18 September 2009

Can you hear the madness?

Our third day of rain.
And several more to go.
Our home has literally gone to the dogs. (and cats!)
We have wonderful breaks of hot, steamy, humid, muggy, weather
in between intense bursts of downpours.
Our property has become the perfect venue for a mud wrestling ring.
For dogs, that is!
Since Wednesday all three dogs are politely being asked to go out,
do their business
and return to the door.
To have all four paws wiped clean before they romp into the house!
(That is 12 puppy paws in case you are multiplying.)
Zeke and Sadie Louise have this down.
Good pups!
Baby Girl does not.
Bad pup!
She flys in the door, past myself or J, like
a greased pig.
With four muddy paws.
On what was a clean kitchen floor...
And after that, you just throw caution to the wind.
The floor has been initiated. And it is all downhill from there.
To all you moms out there, moms of two-legged critters that is:
Kudos to you!
Trying to keep three bored dogs happy and a house full
of cats who wish the dogs could be outside in their yard,
is not an easy feat.

Toys, toys, and more toys. They are everywhere. Each dog has a favorite toy
to cuddle with, chew on, maul. Or boink with their nose so
they can hear the squeaker inside.
Three dogs, with squeaker toys.
Can you hear the madness?
I make quick trips through the house, gathering an armful of pup toys.
Stuffed poodles, turkeys, chickens, old socks, towels with knots in them
(Zeke's favorite. I don't get it either)
I place them all neatly arranged, with their little faces peeking out of the basket.
But for some odd reason they never stay in the basket.

Our kitchen has become the playground for the cats.
The dogs just cannot leave well enough alone
and must join in on the feline fun.
Boxes, paper bags, catnip mice, jingle balls, milk rings, straws.
I just sit back and watch it all unfold.

One thing I know for sure, is that animals have a keen sense of humor.
Because if they had to keep cleaning up stuffed poodles, turkeys, chickens,
old socks, catnip mice, straws, milk rings, and jingle balls...
they would leave their toys in the neat little baskets and only choose one toy at a time.

And so they laugh, at me, as they haul all the loot out of baskets.
One stuffed poodle and one jingle ball at a time!

So many mice, so little time...

Doesn't this face just scream, "Mom, I'm bored!"
Sadie Louise wants to be outside so she can bark at the squirrels,
snap at a few bees,
and feel the mud goosh between her toes.
This teddy bear with the pink tutu just ain't cutting it.
I fear we have a few more days of rain if Mr. Weatherman is right.
Until then I am resigned to stepping over stuffed chickens and jingle balls,
and the new design on my kitchen floor in the shape of little pup paws
that match the feet of Baby Girl.
(Who was hiding for most of the pictorial, due to thunder)

Ah yes, and then there is Brutus. You remember Brutus.
Our 15 lb. , 2 year old cat with a belly that shakes like a bowl
full of jelly when he runs.
Brutus the cat who likes to open kitchen drawers and discard them of all
that they hold.
Brutus the cat who once took the sheets off our king size bed.
Brutus the cat, who as a mother, I hate to admit...
is a Kleptomaniac.
He likes to take things that are not his.
I give you evidence.
If you look at the picture of my nightstand, you will see my glasses.

Right there, on my nightly reading. Where they belong.
But for 24 hours they were missing.
I looked and looked.
In the field of stuffed poodles, turkeys, chickens, squeaker toys, catnip mice,
milk rings, paper bags, straws, and jingle balls.
I finally asked J if he had seen my glasses.
He lifted his head and thought for a moment.
Then he grinned.
Yep, earlier that morning while pouring rain hit our tin roof, while he sipped coffee,
while checking email, and engrossed in Good Morning America...
Brutus had walked through the living room with my glasses.
In his feline little jaws.
And because J was checking email, and engrossed in Good Morning America, and sipping coffee,
he forgot all about Brutus the klepto, striking again.

Don't let this sweet face fool you.

Yes, our Brutus had stolen my glasses.
And so we turned the house upside down.
We searched in between couch cushions, under beds, on top of high places
that Brutus the klepto likes to sit to survey his kingdom.
And to no avail did we find the glasses.

Nope, they were not among the stuffed poodles, chickens, squeaker toys or old socks.
Nope, they were not among the milk rings, jingle balls, paper bags, or catnip mice.
My glasses were under Brutus in his tent.
Well, why didn't I think of that!
Here is to dryer weather, happy pups who can play outside, clean kitchen floors,
and Brutus, who keeps us on our paws!


Elle Bee said...

Oh how funny! Brutus is so mishchievious! I've heard of cats carrying socks and slippers away but never reading glasses! HA!

Diane said...

Great post. You write so visibly I feel that I am right there with you and them.
Ever thought of putting some of your writings in a book?
I pray for sunshine for you and pray for me some rain. We have 100 degree weather for the next few days...and on a high fire watch. *sigh*
Luck to us both.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Misha, I'm sending you sunshine right now!! Sounds like all of your family, fur and non-fur need it! I love hearing about your fur kids. That Brutus is a hoot! :) Thanks for sharing, and here's some sunshine and hugs for all of you from all of us! - Tammy

Cass @ That Old House said...

Are you still soggy? I LOVED this post -- we have only one dog now, but we did have three, and the two females would stop inside the door and have their paws wiped off, and get a towel rubdown when it rained. But our male? He HATES getting clean and as soon as he was inside, he would dash off and hide somewhere and have to be dragged out.

He is now 10-1/2 and still does this. fights all efforts to remove mud or wet.

What a fun post to read! I can picture the dogs and their in-house activities. A day of bad weather is one thing -- a long stretch is a challenge!

I wish you a sunny Sunday!


Rural Revival said...

Have I told you lately how much I adore your kids, every single one? If you ever need a babysitter, I hope you'll think of me! : )

I noticed that french poster in your bedroom photo...too sweet! Did you get that on one of your trips to Paris? I have to say I'm very envious!!! The show looks like very much fun, I think my kids would really enjoy it, being into horses and all now! I know I would!

Au revoir pour maintenant! ; )

Mountain Woman said...

I remember those rainy days with bored doggies. Loved the way you wrote about it and the pictures you shared. I agree with Diane your writings would make a great book.
It hasn't rained here in so long everything is dry to the bone so please send the stormy weather our way.

Cheryl and Carman said...

Oh my I can relate to your post...I do not have dogs but 5 house cats and the mice, milk rings, balls and so on are always ...there, you can pick them up and in the morning they are...there again! What fun!