03 November 2009

Etiquette Lessons...

It was my kind of morning.
In the mid 30's and sunny.
J needed to cut wood this morning.
He enjoys cutting wood. He says it relaxes him.
I'm glad since this is how we heat our home!
He gets a little R & R
and our home is toasty warm.
I bundled up and headed to the barn with coffee in hand.
I would handle the morning barn chores,
and J would be at the barn by noon.
I think I love morning the most at the barn.
Opening the huge sliding doors lets the horses
know our day has begun!
But this morning something was different.
In all the chaos of horse chatter,
there was a different voice.
A little voice calling out.
A tiny filly with mile-long longs
learning what it is to belong to the
Equine Kingdom.
When I fed Miss D her hay and alfalfa,
the Little One tried to munch along with her!
Of course she is only gumming the hay.
With no baby teeth yet, she discovered that Mom has a real talent.
She tried over and over. Probably thinking to herself,
"This horse stuff isn't all easy!"

I sat in the stall with her while Mom was busy munching her grain.

And we had a play date!

I rubbed her head and neck all over.
She sniffed my face and chewed on my hair.
I rubbed her ears.
She licked my sweatshirt, jeans and boots.
I tickled her muzzle.
She licked and licked my hand, sucking on my fingers.
And then she couldn't figure out how to get her tongue
back in her mouth!
It was just so darn slippery...

Most of the day she played with her tongue.
I wonder, did Miss D ever tell her,
"Put your tongue back in your mouth, Little One."
"It's rude."
Etiquette lesson number one.
And so the barn day began.
After J finished chopping heat for our home,
and before heading to the barn,
he snapped a few pics of our
jelly-belly cat, Brutus.
You know him.
Brutus the thief.
Brutus was taking a snooze.
To rest up so could figure out what loot he wanted
to scarf up and carry to his tent.

He looks like he is praying.
That he does not get caught
this time.
Or the next time or the next time...

He looks very serious as he dreams
kitty klepto dreams!

When he sleeps he curls his toes.
Kinda like the wicked witch in the
Wizard of Oz.
Maybe he is dreaming of creepy flying monkeys!
We love our fat, shaggy boy,
even if he is a klepto !

At the barn it was time for turn-out.

As the little 6 day old pranced, trotted, and did a few
"baby burst of energy trots,"
Mom was a little more vocal with the Little One
than she has been in past days.

Miss D did not want her darling to go into
the shed.
Every time she did, Miss D gave a low bellow.
And baby turned around and obeyed.

Ettiquette lesson number two.
Always listen to your mother.
She knows best!

The Little One grazed along side her mother.
But darn if that tongue wouldn't cooperate.

But it didn't matter.
Being outside, in the breezy sunshine
made this little filly very happy.

And us.
For these are sweet, precious days not to be taken for granted.
Tomorrow we have another play-date scheduled.
Miss D has more etiquette lessons planned.

And the Little One is satisfied to watch over her
Equine Queendom.
And wonder what it all has in store for her,
in the years to come....

I hope you have a lovely tomorrow.
See you back here for another play-date!)

(And don't let those creepy flying monkeys into your dreams!)


The White Farmhouse said...

What a cute post! Brutus reminds me of my cat Mikey. I named him that since he was fat and liked potato chips like my dad. LOL. Those tongues are slippery things to try to control!

Lone Star Queen said...

A play date with the little one is a great way to start the day. Your post had me curious as to equine terms so I went to wikipedia and looked it up. I had a equine lesson this morning. I didn't know a foal was afoal until it was a year old then it is referred to as a colt or filly. Learn something new everyday! Have a great day!

Rural Revival said...

What a fun day. I don't think it gets any better than that. Little One, I'm glad you have learned to listen to your mother. They always know best! Oh and Brutus, you are too funny! I will say a little prayer of redemption for you tonight! : ) Have another wonderful day today.


Vickie said...

Beautiful little filly you got there! They are such sweet babies. If it were mine, I don't think I'd get anything done all day long! Does she have a name yet?

Cheryl and Carman said...

Great post! I enjoyed your play date, I have play dates with my donkeys on the weekend and soooo enjoy our time together. Babies grow so fast enjoy!

Country Dreaming said...

What a cute post--I love reading about the little one and the cat is hysterical. "praying" how funny!!!

Enjoy your Thursday, we are having a warm-up here in the weather dept.


Country Dreaming said...

What a cute post--I love reading about the little one and the cat is hysterical. "praying" how funny!!!

Enjoy your Thursday, we are having a warm-up here in the weather dept.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh, I just can't get enough of that sweet little filly! :) What a cute, sweet post. And Brutus, he is just a big ol' love bug, isn't he?

Thanks also for your sweet comments regarding my Roxy. I appreciate it so very much ;-) -Tammy

Melani said...

I just discovered your blog this morning and am delighted. I love your subject, your photos, and your writing. It is so obvious that you love and cherish your fellow creatures... I will enjoy living vicariously in the mountains of Tennessee with horses through your postings!
Thanks for sharing!

Lucy said...

Hey Misha! I have quit my blog, but as I have my FAVORITE people I didn't want to lose contact with, you are invited to hop on over to my NEW blog. I just kind of ran out of things to say and then decided I liked photography and I didn't want to lose that the most. So come on over!


Lucy said...

I can't decide whether I LOVELOVE the little 6 day old...or that darling fluffy sleepy cat. Cats and Horses. It's a real toss up for me as to which I like best. I hate to say this but dogs aren't in my running.

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

I was so excited when you wrote on my blog you had your baby. What a gorgeous foal. You have me wanting to hear the pitter patter of little hooves :-)
Brutus is adorable too!
I just had the best time seeing the photos and reading about your morning.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Too cute! We have a klepto cat, too. She hides everything under my bed. lol!

My hubby has always been creeped out over those flying monkeys. It was funny to read about them in your blog post today. hehe!