03 December 2009

My very own Pig Pen!

This handsome stallion loves his time outside.
Everyday as soon as he is taken to his pasture for turnout,
he trots off to his fave spot to drop and wallow,
and scratch his back.
He does this on sunny days, cloudy days,
and days when his "wallow spot" is full
of mud.
After 24 hours of non-stop rain, it was a mud pit that
could only be truely appreciated by a 1,000 pound
horse that seeks out the best place to cover his entire body in
wet slop!
Pig Pen has nothing on this big guy!
Cadence hung his head in shame.
As if to say,
"I'm so sorry, but I just could not help myself!"
(I think he has dreams of mud wrestling with a really hot mare)

In anticipation of a very muddy horse
I put his mane in ponytails.
It didn't help.
He had mud packed in spots that I just could not
figure out how he did it!

It was too cold to hose him down and give a mega bubble bath.
Getting out the arsonal of grooming tools was my only option.

It took an hour just to remove all the caked on mud.
I even inlisted J who happened to come by the barn from working in the field.
He thought it was quite a hoot!
I gave him the evil eye and thrust a groom tool in his hand.

And Cadence, being the sweetheart he his, kept rubbing his
filthy, muddy, head on me.
gazing at me with those huge, black eyes.
As if to say, "I am sorry."
But I do believe I heard him whisper to J,
"I can't wait to do it all over again tomorrow!"

Finally we finished.
He was clean. (sort of)
I was filthy. (really filthy)
A coating of horse hair and dried mud covered my entire body.
J said my hair smelled. (really bad)
(I love honest comments from a husband who means well)

We stood at the fence staring at one another.
Cadence looked at me with puppy dog eyes.
And then he fleered his nostrils as if to say,
"You smell bad. Really bad."

And then J gave both of us a carrot.

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Have a wonderful day!


The Lone Star Queen said...

I bet he does it just so that you will groom him. Cute.

Ann On and On... said...

Something was missing from my life...something that makes me happy....something that makes me smile, then I realized that I haven't read your blog lately to get a dose of horse stories. Love the mud! What a beauty.....even with the mud.

Country Dreaming said...

I just love the stories about the horses. It's funny how animals can take on the looks of humans.
It was sooo nice o J to YOU a carrot too. Very sweet.
Have a great rest of the day!


Andrea said...

I am sure they had fun, but whoowee the work you had cleaning them up.

Donna said...

Our horses used to to the same thing! I think they just liked the attention. He is one beautiful horse. Give him a carrot for me!
Yes I have 2 cats and 3 trees in the house. A cat right at this moment is lurking under the tree! She has the tree skirt pulled out and the train "derailed". LOL Gotta love them! :)

Elle Bee said...

That's what I was going to say--he gets filthy just so you'll have to dote on him all day! :o)
Love your new Christmasy blog look!

Alisha said...

You had both of us laughing hysterically. Cadence is so handsome even with all that mud. I'm sure he loved being groomed for an hour. Glory used to nudge his head against me the same way.
Thanks for the big smiles on our faces.
All our best!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.
Alisha :-)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a cute post about Cadence, Misha.. I think he likes to roll in the mud just because he gets so much attention from you afterwards... I'd love all of that special attention also.....

Love the braided hair.... ha

Andrea said...

You have an award on arise 2 write.

Rural Revival said...

Oohh, but even when he's covered in mud, he's still very, very handsome!!

Feral Female said...

He cleans up very well! Very nice photos as always!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh, so cute! My li'l donkeys love to roll in the mud too. They don't manage the fantastic "coverage" Cadence did, however :) He really seems like a character! -Tammy