19 January 2010

Annie in action!

We did a little video yesterday morning of Annie!
Miss D and Annie are in their pasture,
and Allure and Allegra are in the pasture next to them.
Cadence was in his pasture rolling in his mudhole!

Allegra and Annie have started playing together
even though they are seperate paddocks.
They run along side each other with the fence seperating them.
Annie gets so very excited that someone not only is playing with her,
but has acknowledged her existence!!

You can hear whinny a couple of times
and the silly person saying "Annie Banana"
is me.
To see the video, just click  HERE!
I hope you enjoy it.
She was a "ham" for the camera :)

Have a wondeful day.


Brenda said...

It sure looks like all the horses were have a lot of fun! The little one, Annie, sure is full of energy! Great video. Thanks for sharing.

Phyllis said...

The picture in your heading is gorgeous!

Lucy said...

Loved the video. Cute little girl!

Donna said...

Misha, That was so much fun to see! My husband and I both watched the video...I yelled at him "you you have got to see this"! They are beautiful horses. I was feeling down and the video makes me smile :)
Thanks for sharing Annie and her family!

Ann On and On... said...

That was a treat! Annie has my heart.... :D

Deborah said...

Your baby is sure having fun! The video is awesome! I love to watch horses having fun. It is very relaxing to me for some reason :)

Andrea said...

I love to watch horses...I could watch them all day.
Blessings, andrea

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Adorable Annie! -- Sure is fun to watch....

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how neat, Misha... Annie has so much energy --but she really got Allegra all wound up, didn't she?????

I made the video full screen --and loved it... Thanks so much!!!!

It was just like Spring today.
Loved hearing you call her Annie Banana.

Feral Female said...

What a wonderful video of Annie enjoying herself! Thanks for sharing.

Elle Bee said...

What an awesome video! Annie is so light on her feet-so energetic. I LOVE watching her run. The game with Allegra is pretty funny. They get so frisky! Also noticed how quiet it is out there. You live in such a beautiful place! Heard a bird call in the background--so beautiful.

Flat Creek Farm said...

I'm having trouble with my internet (we have "wireless" which has been as slow as dial-up lately.. grrr!). I'm slowly but surely loading a piece of the video at a time. Your horses are even more gorgeous in action! And I just love that little Annie - such spirit! Thanks for sharing them with us. Give that Annie a hug from us :) -Tammy

Cheryl and Carman said...

That was a great video.
Everyone looked like they were having fun.
You have truly beautiful country.

Rural Revival said...

Yippee!!!! Misha, this is awesome!! Thank you so much for this video, I enjoyed every second of it!! Callie was lying a few feet from my desk and you should have seen her perk right up with the first neigh that came from Annie! She looked at me with a look that said, "Mama, is that Annie who sent me birthday wishes?" LOL! : )

Your property is gorgeous!!! Wow, you and J and the gang are so blessed. What a beautiful spot!

Callie and I send a big thank you hug for the birthday wishes!


Rural Revival said...

PS. I see Annie is as full of beans as Callie is! : )

Amy said...

You make me want a horse with that video, even though I haven't ridden a horse in a 100 years..I could be happy just watching them run like that all day...Annie sure had a lot of spunk in her- must be all those gerber carrots she's getting!!! :-)) Have a super Friday!! Hugs from Norway :-)

Jackie said...

I loved this video...so fun to watch. Your place looks beautiful and so peaceful.

I hope you have a great weekend.

The Lone Star Queen said...

My hubby and I watched the video of Annie and the other horses playing and we really enjoyed it. It made us start dreaming again of the place in the country we would like to own. Thanks for posting and sharing with us! I should have commented yesterday but it seems I have been a little lazy about commenting. I will try to be better. Please come by soon to visit...