13 September 2009

Still all alone...

I adore this farm house.
For five years (since we first moved here) we have been driving by this home whenever
we have to go into the big city. It sits along a four lane country highway.
You take a quick turn off the highway and onto the little country road where she sits.
High on a hill, you can't miss this grand lady!
Fifteen years ago this highway was just two lanes.
And the farms that dotted the scenery
were working farms with crops and livestock.
But today the farms are fewer, so many of the homes are abandoned,
and the beautiful old barns are covered in kudzu.
This home was one of them. Left alone to weather and decay.
Every time we passed by it, we would sigh.
This home was just begging for someone to take an interest in it's history.
Every old home has a story to tell!
She was asking for someone to scrape off the old paint,
give her a shiny new exterior with a roof to do her two stories justice.
And she hoped they wouldn't stop there. From the hardwood floors, the original
french doors leading into the dining room, to the light fixtures that once flickered
small gas flames inside wonderful old globes. She hoped they would restore her.
To her days of grandeur.
But most of all she wished for rocking chairs and a porch swing, that
invite neighbors to come chat and visit on the welcoming front porch.
Two years ago it happened. Each time we made our trek into the city, we would
slow just a bit on the highway to be able to take in the work that was progressing.
The outside was scraped and painted. A new roof was added.
Many to-good-to-be-true things were taking place inside!
And a rocker and porch swing finally made their appearance on that lovely
front porch. And potted plants on each side of the front door.
The icing on the cake was a wreath on the front door!

This wonderful, grand, old Dame was back where she once was.
Passers-by stopped to give a second glance. Drivers on the highway
would take the turn onto the little country side road to get a better view, close up.
But for all the amazing work that was done, this grand lady is still waiting.
Waiting for someone to love her.
Waiting for someone to cook in the kitchen, sit on the porch,
and say their prayers, while they kneel on the hardwood floor, at bed-time.
Because no one has ever moved in.

I love old house adventures!
I love the hunt through old court house documents, and finding that old neighbor who knows someone, who knows someone....you get the idea!
My new mission is to find the tale behind this home.
When I do, you will all be the first to know!


Lucy said...

I'd kill for it! Well maybe not kill.....No. Yes I would. So beautiful. My mother's childhood home in Rigby Idaho is yearning for someone to move in and love it. I told the cousin that owns it now that I would move in and take care of it but to no avail. She wants to keep it in HER line of the family. Even though it was my mothers before it was ever thought to be hers. Oh well....You know the old saying...you can pick your friends....blahblahblah. If you find out it needs a caretaker......

Thistle Cove Farm said...

It's so horrible when a house is allowed to die and so wonderful when a house is saved. Loved reading and seeing this post today; it's a beautiful home.

Rural Revival said...

It's so beautiful!! What a shame. I hope the kitchen will become the heart of this home again, soon. I look forward to hearing of the outcome of your sleuthing!
Be well! ~Andrea~

Flat Creek Farm said...

Beautiful home! I'll be awaiting your discoveries about her. How fun! -Tammy

Heart2Heart said...


I too love old homes, and if I had the money, I too would have fix her up and moved on in. Invited the neighbors over for a look see and dinner! Isn't that what homes are? A place to get warm by the fire and warm hearts as well!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Elle Bee said...

I'd move in and love it in a heart beat! She's absolutely stunning!