27 September 2009

Rainy day horses...

Today is gorgeous. Windy, sunny, with a hint of fall.
Later in the week, we are to have nights in the mid forties.
Can you see me smiling? A big, huge, toothy smile!
I see a fire, in the wood stove, in my near future.
But for the past two days, we have had rain. Rain, and more rain.
(It seems all my recent posts focus on rain!)
The past few weeks have seen the mountain streams,
lakes, and rivers filled to the brim.
Our wonderful little creek that runs by our home,
that I love to listen to at night, has
spilled over and into the grass.
Our resident groundhog is one happy little critter.
I watch him from our bedroom window.
He rolls around in the water, munching on the weeds that grow on the creek bank.
Sadie Louise and Baby Girl sit for hours staring at him,
with an occasional wag of the tail.
Visions of chasing him, dance through their heads!
Zeke could care less about this pudgy creature.
He has better things to do with his canine time.
Like sleep.

It was actually pouring so hard I left the wheelbarrow,
full of mucked stalls, sitting.
While waiting for a break in the downpour.
The horses had to stay in. They were very vocal in their displeasure
about being cooped up, yet another day.

Allure watched me muck out Miss D's stall.
Every once in a while she would make a little grunt letting me know I
I had missed a spot. She is so helpful, that mare!
They had plenty of yummy hay to chow on,
but watching the human is soooo much more interesting.

Don't the mares look like they are in jail?

The fussiest mare in the barn is the princess, Allegra.
Chat, chat, chat, all day long.
She always gives me these looks as if to say,
"Excuse me, I think it's carrot time".
What a princess she is. She loves men!
She adores J. She will rub her head on him from his boots
to his chest. And bat those beautiful eyes. She literally fawns over
him. When he goes into her stall, she is right at the door, waiting for him
to step in. She will playfully nip on his arm, and then search his pockets for carrots.
When I step into her stall, she continues to gaze out her window, with her behind
towards my face!
Yes, she is princess. And she knows it!
I have a hunch when Miss D goes into labor, Allegra will continue to munch
on her hay, while shouting,
"I don't know nothing about birthin' no babies".
And when this foal decides to make it's entrance into the world,
the Princess will surely be a tad jealous.

Allure is the sweetheart. My love.
She is so appreciative of her daily grooming.
Allure is also our resident klutz! She is always being
"doctored" for something.
Sometimes we just cannot figure out how she does the things she does!
Every day when she comes in from turn-out, we never know
what scrape or bump we will find that day!

And this big guy? Cadence takes a rainy day all in stride.
There are not many horses that I would trust to leave their stall door open.
Especially in a barn full of hot mares!
(But, hey, I guess he realizes that Allure is his sister and Allegra and Miss D are his nieces!)
But in all his years he has never stepped over the threshold.
He loves to stretch his neck (Arabians are known for their awesome. arched, long necks)out as far as he can go to be able to peer out and watch me work.
Cadence loves to watch out his window. Hours and hours can pass by,
and he stays amused, with the birds in the trees, and even the huge raindrops.
And he likes to take a big snooze, his big muzzle flapping as he breathes in and out :)

I stood in Allure's stall with her and we watched the rain and fog set in.
It really was a beautiful sight. I don't think the sun has to be
shining for the day to be considered lovely.
I am sure Allure thought differently.

And the spot where Cadence takes in his view.
The drive up to the barn has become a sloppy, mess.
Cadence loves a good mud hole to role in.
I bet I know what he was dreaming about.

After going in and out of the barn while mucking stalls, I was drenched.
Down to my skivvies :)
But it was nice to spend my work day in the barn with the kids.
I hope they thought so.
They did go through a whole bag of carrots.
I am so gullible...

Miss D watching out her window. Do you think she is pondering the
impending birth of her foal? Do think she secretly knows the due date
and is just keeping it to herself?
I do.
The vet is stopping by tomorrow. Vaccination time for all,
and a check on Miss D.
It is the last few days of September, and still no foal.
She is enormous.
But mares can actually go into a 12th month of pregnancy,
and both mother and babe
will be fine.
Not having a due date has been really hard.
The months of July, September,
and even the beginning of December have been thrown at us as
potential birthing times.
We can't hurry it up. But the waiting...
is wearing us out!

Maybe on this rainy day, Miss D contemplated her last days of only thinking of herself.
Good thing it is she having the foal and not the "princess"!

Soon she will have a foal at her side. Even though she lives in an environment
that keeps her totally safe, her instincts will keep her on red alert.
Maybe this rainy day, full of rest and laziness were good for Miss D.
Soon her days will be filled with keeping a watchful eye on her foal.
And as it grows, it will become more and more curious,
adventuresome, and test it's limits with it's mother.
Yep, I think a rainy day is what we all needed in the barn.

In days to come this impending life will
change everything
as we know it.

And I cannot wait.

Whether we have blue skies or clouds,
the day Miss D's new little life makes it's way into the world,
the sun will be shining in the barn.

Hurry up Miss D.
We need a little sunshine!


Oz Girl said...

Oh, all that rain... even in fall, the grass looks so green! We are still having very warm temps; yesterday it got up to 92!! Today was much more pleasant, in the 70s. Great weather to work outside, and we've been taking advantage of every minute of it.

I agree with you on the rainy days, though. Sometimes they are just as pleasant, they seem to have their own ambiance, esp with a hot cup of coffee and a roaring fire. I hope we can put in a wood-burning fireplace someday, I would love to have one! :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

I love your horses, and your descriptions of their personalities! What a barn-full of beautiful (and handsome) characters you have! Actually, I love a good rainy day now and then too. And I think yours was my definition of a perfect day - quality time with the kids :) We are chilly here tonight in MO... low 40's. Definitely a reminder it's not Summer anymore! Hope your little sunshine girl or boy makes their appearance soon :) -Tammy

allhorsestuff said...

Lovely fall is upon us and I too am so very pleased !!! Your views are spectacular and I want to run up those fields and into the woods!
You enjoy and I'll sip a cup of cocoa to you around the fire!!

Elle Bee said...

Those photos of the mist and rain were just beautiful! They made me feel so peaceful. Ah, I love that you said wood-burning stove. I just can't get enough of fireplace fires in the winter. I just came from Rural Revival where she's enjoying that very thing. Warm & cozy!
PS Come on Miss D, let us in on your secret. :o)

Lone Star Queen said...

What a great barn! Those are some lucky horses. And your ranch... it's beautiful! I love the foggy pictures.

Heart2Heart said...


Your blog was the first for me today over breakfast. What a great time I had, looking out your barn windows and doors, seeing your beautiful horses and just sensing what it must be like listening to the rain fall on the barn roof and seeing it drip over the barn openings. Simply no better way for me to start my day.

Thank you for giving me that wonderful view and time.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Lucy said...

I love every single thing about this post. I just wish I lived there. Hey! I'm visiting in D.C. Am I close? :)

Mary Ann Miller said...

Oh I so enjoyed your post today. The pictures are so pretty.

It is cool in Ohio today, almost wintery!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

We need rain over here, the grounds are so dry that I have to water in the garden now and again.

Your surroundings looks so beautiful!

I´m a bit afraid of horses, exept for my neighbours two. Them I know well and have taken care of some times when my neighbours has been away.

I drive passed many stables on my way to work every day and all summer I can see new born foals and they are so lovely!
Have a great day now!

Rural Revival said...

I am truly amazed at the different personalities horses have, and I love meeting and learning about all of your sweeties. My offer to babysit still stands ; )
Be well! ~Andrea~

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

I can't wait for your new baby either. How exciting. Your barn is absolutely gorgeous as is your farm. If you ever want to trade farms, please let me know.
Your pictures are just so lovely, I don't even know how to describe it.
P.S. - I looked all over to see if you are selling any of your lovely collectibles on line but I couldn't find a link. If you are, could you please let me know.