09 September 2009

A day with the Farrier and an update on Miss D!

Farrier (Definition)
A person skilled in the techniques of making, fitting and remodeling horseshoes, including hot and cold fitting, orthopedic shoeing.

(Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary, © 2007 Elsevier, Inc. All rights reserved)
We have the most awesome Farrier. Awesome because he is very skilled
in his profession and awesome because he truly
loves the horse for the incredible animal it is!
I have discharged
many a Farrier over the years, whose actions toward horses were less
than loving. It didn't matter whether it was my horse
or a client horse. If the horse is not treated with the respect it so deserves,
that Farrier didn't need to be in my barn!

The horses get their feet done every six weeks. The mares are barefoot,

so they just get their hooves trimmed,

but Cadence wears front corrective shoes. He has very "soft" hooves, and this helps him maintain good footing as the pasture changes through-out the year.

Cadence rarely pulls a shoe, but if he does we can count on Randy
to make a trip to the farm to reset it!
If a horse does pull a shoe, you must have it reset immediately.
Otherwise the poor thing would be walking around
Imagine spending your day with one foot bare and one foot in a two inch
heel! Not only would you be incredibly uncomfortable,
your whole skeletal system would be compromised!
Not good for a human or a horse!
Cadence is always so very patient. He is a great sport.
Unlike Miss D and Allegra who make Randy's job a little
more difficult with their constant whining and complaining-
"horsey style".
Allure is usually on her best behaviour. But she has her moments!
What is is about mares?!
Speaking of mares, PREGNANT mares, we got a little info that was needed
as far as Miss D goes. I have eluded to the fact that Miss D was not bred here.
She was "visiting" another farm to help out with a 4-H program and
bred without knowledge or consent! For whatever reason,
the person who bred her was unwilling to give an exact foaling date.
Yes, how very unkind of them for many reasons, and on many different levels.
We do know now that her foaling "time" should be mid to late September.
There is SO much more to this story, but I will leave it at that.
I am sure you understand.
After I got over my shock last spring, I was able to see the blessing.
And J and I cannot wait for this new little life!
I spent many years as a breeding manager for breeding and show barns.
Years of staying up night after night waiting for one of many
mares to foal (often 8-10 would have the same due date!!)
and dealing with the owners (OY!) took it's toll on me.
It was not exciting anymore.
By the the time I made the decision to leave the business, I was in total
But this is different. This is our Miss D!
And we couldn't be anymore thrilled. J is all ready to record the event.
We are like first-time parents! And you all will be the first to know
when the little Chickie decides to enter our beautiful world. :)

Look at this face! I had just cut up carrots in the tack room and Cadence
knew that familiar sound! Treat time for being such a good sport.
I love this big guy!
(I love my hubby, J, who stopped working in the field so I could snap pics!)
The Farrier profession is back-breaking work. Can you imagine spending
10-12 hours a day spent in this position? My back aches just thinking about it.
All of the Farriers I have worked with over the years usually have an apprentice by age 40.
Someone just starting out to work along side with a well established Farrier. Putting what they learned in school to use in the real horse world. A good Farrier has a huge account base.
A good apprentice is worth their weight in gold to a Farrier.

I had to snap these pics of Jam. I was bedding stalls after Randy left, J went
back to the field, and the horses went out to graze.
She thought she was hiding, unable to be seen, under the fresh straw.

Too cute she is!

Now, where is Jam? Has anyone seen Jam?

Thanks to everyone who is keeping Miss D in the thoughts! I told her
she has become somewhat of a Bloggerville celeb! She flapped her lips.
I think it was a smile :)
Of course, as soon as baby arrives, I do think this new, little life will surpass her notoriety.
I will be it's own Paparazzi. Wildly snapping pictures each day.

I can't wait!


Flat Creek Farm said...

I enjoyed my visit today (as always)! We had our farrier friend visit this week since Gracie has had an issue we need to resolve (abscessed hoof that keeps recurring). God Bless good farriers! Jam is too cute and I love her name :) Thanks for giving us an update on Miss D... at least you have a more definitive time now and I know you are happy for that. Glad to know it, and will be anxiously awaiting the Blessed Event! -Tammy

Heart2Heart said...


Thanks for keeping us updated on Ms. D! We are anxiously awaiting a new little life to be brought into this world and make her one proud mom.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Rural Revival said...

I am so glad to hear Miss D is doing well! I'm very excited for all of you and yes it will be a blessing. : ) I can't wait either!!

Jam is too cute!!

Be well! ~Andrea~

Elle Bee said...

This was a great post! Thanks for teaching me about something I knew nothing about. Good farriers are lovely people to stay bent over like that so horses can be comfortable! As always, I have been wondering about Miss D! I can't wait for her foal to arrive!! (The circumstances of how she was bred sound disturbing at best, but I'm glad you have moved past it). Have a blessed day on your lovely farm--wish I was there too!

Diane said...

While we rented our back field to our neighbors horses I got to watch the Farrier come and do his thing. It was amazing to watch and he to was good with the horses.
Looking forward to Miss D's great adventure.

Oz Girl said...

I just returned from a trip to OH to visit family, and this is my first day back in Kansas, and not going to a job!! So it's time to get caught up on my blogging.

I was curious about Miss D first and foremost. :) Glad to hear I haven't missed anything, but sorry to hear you are still anxiously waiting, and that there was a flap with the folks who allowed her to breed. :-(

Jam is just too, too cute... I adore those pics of her in the hay!!

We are STILL trying to find a good farrier around here. It's frustrating!