03 September 2009

Goodbye, Summer. Hello Fall!

Geez-o-pete! I have not posted for over a week! But I have a great excuse!

My parents have been here, in East Tennessee, visiting with us.
We had a wonderful time just hanging out at the house,
playing on the farm, and taking a trip to Knoxville!

On Sunday, J brought up the weekly hay and straw bedding.
Then we all climbed in the farm truck, and went riding around the property.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Doesn't my Mom look cute in the back of the truck?
My Dad calls her Miss Priss! She is a true lady! Always dressed for whatever
the occasion calls for. Notice I opted not to be in any pics!
My farm attire consists of old shirts and shorts. Her farm attire is major
cuteness! Mom makes it clear she does not clean stalls!
Her job, when at the farm, is sweeping.
Fine by me. I hate to sweep. I'd rather muck stalls!
I caught her at the fence staring off into the mountains.
The horses had already come in, so the pasture was still and quiet.

Oops, I've been spotted!

Such a good-looking couple :)

My Dad grooming Cadence.

This was after we had a little episode of a
Life-Flight Medi-Vac helicopter flying low over the barn.
Daddy was in the stall grooming, when out of now where, the helicopter
zoomed in, as if it was going to land in the pasture!
Cadence began to whirl around in the stall. All 1000 pounds of him!

My Dad jumped out. Whew!

We let Cadence take a breather. Once he knew that all was right with his
little horsey world, Daddy got back in there!
A nice grooming and lot of carrots helped Cadence understand
the big, bad helicopter
was not going to swoop down and swallow him up!
Arabians are so ultra sensitive to their surroundings.

I had to throw in this pic! Every so often this family hitches up all their horses
and take a jaunt down our one-lane road. Two the left of the pic, you can see
a little covered wagon. It looks like a gypsy wagon, with fringe and tassels!
This was the end of the "parade".
There were probably 3-4 other wagons in front of these!
We always know when they are coming down the road. The clip-clop of
many hooves just echoes down the road!
We take a seat on our front porch to watch them parade on by.
They make me smile.

It was on to Knoxville, early Monday morning.
First stop was the East Tennessee History Center.
The last time J and I were here was a Saturday.
It was packed; shoulder to shoulder. With a wait to get in.
Monday morning we practically had the place to ourselves!

The "Voices of The Land" exhibit opened one year ago.

"Voices" tells the story of East Tennessee from the 1700's to the present.
It represents the 35 counties that make up the region of East Tennessee.
It is a wonderful exhibit that took eight years to compile, through
interviews and artifacts.

I love history about land and the people who lived on it.
I get that from my Dad! When I was little, every family vacation
included a couple of museums, forts etc. As a kid, you sometimes get bored
with all that. But I appreciate the fact that my Dad took me to all those places.
Because all those trips have shaped my love for all things antique and vintage.

I, do however, think the time we went to Alligator World to see the man stick his head in the mouth of the gator could have been skipped! Sorry, Daddy!

Everyone has seen this famous "See Rock City" logo.
It began when traveling salesmen would ride along country roads to find barns
large enough to paint the advertisement on. They would pay the farmer
for use of the structure. Today, many of those old barns still stand.
"See Rock City" has become a part of American history.

The beautiful Tennessee Theatre.

Take a virtual tour by clicking on this link.
You will be amazed at the beauty of this theatre, restored to it's
1928 splendor!

The Downtown Grill and Brewery where we had lunch!
I had chicken salad. They make it like my Nana does!
With grapes and walnuts. Yum! But it still wasn't as good as hers!
I throw in this tidbit, in case, you my Blogger friends, ever invite me
to lunch! I love chicken salad.

The buses that serve downtown Knoxville are dressed up as trolleys!

Market Square is right around the corner from the museum.
Many shops and restaurants. But, sadly, the economic situation has
taken it's toll on this beautiful area. J and I couldn't believe how many places
had closed from our last visit.
We got ice cream (I had Cheesecake ice cream. It was over-the-top awesome!
I don't expect you to make this when I come to your home for a luncheon of chicken salad!)
and found a table to relax at for awhile.

We were treated to the guitar tunes from this guy.
Meet J.T. and his pup, Jake!

They are a permanent fixture at Market Square. Jake has
been coming here with J.T. since he was 4 months old.
This pooch is one spoiled pup! Everyone walking past him gave
him a pat on the head. And they are sitting right in front of three
Can you say "doggie bag!"
J.T. and Jake have even been featured in local commercials
about Knoxville and Market Square. Quite a duo, these two are.
My Mom in a goofy pose next to a statue in the gardens next to
Market Square. I think we were getting giddy at the end of our
trip to the big city :o

Walking back to the car, J and I were lagging behind.
He pulled out the camera
and snapped this!
My Dad and his Miss Priss, my Mom.
Isn't long-in-love wonderful?

As I write this, I am almost giddy that it is finally September!
I was thrilled to finally be able to change my blog background
to a Fall one. This is my time of year. I wait and wait for September
to arrive. Here it is. Soon the leaves will be in all their glory.
I will wear jeans to the barn. The horses will kick up their hooves
in the morning coolness, and not lag behind when walking to the pasture
for turn-out. The dogs will be happy to go outside instead of staying pent up
in the air-conditioning.
And then one day, soon, I will return to the house, from the barn,
and smell something familiar.
Smoke from the wood stove.
Then I will know it is really here!
Goodbye Summer.
Happy Autumn to everyone!


Diane said...

Oh what a lovely post. I am so happy you & your parents had a beautiful time...and the pics...WOW! Very beautiful where you are...and the horses...geez I am envious! *smile*
Fall hasn't arrived here quite yet...a few changes but it is the high 90's and that makes it still summer to me *sigh*.
Have a quaint evening...enjoy!

Rural Revival said...

What a great time with your parents! I loved the little parade, it looks like fun! Thanks for the tour! Now, how is Miss D??
Be well ~Andrea~

Mary Ann Miller said...

I so enjoyed your beautiful post. Your mom looks so young! I'll be watching for your next post.

Heart2Heart said...


Ah what a nice visit I just had reading through your post and viewing all the great pictures. I too have a deep longing in my soul for the cooler fall weather to come, but last night our news man just predicted another heat wave in store for next week.

I hate living here in Southern Californina, the country just calls to me.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a wonderful post! Love all the pictures. My favorite? The last picture with your mom & dad arm in arm. Love and Sweetness defined :) Glad you had this wonderful time with your family. -tammy

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh, what a delightful time y'all had! I especially enjoy the horse buggy jaunt...such fun!
And yes, long in love is wonderful and what a witness to those who say it's not possible in this day and age.

Cheryl and Carman said...

Great pictures, my Mom is like yours, Dad will pat them though! I love the Fall as well, love your new Fall look!

Oz Girl said...

I love autumn too, it's so much nicer to be able to work outside on the property now. :) We're finishing up the painting of the house this weekend and we finished Stormy's shelter. Yay!

Your parents are so cute together. :) I am glad y'all had such a wonderful time together.