29 October 2009

Blessed Are the Broodmares...We have a filly!


Miss D gave birth shortly before midnight

Wednesday, October 28, 2009!

This sweet little baby finally has made her entrance.

Mother and baby are both fine.

Miss D is a dream mommy.

As soon the filly was born she immediately began licking

her all over, and nickering to her.

Within an hour, baby stood up!

This morning she was quite tuckered out.

But mostly took little cat naps.

Because she is a hungry little girl and loves to nurse!

We are so relieved.


I have worried, fretted, spent some sleepless nights,

wondering what kind of mother Miss D would be.

Horses can surprise you.

I have bottle fed many foals whose mothers

just didn't want to be


But our Miss D is the Queen of the Broodmares.

This morning after realizing everything

had fallen into place,

I burst into tears.

Happy tears!

Look at this sweet girl.

We have done non-stop imprint training with her.

I think she may love us, as much as we love her...

She loves having her back and neck lightly rubbed.

She loves sucking on our fingers with her gummy mouth!

And she has the most adorable tongue.

I know I am gushing.

J couldn't stop grinning.

I think I saw Miss D smiling.

She is so proud of her filly.

We loved on her all day.

Miss D was so trusting of us.

Cat napping as the sun came up.

Does she not look cozy on her fresh bed of straw?

Miss D Keeps watch over her precious


Check out little feet and that fuzzy coat!

Her little ribs are peaking out, but in a few days

she will fill out.

Lot's of good nutrition in Mom's milk!

She nursed right away. Finding Mom's udder all by herself.

Every once in a while Miss D lets out a little squeal;

when baby tugs a little too hard.


We turned them out late in the afternoon,

after the dew had dried and it warmed up a bit.

She was so in awe of the big, wide world!


They trotted and did a couple of jigs!

Miss D checks for predators..

I love my mom :)

She doesn't know the joy of grazing yet,
but then teeth will help with that soon!
We are over the moon!
p.s. I was posting this last night and our power went out! I am off to the barn to join J!
I will be boring you in days to come with many, many pics!
p.s.s. We don't have a name yet; just Baby!


Flat Creek Farm said...

Congratulations! I have tears too! That is wonderful... so relieved for you and Miss D. What a beautiful, precious, adorable filly!! I loved hearing about it all. You have a wonderful way of telling the story :) All the pictures are beautiful, but the ones with mama and babe together with your beautiful landscape in the background - just breathtaking!
Again, congrats... can't wait to see more pics! Thank you for sharing this long-awaited Blessed Event. -Tammy

Heart2Heart said...


What a complete blessing these beautiful pictures are of Baby! She is so cute and love how adorable she looks next to her amazing mom. Thank you so much for sharing them. Can't wait til my girls get home from school so I can show them. Baby horses are so cute!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Country Dreaming said...


Oh, I'm soooooooooo happy for everyone! I've been checking and waiting, waiting and checking for this BIG announcement.
Congratulations to Miss D, Baby, you and J.
Great job!!!!!!

PS Happy Halloween!


Lone Star Queen said...

Oh Misha! That's the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Why is it that all creatures are cuter when they are babies? How do you stand it?????

Catherine said...

congratulation for this birth! they look pretty good . she is so sweet. before i had a donkey who had a baby and it was so beautyfull ,i know how you can feel! have a good day and have a rest now; catherine

Lori said...

Congratulations! She is adorable. I love the pictures of Mom & baby in the pasture together.

Cheryl and Carman said...

I am so excited for you!!!!!She is a beauty, I'm so pleased that Mom and baby are doing well! Congrats! They are also beautiful pictures...so happy that she had an easy delivery...I'd be a wreck.

Donna said...

My heart is happy! All of your pics are adorable. I could sit here all night and look at them. The outdoor ones are gorgeous! I have enjoyed this post so much. Please keep us updated.

Alisha said...

Misha & J, Congratulations on Miss D's filly. She is beautiful. My family owned horses when I was a kid and they hold such a special place in my heart. My husband E knows my love for horses and he loves them too. When he retires from the Army he is going to get us horses. Can't wait to see more pictures of Miss D and her beautiful filly!!

The White Farmhouse said...

Congrats on Baby! She is just beautiful! I do think you should post more pics of her. Nothing is more beautiful than a mother and her baby.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

She's gorgeous and congratulations to you and keep those pictures coming, how exciting the days have become at your farm!

Lucy said...

How neat. I tear up just reading it. What an incredible miracle birth is. And those legs! She's a regular Betty Grable. I wish I was there to see them. Mom looks so proud.

Statch said...

Congratulations!! Those pictures are SO adorable. I love the pictures of mama and baby in the pasture too. She's just adorable, and I look forward to seeing many, many more pictures.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

What a sweetie! I´m happy that everything went well!
Have a great day now and Happy Halloween!

Deborah said...

Hi, WOW, congratulations, beautiful pictures of new baby! I am very happy for you! I love your blog and all your animals! They are beautiful. Thank you for leaving your nice comment and following. I'm signing up also! I can't wait to see how the filly grows up! My mother has a horse farm where she boards horses in the next town over. I grew up on the horse farm. Horses are so much fun! We never had any babies though! Nice to meet you! Have a great weekend!

Rural Revival said...

'Nobody puts Baby in a corner!' : )
And what a Baby she is! Misha she is so precious, words can not convey just how beautiful she is. Thank you for all the wonderful photos. She was very, very worth the wait, I'm sure you would agree!!! Miss D looks to be doing a fantastic job, tell her we're all very proud of her. I am so happy that Mother and daughter are both well and very happy looking. He certainly knows what He's doing, doesn't he?! What a beautiful gift to Miss D and to you and J. Godspeed to all of you!
You truly are blessed!

Oz Girl said...

I am with Tammy.... she is beautiful, precious, and adorable! The two pictures of her with mom in the pasture, with her head brushing close to mama's mane, just gorgeous! And your fall foliage makes such a stunning backdrop. I'm so happy and relieved for you guys... she is here finally, and everything turned out beautifully. God's creatures are so amazing, it can't help but bring a tear to our eyes. Such perfection in their form.

Hugs and Blessings to all of you, and I can't wait to see more pics!

~ Susan

Thistle Cove Farm said...

HURRAH! God's miracle of birth is so wonderful; she's a beautiful fill and Miss D - or is that now Mrs.???- is an excellent mother.
Congratulations, am so glad baby and mother are doing well; looking forward to more photos. Please give both hugs and kisses from the critters, beasts and varmints at Thistle Cove Farm.

Marie said...

Congratulations! How wonderful! My husband is in the other room and I am reading your blog and ooing and ahing over each picture. The scenes outside are wonderful with the hills and Fall colors.

Colleen said...

How awesome to have this in your life. More and more I am wanting to add farm animals to our place. There is such a peaceful feeling about it. Your horse and baby are beautiful!

Elle Bee said...

OH she's BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations to you & Mamma!! I'm so happy all is well. You took wonderful pictures. I love the "I love my mom photo. So cute. It's amazing what foals can do in the first few days!