last week from northern Ohio.
I was so hoping it would be a little warmer for them, here in Tn,
but, no nope.
It was in the twenties during the day, and windy.

My Dad worked in the barn with me! He helped muck stalls,
help fill water buckets (because the auto waterers are frozen!!).
And of course helped turn-out very high-spirited Arabian horses,
who are very frisky in this frigid weather!

My Mom sat in the warm tack room and read a book,
folded horsey laundry, and when it was time she swept the barn!
Sweeping is always her job. My Mom does not muck stalls!!

We actually went into the Big City one day!
TJ Maxx, Super Walmart,
and had an awesome dinner at a wonderful Japenense place!

And then they headed back to Ohio on the day we were expecting our snow storm....
It took them 13 hours to get home!

Thursday morning I trudged to the barn alone.
J has returned to school Jan. 4, so now during the week it is just
Until, about 3:30 when the horses hear him pulling in the long,
long, barn drive.
They all run along the fence snorting and blowing.
J is here, J is here!
And I am chopped liver :)

Annie is doing wonderful! Thank you for all your kind comments
about our scary Sunday with her!
I have hugged on her even more in the past week, if that could even be possible!

She was introduced to ice and snow this week and did great!
A very sensible young foal. Even for an Arabian!
I need to take some new pics for all you.
She is growing at rapid speed.
She has a funny little personality, and even a sense of humor!
Something every horse seems blessed to have....
As I pass out carrots each day, she waits her turn.
For a big syringe full of Gerbers!
She does not even try and edge her way in to try to get to Miss D's carrots.
I think she knows, that for now, Gerbers is her carrot ration!
Yesterday, while she was slurping her carrots, I swear she winked at me!
And then I gave her a big kiss on her sloppy, wet, carroty muzzle!

And then I winked at her.
Annie and me.
For years to come.....



Andrea said...

Indeed horses seem to be extremely intelligent creatures. BTW: I LOVE your header!!
Glad you had time with your mom and dad, but sorry it was soooo cold. Hope they had a wonderful anniversary.
It is cold, here in Richmond, but not as cold as where you live. Our low this morning was 13, but it is a little warmer, now.
Blessings, andrea

The Lone Star Queen said...

Sounds like you had a great visit with your parents. I bet the help was welcomed too. I hope you get warmer weather soon! It was 10 degrees here yesterday morning. Crazy!

Shelly's Stuff Jewelry said...

Hope your mom and dad had a nice anniversary. I'm done with this cold weather. Yesterday we woke up to a thin sheet of ice on the BBQ grill and the table out on the patio. I believe they had snow in Daytona! Felt the sore throat coming on last night...sure enough today it's a full blown cold and I couldn't find the strength to get in to work. I've got 3 huge projects going at work...luckily I can connect remotely from home so I won't loose too much time! Here's to hoping for warmer weather...soon!

Amy said...

13 hours to get home from a shopping trip???? Wow...hope the trip was worth it! Oh the hardships of winter and taking care of a flock of animals..not for the faint of heart- sounds like your parents have been wonderful company.
Congratulations to them on their anniversary!! My parents got almost 40 years together..I always admire people who are together so long. It's no easy task living with someone the rest of your life and keeping things great..there are a lot of obstacles and those who have gone the distance are people I draw inspiration from!! May your parents have many more years together!
So glad Annie is doing well...she sounds like a smart girl not tempting fate twice with carrots..
Well, I need to wrap this up and bundle up and head out into the cold darkness to stretch the dogs legs..been at work all day and will be there tomorrow also..so poor babies need to stretch some..
Keep warm- big hugs from the gang in the woods of Norway...

Catherine said...

Keep warm Misha! here it's cold too, last week we have been the coldest part of France ,some places minus 20°C and 50 cm snow! Catherine

Donna said...

Give Annie a big sloppy kiss for me too! I am glad she is doing well :)
I am so glad you had a great time with your parents.
It was a little warmer here today but colder tomorrow. BRRR

Country Dreaming said...

A busy weekend for you and your helpers.
Happy Anniversary to your parents!

Stay warm.


Feral Female said...

Pass along our good wishes to your folks on thier anniversary! Sorry to hear its so bitter at your ranch, we`ve climbed to a blistering 14 degrees this morning in PA.

Stay warm and hug that wee colt for me!

Lucy said...

Though I believe most all animals are very social, horses seems to have been blessed with an abundant supply of this. It seems to be a need for them to survive. They are special!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I've been wondering about you, Misha. Sorry about all of the frozen pipes. It has been horribly cold for us here in TN this year. I hope it's soon to be over for awhile.

Congrats to your parents. You look like your Mom--except she has short hair!!!! Glad they made it home. What a trip!

Glad your Arabians are all doing fine --including Annie...

Thanks for the update. Stay WARM.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Belated Happy Anniversary to your sweet and adorable parents!! Sorry they had such a cold time in TN, but it does sound like you had a great visit nonetheless. We are warmed back up into the 20's here in MO during the day. What a nice break after our 0 and below temps, and that was w/o windchill... that's nuts!

Stay warm, Misha... hope your cold weather woes are better now. And please do give that sweet Annie a kiss from me and my long-eared girls :) -Tammy