18 October 2009

Big Sky....

Today is gorgeous.

After many, many days of rain and gloom,

we have been rewarded with a

big, blue sky.

This is my season.

I love fall. I cannot get enough of it.

Even as a child, I would count down the days of summer,

waiting for them to slip into Autumn.

While friends bemoaned the last days of hot, sticky weather,

swimming at the quarry, and school-less days;

I couldn't wait for frosty mornings,

colorful trees, and thick wool sweaters.
And yes, even school.

Today is chilly. Brisk, as J likes to call it.

The horses are feeling the fall chill, making them a little

on the wild side as they graze in their pastures.

Even Miss D, as big and round as she is now,

kicked up her heels,

and then dropped to the ground for a good back-scratching.

I love watching the colors turn on a daily basis.

Day by day, everything changes.

Each new day is like a present;
all wrapped up waiting to be opened...

Fall wreaths at the gate.

They let everyone know we have welcomed a new season!
Thanks to the Turkey who lost a tail feather by the creek.
It looks smashing tucked in the wreath!

Our faithful wood stove is keeping us warm.

This morning we woke to the first frost of the Season.

A very early frost for the mountains of east Tennessee.
I think we have bid farewell to the Morning Glories...
And Bo and Bella?

Keeping warm, together. In an antique child's rocker.
Just right for two cat's to cuddle on.

The promise of Autumn is so huge that it takes
two glorious wreaths to welcome all who pass through this gate...

J gathering kindling for our wood stove.
I love my guy :)

Split wood from trees that succumbed to summer storms!
We have piles like this all over the farm.
Now it is time to gather and stack the wood
off the back porch.

The Magnolia getting ready to rest for the Winter.
It takes a good long snooze to be able to produce those beautiful
fragrant blooms come next spring!

This awesome, crystal, blue sky holds the secret to many, more
brisk, Autumn days.
Like a huge umbrella, it drapes us with the promise
of many more leaf-crunching-under -our-feet,
smoke filled chimney's, and fat, wool sweater
Delicious Big Sky....

I could not have ordered a more beautiful Autumn day!

I hope you enjoy yours!


Oz Girl said...

We were blessed with the same big, blue skies after a whole week of rain and gloom. It's windy too, but that's ok. Today we're supposed to hit 70. That rocks my world. A beautiful fall day!

I love your photos, so beautiful there in your part of the world! And the kitties look so cozy in their chair.

Re: those danged cookies. I ordered a dozen from Cheryl & Co. for my son and his wife (he had swine flu and she had just found out she was pregnant!!)... during the checkout process, they had an offer for 36 iced cookies that I could NOT pass up. And hubby loves these cookies. Problem? He's in WA state for the whole month. I have managed to eat a dozen of these in less than a week. To ensure I have cookies left for him when he comes home on the 30th, I put the remaining 2 dozen in freezer bags.

I say "oink" very well.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Fabulous photos! Love seeing Autumn in your neck of the woods.

Lone Star Queen said...

Oh my gosh! You have the most beautiful fall colors where you live! Our trees are mostly still green. They usually go from green to brown pretty quick. Every few years or so we get a few pretty fall colors. One of these days I'm going to plan a road trip around this time of year so that I can experience it in person. We have a high today of 75 with sunshine, I'll take it!

Country Dreaming said...

Hello Misha--
I am new to your porch and I really enjoyed my visit.
I also signed on as a follower.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Ahhh... how beautiful!! I know how much you love Fall. We had a wonderful Fall day as well, with only one complaint: Asian Beetles by the thousands! Invading my laundry on the clothesline, ME on the lawnmower, and also invading our old crack-filled farmhouse. (insert major whine here.. LOL!). Other than that, a perfect day...

I love your description of your day and the photos... especially those cozy kitties!
p.s. YES, that Gracie & Ruby post was JUST for our friend, Misha. They send lots of HEE HAW love! :)

Rural Revival said...

What a beautiful day and a gorgeous view. I love it! What a nice way to welcome visitors with such beautiful wreaths. Did I mention that view? WOW!

Be well! ~Andrea~

I loved your story about the puff pastry! : )

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Hello Misha, I love your photos especially the image of the old shed and the wood pile, it really struck a chord with me (honest no pun intended) ~ reminds me of here at home on my grandparents farm.
Old barns and sheds are favorites!
So nice to meet you! Take care ~ Rebecca

The White Farmhouse said...

I think out of all the states Tennessee can make any season beautiful. Love the photography! Those wreaths are gorgeous! Did you make those?

Thanks for stopping by and following! I will do the same.

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

I love fall too and no where is it more beautiful than in the mountains of Tennessee. You've made me homesick. Just gorgeous photos.

Colleen said...

I stumbled upon your blog a day or so ago and wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying it. I LOVE Tennessee! My husband and I spent over a week there in June. We stayed at the Preserve Resort near the Smoky Moutains. Enjoyed it so much we've rented a 10 bedroom cabin and are taking our entire family there next August.