07 December 2009


As a girl who grew up in northern Ohio near Lake Erie,
a day like this is a welcome one!
I love cold weather.
And a good snowfall is the
cherry on top!
We usually do not get snow this early,
here in the mountains of east Tennessee.
But according to the Farmers Almanac this winter should prove
to be very cold,
very snowy,
and keep girls like me very happy!

The old livestock barn against a backdrop of blue sky.

The Magnolia and Cedar trees looked so beautiful
as the snow kept falling on them.

Just a few months ago I was cutting magnolia blooms
to float in crystal bowls throughout the house.
The Cedar tree has provided our home with all the greenery
for our Christmas decor inside and out.

The snow continued to fall mixed with sleet,
and everything was soon covered in an icy layer.
Including the pastures.

We made the decision to keep the horses inside the barn.
With a mix of 28 degrees and icy snow on the ground,
we knew these Arabians would be full of boundless energy, and possible injuries.

So, what do you do on a snow day, close to Christmas?
You hang stockings for the horses, of course!

The princess, Allegra, is wishing
for her own never-ending supply of carrots.
With her name written on the bag, in gold.
That none of the other horses get to munch.

She is also wishing that J be her personal groomer.
Because she is in love with him.

But her biggest request of Santa,
is that he take the Little One back to
the North Pole with him.
Just stick some antlers on her and teach her how to pull that darn sleigh.
That baby is getting way too much attention.....from J!

(Santa says Fat Chance on this last Christmas wish)

Allure is our resident, "always a diet, restricted feed"
She just looks at a bale of hay and puts on 50lbs!
I do believe her Christmas wish is to eat as much feed and hay
as her
little heart desires!
And never gain an ounce.

The big guy, Cadence, is wishing for mud holes.
365 days of the year.
Even in the drought of summer,
there would be a nice, sloppy, muddy spot to role around in.
C'mon Santa, he is thinking, come through for me!

Miss D contemplating her Christmas wishes.
Maybe a day off from the Little One?
Just to be a horse.
No worrying about the Little One
straying too far in the pasture.
Not having to be on guard constantly
while trying to graze.
No more having her udder yanked on by
a foal that now has teeth!

No, being away from the Little One would far more stressful.

I do believe her Christmas wishes are
for the Little One to continue to be the curious,
intelligent, healthy foal she is!

And to have this foal be her last!
Being a mommy is very hard work.

The Little One is wishing for her other teeth to come in.
So she can learn to eat carrots.

She is also asking Santa to make Allegra be nice to her.
So when the Little One sticks her head through the fence
to greet her,
Allegra won't pin her ears back and make nasty faces at her anymore!
Those nasty faces are scary!

(Santa says he will work on this one)

The Little One kept trying her best to look over the stall door
to get a better glimpse of her stocking with the
teddy bear on it.
The more I crinkled the tissue paper, the more curious she was!

And so we watched the snowy day from the barn,
while we decorated and listened to Christmas music.
And drank pumpkin spice coffee.
(and of course, mucked stalls)

The horses watched out their windows,
and wondered why the grass had turned white.
Hoping Santa would bring back the real stuff,
cause having to forage through the snow
would be a lot of work!

We hung wreaths on the front gate to let all know who pass through,
that we Believe.
When nightfall came these four horses and one 6 week old foal,
bedded down on soft straw beds that would keep them warm.
And visions of carrots, mud holes, never-ending oats, and new baby teeth
danced through their dreams.

Blessings to you all.
I hope your dreams are sweet.


Shelly's Stuff Jewelry said...

What beautiful pictures! I loved reading through the horses' Christmas wishes.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Misha, I have been waiting to see your snow pictures. They are LOVELY--and I love the way you decorated your barn and celebrated Christmas with your wonderful horses.

Most people who lived up north don't like snow. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it--but I've never lived up north.

Love your gorgeous wreath hanging on your gate....

Thanks for these marvelous pictures.

Country Dreaming said...

I hope Santa bring the horses and the Little One all they ask for and same to you and J.
Love the snow. We are supposed to get some here in Kansas, but who knows how much.

Have a great Tuesday.


The Lone Star Queen said...

Allure's Christmas wish and mine are the same, imagine that! Your snow pictures are awesome. What a beautiful place you have! I am Christmas green with envy. Love the wreath on the gate.

Rural Revival said...

I don't think there is a better place in all the world to spend Christmas! You may have a hard time getting rid of Santa!

What a beautiful family! I am still amazed at all their different personalities and temperments. Horses are new to me, and I'm very intrigued!!

Pumpkin spice coffee sounds very delicious. : )

Thanks for offering to share some snow with me! It's still supposed to be on it's way! To my best blogging buddy in the mountains, I hope all of YOUR dreams are sweet and that all of your Christmas wishes come true!

Big hugs!! ~Andrea~

Rhonda Moon said...

I wishing for a white christmas this year. I loved your photos. Makes we want to sit by a warm fire and drink hot coco.

Kim said...

WOW!! If these pictures don't put you in the holiday spirit, nothing will! We had snow in VA, but our scenery was not nearly as picturesque as yours because we lack those incredible and wonderful horses!! Thanks for sharing!! :-)

Marie said...

The pictures are beautiful! Looks like a Christmas card to me. I enjoyed reading what each horse wanted.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Jenn@Spejory said...

These gorgeous photos put me in the mood for Christmas! The decorated stalls are wonderful!

That's wild that you are from Ohio. My husband grew up in Catawba Island, near Port Clinton. We have connections in Tennessee, too and visit as often as possible. I love Tennessee. You are so blessed to live there.

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh my goodness sweetie, you really do live in a gorgeous part of the world! What I wouldn't give to trade places....if only for a little while! Sweetie, I'm having a give away so pop on over when you get a chance. Wishing you a wonderful day!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Breathtakingly beautiful pictures, Misha! As always, love the horse pictures too. Hmmmm, maybe my girls need stockings also? That picture of Little One's curious eye - adorable! Thank you for making me smile! -Tammy

Jenn@Spejory said...

Hi Misha! I'm just responding to your comment. So your husband is from Columbus? I have lived in Columbus most of my life and now live 30 outside of the city. My husband's whole family is from Port Clinton and his parents still live there. His brother and much of his family live in Clarksville, TN and we visit often. We have also regularly visited the Smoky mountains all my life. If we didn't have so many ties here in Ohio I would love to move to eastern Tennessee or western NC. You are so blessed to live in such a gorgeous place. For now, I love living vicariously through your beautiful photos!

P.S. Thanks for the kick in the pants. We are decorating our house FINALLY tonight!

Elle Bee said...

Beautiful photos and such cute wishes from the horses. I love that they have stockings!! Your new header is gorgeous. What a beautiful part of the country you live in.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Beautiful pictures! But I´m glad that it´s You that has the snow and not us :-) But they say we will get some next week. I just hope they can fix my car fan before the cold weather comes though!

Going back just ten years and we would have had snow for at least a month, but we can really see how the climate has changed.
Have a great day now!

MyStuff from MO said...

Your pictures make me miss my horse! But they are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!