22 November 2009

Let Sleeping Foals Lie...

Miss D and the Little One spent a wonderful Saturday
grazing and snoozing in the sun.

As the wind whipped Miss D's mane and forelock,
the Little One nursed.
Then they spent many hours frolicking on this
November day.
The Little One did laps around her mom,
grazed at her side, and played in the water trough; forever!
Until her pretty Arabian head was covered in drips.

Then the Little One ran out of filly energy.
And layed down facing Mom, so could make sure
she was still there.

Droopy eyelids and a bobbing head make for a filly
that is ready for a nap.
To dream sweet filly dreams in the warm sunshine.
While Mom keeps a watchful eye.

And then the Little One couldn't even hold her head up.
So it was off to dreamland...
Under the blue skies, on the warm earth, with November trees
rustling in the wind.
And I think I heard Miss D remark,
"Isn't life wonderful!"
Yes, it is...


Heart2Heart said...


Seems like Little One is truly enjoying her new life and all that it has to offer her.

Beautiful pictures once again.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Rural Revival said...

Just when I think the Little One can't get any sweeter! Your blog looks great too; thanks for the info I've been working away on mine. I love your photo!!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Misha, Your comments about Miss D and Little One always make me smile. What gorgeous horses... Lil One seems extremely healthy and very NORMAL.... I run out of energy and have to nap sometimes too...ha

Hope you have a wonderful week. It's cold and dreary and wet here on the plateau today.

The Lone Star Queen said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Shanda said...

Your little one is adorable, what a pretty marked little head. Gonna be stunnning when grown. Love your horse trough and dirt road pics on your side bar, what a cool pic.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Sooo precious, Little One is. Thank you for sharing her with us. I'm sure you relish every single day with this precious little girl! -Tammy

Elle Bee said...

Oh!My!Gosh! I thought the LAST post was as cute as she could get...but NO! She's even cuter getting drowsy! How do you stand all the adorableness going on out there???

Vickie said...

Oh my, you must be having such fun watching your Little One grow and play! I wouldn't get anything done!

Country Dreaming said...

Oh! What fun she is. I love reading your posts about the Little One. She is adorable!


Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

Oh how dear and sweet she is. Just beautiful and what a face to die for. I can't even begin to imagine how much you are enjoying sharing her precious young life. I'm having so much fun just seeing the photos and reading about her.

Lucy said...

Every photo of that little one gets better and better. I love watching a baby animal start to fall asleep. They try so hard not to because...you know...they'll MISS something in life..but then they have to give in when their head hits the ground. So CUTE!!!!!

Oz Girl said...

Misha, you must wake up each day excited, dying to get out to the barn to greet the little one! I agree with Rural Revival... each photo of her is cuter than the last!

Wishing all of you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday ~ hugs from our clan to yours! :)