18 September 2010

Change is all around us! The Annie Chronicles....

So many of you have written to me to express your
joy a of watching Annie grow over the last year.
In just over a month, Annie will turn one year old!
Yep, she will officially be a Yearling!

Over the next few weeks I thought I might pick some of
my favorite posts from when Annie was new to the World.

Why, she didn't even have a name for months!
We just called her
"The Little One"

Thank you so much for following the journey of Annie!
I can't wait to see what the next year brings for her :)

Originally Posted November 2, 2009

                              Foggy, hazy morning at the farm yesterday.
A day of beauty after a day of rain, rain, rain.

Everywhere I look, the trees are on fire.
Giving us a glorious show,
like a final recital
before the earth goes to sleep.

And everything is changing.
The time has changed.
The leaves are changing.
The earth is getting ready to sleep.

And at a small barn, in the mountains
of east Tennessee,
change is all around us.
Horses are very sensitive to change.
Routine is important to them.
And the horses in this little barn,
are experiencing a huge change.
All because a little filly was born.
Her Dam is now the Queen of the barn.
***The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
is the Hand that Rocks the World.***
And this barn has been rocked!

Three mares in one barn.
Allegra, above, is Miss D's sister.
Both are the daughters of Allure.
No two mares could be soooo different!
Allegra is a perpetual 2 year old
Even though she is 14!!
She is selfish, has major attitude,
and is the barn Princess!
And she loves J.
She bats her eyes at him,
fawns over him, and will
literally push me away with her head
to get in between us!
And we love her..
She hasn't paid one iota of attention
to the new filly.
Only time will tell how she reacts to this
new change in the barn.

For now, Mare and filly are going outside
after Allure and Allegra come back into the barn.
Each have there own turn-out paddocks.
But, Miss D needs to have time outside
with her prized possession, in peace and
without the other mares hanging their heads over the fence,
to check out this new little addition!

In time, Miss D and her filly will go out in their paddock.
Allure and Allegra will be turned out in the
paddock next to them.
All at the same time.

In her own little mind,
Allegra will always be the "baby" in the barn!

We wonder how she will handle the change
of a "real" baby when her reality sets in.
But she can keep the "Princess" title.
It fits her!

This handsome stallion has had his world rocked.

He views the mares as his.
Cadence is a very sensitive Arabian stallion.
He can never be alone in the barn, without them,
or he has a complete meltdown!
He always goes out to his paddock first, and then the mares go out.
He always comes back into the barn last.
We have had quite a time dealing with him.
His gentle mind, trying to take all these changes in.
And he does not do well with change!

J has been the stallion wrangler since Miss D foaled.
Cadence has to able to see Miss D and her filly
when they are out in the pasture.
He calls to them, (loudly!!) and wants to run the fence line,
which is not good for his old bones!
So J stands with him,
letting him gaze over the newest member of "his" herd.
He will eventually settle in,
but change for this old fella is not easy.

The changes in the life of Miss D are many.
She doesn't just have herself to think about anymore.
Now she has a foal to care for and protect.
At times I think I see her scan the barn and grin to herself.
I bet she is thinking, "I am a Queen!"
And I hope her babe is thinking, "I am loved!"

This little filly is growing fast!
She is tall enough now to stick her little
muzzle through the stall bars
to sniff my face!

Yesterday we introduced her to a halter.
She sniffed it all over, chewing on the strap,
wondering what the heck this contraption is for!
We put it on and off a few times, and then that was enough
halter lesson for the day!
Introducing new things, slowly, for many days in a row
helps to make things a little less
stressful...for all of us!

Sweet, sweet Allure.
She is the lead mare.
Has always been the Queen.
Is best friend to Allegra and Miss D.
And also their mother.
Some mares are incredibly sensitive to other mares
who have foals at their side.
She is one of them.
I think she wishes she had a foal.
I managed a large breeding farm several years ago.
We had up to 15 foals every spring.
One of our older mares, Red Holly, had not had a foal
in more than 10 years. She was in her late twenties.
Every foaling season, when the mares had their babies,
Red Holly would actually produce milk.
She was so sensitive, her body acted as if it too
had a foal.
But she had a place in their lives.
When the foals started to be weaned,
they went out during the day with Red Holly.
She was such a comfort to so many foals over the years.

And so with Miss D and her foal, needing much of our time each day,
Cadence needing a helping hand with his fragile psyche,
we are also making sure that Allure knows she is still special.
That with all the changes in the barn, she is still the lead mare.
Even though her foaling days are over,
she is still the Queen.
Hugs and carrots are good.
Extra kind words of love.
She is so appreciative...

And while life-changes whirl around the barn,
and everyone tries to figure out where they
fit in,
this little filly only needs a few simple things.
Good naps, mom's love, and to be able to nurse
whenever she wants.

Nice, cozy warm straw...

A little bit of perfect sunshine to stream in through the window...

To warm her little body and let her drift off to sweet filly dreams.

Funny how we can plan and worry about a situation.
We worked out situations over and over,
in our minds, and out loud.
Long discussions about Miss D:
would she breeze through the birth or would
it be a difficult one?
Would she take to her foal,
or would she reject it?
Would she let the foal nurse?
Would the foal be healthy?
and on and on..

And everything was fine.

But it is the rest of the barn that has been so affected.
Changes that have made one stallion just check out mentally,
one mare wonder where her baby years went,
and one mare who has yet to realize she is only
the princess in her own little head!
So many changes in life.
We can plan all we want.
But people and animals never fail to surprise us!

The only thing I know for sure these days,
is the seasons come and go just the way they are supposed to.
The sun will rise and the sun will set.
And everything in between?
I will just let it all unfold before me,
and take it as it comes.
Because I have a feeling that in the days stretched before me,
many more changes will happen.
At this point the only thing I know for sure is
Winter is right around the corner.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow.
And be sure to always make room in your life for,

Thank you so much to everyone who left such sweet comments
about the birth of Miss D's foal!
I *heart* you!

To new friends and cherished friends
Feel free to make a comment
on this "past" post!


Flat Creek Farm said...

Such beautiful horses ~ all ages! Especially enjoyed seeing the new little princess again. They all are just so sweet, and I love how you take a special interest in each and every one of them. No matter what! Lovely pictures. It is breathtaking in your neck of the woods! -Tammy

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Congratulations on the new addition!
Funny how animals all have their own personalities and attitudes, growing up and being on my grandparents dairy farm I learned very early to pay attention to what the animals were "saying" when change was comimg ~ whether it be a new calf or a change in the weather.
They really are amazingly intuitive and reliable creatures.
Best wishes, :-)
~ Rebecca

Deborah said...

Beautiful post! The filly is growing fast! I can't believe you have to start to show her the halter already. I wouldn't have know that.

Ann On and On... said...

The whole post had me ohhh and ahhhh-ing. Your words were poetic, real and inspiring. Some people are made for certain jobs and lucky enough to be able to live their life doing it.... YOU are wonderful at your job. YOU are the kind of person I want raising horses. (If I can not, I'm happy you are.) Thanks for the beautiful photos!
*That is just the beginning of my thoughts.*

Lucky you and Lucky horses!

Mary Ann Miller said...

Such beautiful pictures!! The trees are so pretty in your area. Our leaves are just about all gone this year. Hope you have a nice week.

Country Dreaming said...

Very lovely post--It's interesting how change effects poeple and
Most of the time we have some say in the changes in our lives and sometimes we have to "go with the flow."


Feral Female said...

I just found your blog and love it! The pictures are lovely and so are your horses!

Heart2Heart said...


Such a beautiful and peaceful life. Nothing to worry about except the animals and the changes on the farm! Oh to live that simplistic lifestyle. You are to be envied!

Have you come up with a name for the filly?

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Rural Revival said...

Misha, I can only imagine how busy you and J must be right now. Thank you so much for taking the time to share all the beautiful photos with us. I can never get enough of seeing your new addition and really enjoy learning about your family. Three generations in one barn, that is so neat!!
I love the updates you made to your blog, I love it!
Be well. ~Andrea~

Oz Girl said...

All your horses are so beautiful... I adore how you summarized all their quirky traits, what makes each one special in his/her own right. It's very obvious from your words that your "kids" are keeping you and J busy from sun-up to sundown!! Take care, and hugs to both of you... so happy you've taken the time to share with all of us!

Concord Carpenter said...

Congrats! She is beautiful thank you so much for sharing

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

What a beautiful and heartwarming post. I loved how you spoke about the change in everyone now that the new arrival is here. It made me think of what happens when a new baby comes home.
I was so interested to read about your stallion and his band of mares.
Best wishes and much congratulations to you in your beautiful farm in the hills of the most wonderful state there is.

Country Dreaming said...

Super post as always. Love the horses!