22 October 2009

Have a stunning Thursday....
(I will be mucking stalls, grooming horses, and snapping pics of glorious Autumn!)


The White Farmhouse said...

Can I come help? I would love to have nothing better to do than play with horses all day. Can't wait to see your fall pics.

Rural Revival said...

WOW! Hope you have a glorious day...wish I was there!!


Lone Star Queen said...

You have a great day too! Believe it or not cleaning stalls sounds like more fun than what I'm doing today. I'll be in a grey cube dealing end of year deadlines.

Lone Star Queen said...

You have a great day too! Believe it or not cleaning stalls sounds like more fun that what I will be doing today. I will be mucking financial messes in a grey cube. LOL!

Lone Star Queen said...

p.s. if I sent two comments I apologize. having a problem with the computer this morning.

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

OMG! Gorgeous photo. Have fun mucking and can't wait to see more pictures!

Andrea said...

This picture is perfect...beautiful. I wanted to jump in and not come back. If that were my view, I would NOT get anything done.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day.


Flat Creek Farm said...

You Tennesseans have us beat on the color! At least so far! What a gorgeous Autumn photo. Enjoy your day... can't wait to see more of your beautiful Fall foliage!! -Tammy

Country Dreaming said...

Oh Dear--
The mucking part doesn't sound like fun. Looking for Fall does though!!

have a great day!


Heart2Heart said...


Ah with scenery like this, I would be more than willing to help you!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Donna said...

Oh I love your blog! I love the mountains, animals and living in the country. Your animals remind me of some of our present critters and some that have passed away. I have cleaned stalls before and did not mind it because I loved those horses!
We love to visit the Smokey Mtns.
Thanks for finding my blog.

Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

You live in a beautiful place!!...we have been to Shelbyville several times to the Great American Mule and Donkey Show.
Hey nothing better than mucking poop!...it's a peaceful job...:)

We have miniature donkeys.
Have a great day!!

Oz Girl said...

What a glorious fall photo of the Tennessee mountains!! :)

(And I have managed to hold off on eating any "frozen" cookies, so far! LOL)