06 October 2009

629 miles of Flea Heaven...

Flea Market- noun. A market, usually held outdoors, where antiques, used household goods, and curios are sold. [Translation of French marché aux puce's, market with fleas.]
The American Heritage Dictionary®

We had a wonderful time at our flea market excursion!

I was in vintage heaven. We met so many nice people,
vendors and shoppers!

I thought I would first show you the things we came home with!
And guess what? We did not exchange cash for anything we bought.

We traded for everything!

After having our power at the house go out for the zillionth time,
we finally have two oil lamps, to combat the darkness.
We are on a power grid that has not been updated in like 50 years!
And when our power goes out, it is pitch black here in the mountains.
Now we are ready!
We traded two little chairs for the oil lamps.
I think we got the better deal!

Is this adorable or what?

I watched this little school desk until our last day at the market.
The vendor finally marked it down, so I offered her three different
packs of curtains I had for sale. She accepted!
I like the little painted scene on the desk top,
but I want to use this in my living room so it may go.
What do you think?

The woman I traded with purchased this in Alabama at an antique show
about 40 years ago. She painted the little school scene on it for her son when has entering grade school!
I always ask about the history of things.
Even if they can give me no more than where they purchased it, at least,
I have a little something!

Does anyone know Folk Art?

I traded for this picture that I fell in love with.

It shows an elderly couple on their farm. He is collecting wood,
while their pup helps him! She is walking back to the house, from collecting
eggs. What really caught my eye was the dirty snow from their footprints!
I stared and stared at this little painting ,before I traded for it,
looking at all the detail.
The painting is by Queena Stovall. Dated 1955.
On a whim, not knowing anything about Folk Art other than Grandma Moses,

I looked up Queena Stovall.

Lo and behold, she is famous!

Queena Stovall didn't begin painting until she was 62.
She captured scenes from her childhood and put them on canvas.
The little painting I have is called, "Cabin on Triple Oaks".
It has been framed in "barn siding" ! Perfect.

I can't see the back of the painting because it has been
professionally matted and framed.

We sat and looked at it last night wondering if we should rip the back off to get to the painting, to actually view it without the glass and protective backing!

We didn't...yet.

The women I traded some mason jars with for the print, had it marked $5.00.
She said, "that old painting" had been hanging in her kitchen for years.
She had purchased something new to replace it.

I think I got the better deal!

J collects old cameras.

This little Brownie camera is in awesome condition!

He got a bargain. He traded several Hot Wheels for it.

(J collects Hot Wheels. He has like a million. He sells on Ebay.
Did you know that if you collect Hot Wheels you should
never take them out of their cardboard blister case?
A few years ago I learned that. The hard way. Oops!)

I also traded for three adorable shelves. All different styles.

But I am saving them for a later post!

We are getting ready to do a living room makeover.

I am so excited.

I cannot sleep at night because I am arranging furniture

in my brain!

This is part of our space! We ended up having five tables!
I did a small area with shabby furniture, and all kinds of pretties.

Our first day, Thursday, was our best. In fact, I don't have pics of so many things

I intended to put on here, because they sold right away!

But that's good!

The first day was full of serious shoppers who knew what they looking for.

I think the most interesting fact I heard over and over, was that

people were decorating on a budget in "Flea market" style!

We also had a lot of Christmas shoppers. Oy vay.

Yes, it's on it's way!

I went on a lot of walk-abouts! This table was full of old kitchen items.
There were a few items I have no idea what they used for!

It wouldn't be a "Misha" post if I didn't double a pic or post one upside down!

This table was full of "Milk" glass for all you fans! This vendor had two tables full of beautiful pieces.

These are the little chairs I traded for the oil lamps!

Aren't they too cute? I love children's chairs.

This was the table J could be found at! Along with other male shoppers!!
The man who had this table only deals in vintage toys.

They were pricey!

Looking at how other people displayed their tables
was one of my favorite things to do.

I love to prowl through stuff like this!

Isn't this trunk gorgeous?

I loved these galvanized watering cans. But, sheesh, they were pricey!

Vintage linens were everywhere and affordable!

This messy table was fun to look through. As something sold, the vendor dug
through her boxes and brought out more!

The shoes in the pic sold the first day!

The little wooden wagon stopped me in my tracks!
It would look awesome next to our old black kettle,
that sits on a
huge wood stump, in the front yard.
The vendor wouldn't budge on price with other shoppers or a trade
with me.

It never sold :(

I know how happy it would be living in my yard decorated for fall!

The vendor who had this table specializes in vintage purses.
They were beyond beautiful.

What the heck are those, you are wondering!

Delicious southern fried pies!

A local pastor and his wife* brought their RV and cooked barbecue, pies, cookies, beans, and cookies!

Let me tell you..those two can throw down in the kitchen!
Living in several southern states over the years, I have had my fill of fried pies.

Hands down, these were the best I have ever eaten!

She cans her own peaches and uses it for the filling. And the pie crust?

OMG. I will hang my head in shame the next time I make a pie

and use *gasp* Pillsbury crust!

I wish I had a fried peach pie right now..but I do believe

my Levi's jeans got a little bit tighter during the three day

flea market. Oh well, life is to be enjoyed, right?!
*And every peach pie we purchased helped to further
their ministry in South Africa. Yep, I ate without guilt!

These are the mason jars I did. You can hang them in windows,
or trees like I do! Just add a few fresh flowers
or something you want to root! The colored rocks sparkle when water is
in the jar and the sunlight hits it :)
I sold so many for Christmas gifts!

Thank goodness we were near a tree to use as a display case!

I bought this neat mirror at TJ Maxx last spring.
It was in the "home-goods" sale aisle. Marked $5.00.
It was filthy and missing the pegs on the bottom.
So I asked the store mgr. if she would take any thing else off the price!
I got it for a buck!
It sold to a lady who just did a bath make-over
in black and white with french prints on the wall!
Was she ecstatic!
This mom and daughter shopped and shopped!
They were at our space both Thusday and Saturday.
We had shoppers from all over.
Some were actually doing the entire 600 mile sale!
We had shoppers from Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan..
People rent U-Hauls,
or bring pick-ups so they can keep loading up on treasures!
One vendor near us was from Asheville, N.C.
He does the Hwy 11 sale every year that runs through Sweetwater, Tn.
This was his first year coming to the Hwy 411 sale.

I love these lamps. There are two.
I had the price a little high and had no takers for the set,
but everyone who was interested in them wanted us to
split them up and just sell one.
I really think they should stay together, so I held out!
They will get a good home eventually!

yes, I already showed you this!

These two practically wiped out all the little pretties I had in this area!
They bought beaded lamp shades, floral photo albums, an adorable
foot stool J did in Shabby Chic and I covered in a vintage floral pattern,
and a ton of my old silver picture frames!
Their little Geo Tracker was packed to the gills!!

The little bench sold to a man who bought it for his wife.
She wasn't with him. I hope she liked it.
Maybe he was in the doghouse?

I had candle holders galore and they flew off the tables!

These old sinks, there were three, sold immdiately.

Look at this rack of vintage lace and aprons.

My favorite apron..and it was sold in a flash!

And quilts galore!

And more vintage fabric

And on, and on and on................
I would really love to do the entire 629 miles of vintage heaven!
Maybe next year me, J, and a U-Haul!

Hope you enjoyed the Highway 411, five state flea market!
Maybe next year, I will see you there!

p.s. Miss D is showing some signs of progression! The vet is checking on her
again tomorrow!
p.s.s. If you want to check out more about Queena Stoval go here:


Lone Star Queen said...

Oh my gosh Misha! That looks like great fun and lot's of bargains. So many wonderful finds. Wish I could have been there! Great post!

Lone Star Queen said...

one more thing... I was going to say that I used to have an old school desk like that one when the kids were little. It was so adorable, I wish I hadn't gotten rid of it. Such a fun find!

Elle Bee said...

You made out like a bandit! I love all the stuff you traded for. That desk is amazing. I love the adorable painting on it, but could understand why you'd want to change it for that room.
So excited for Miss D! Hope it's a good report tomorrow.

Heart2Heart said...


This looked like so much fun taking us along with all the pictures you have shared. Good thing I didn't go, too tempting for me. Sitting in my room right now keeps me safe! I love the little wagon you mentioned, it would love adorable decorated for each season!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Flat Creek Farm said...

Flea market heaven, for sure! Wow, I love the jars you made too. They are adorable! Thanks for sharing such wonderful things - almost felt like I was there in person. Someday maybe! Will keep Miss D in my thoughts! -Tammy

Cheryl and Carman said...

All I can say is WOW! Great pictures of the market!

wildcatsthree said...

You got some excellent finds at the flea market. I loved that little desk too, and the lamps will definitely come in handy - we have 2 we keep for emergencies as they're so much brighter than candles.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Seeing all Your pictures really makes me wanting to have been there! I saw a lot of thing that I would have loved to have :-)
Have a great day now!

Rural Revival said...

Those lamps are pretty and practical, and that desk is so adorable but most of all that painting is fantastic! I love it!! What a great find Misha! I really love those jars you made too, so pretty! I could have used some of those for the wedding! ; ) I hope I get the chance to explore your flea heaven someday, it looks like sheer bliss! I hope Miss D is doing well, am always thinking of her.

I ordered most if not all of my heirloom seeds from a place in Ontario called The Cottage Gardener. Here's their link...

Be well! ~Andrea~

PS. Yes, I will have to dish some dirt on Miss Callie, I guess I've inadvertantly kept her in hiding!

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

Wow, I'm glad I wasn't there actually because I'd be spending money I don't have. I collect folk art and absolutely love your piece. I also collect vintage linens and quilts and enjoyed seeing the pictures. Your little desk is just fabulous.
Actually, all I can say is Wow!
P.S. - LOVE your header picture.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

What a wonderful post! Wish I could have been there.

Oz Girl said...

LOVE your Queena print, it is just gorgeous... I think that's neat that there is dirt tracks where they have walked. A more realistic type of painting, rather than most painting which would tend to leave out any "everyday" details such as that!

That flea market looks like a ton of fun!

Hope Miss D is doing well! :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

What a great time you had and thanks for the photos. Smart idea on bartering and on getting the oil lamps; we've got them in every room as well as candles.
I have one or two Queena Stovall lithographs; they fit this old house really well.