23 August 2009

What A Lovely Sunday!

What a lovely Sunday!
My Grandmother came to the farm for a visit! Nana lives in Ohio with my parents.
But for the last month she has been staying with my Aunt and Uncle in N.C.
And today they made the drive to Tennessee to visit with us!
We had a picnic lunch, fed the horses way too many carrots,
and marveled at the perfect weather.
Nana always says I am her favorite granddaughter.
She makes no bones about that to our family.
But then, I am her only grandchild!
Nana still believes in letter-writing.
Now becoming an almost extinct way of correspondence.
At least once a week, I receive a letter from her. Usually a clipping from
a newspaper or magazine article is included. Something she knows
I would be interested in reading. I always look forward to those!
We can burn up the phone line, too! A little bit of this and little bit of that
really can add up to two hours of grandmother-granddaughter chit-chat!
Over the years my Nana has instilled many wonderful things in me,
simple things that make life flow just a little easier. I'll share just a few with you.
In all their simplicity.
1. Always write a thank-you note.
That goes in an envelope. That gets a stamp.
And is mailed via U.S.P.S.
2. If you can't take a full bath, just make sure you wash the
important parts. (You know what important parts, I mean)
Situations arrive in our lives where this advice can really come in handy :)
3. When contemplating what you do not have in a material way, always remember this-
A fellow just needs a place to hang his hat, and lay his head.
4. Always wear a good brassiere. No explanation needed.
5. If it is during the Depression, and you have a pet chicken, and one day
you come home from school, and you are are having chicken for dinner...
you may not have a chicken for a pet anymore. True story.
I hold a plethora of Nana isms in my heart. I promise to share more in the future!
For now though, all you need to know is...
I love my Nana.
In all it's simplicity.
Miss D has decided to help us out!
My Nana gave us this pillow for Christmas last year.
On one side it says "Not Tonight" and the other side says "Tonight"!
She winked when I opened it!

See the look of terror on these two faces?

Bo seems to be saying, "Huh-uh, not on me!"
Bella seems to be saying, "Thank goodness it won't be on me!"

Now doesn't Bo look quite handsome in his Sunday attire?
(I do believe he is sticking his tongue out at me!)

Happy Monday to all!
(And keep those pet chickens locked up!)

EDIT TO ADD: My Nana left a comment on the Blog this morning. Here it is!
Nana said...
This is your Nana. I enjoyed reading you blog today and was surprised to see our picture. I wish we had taken a picture with J in it also. Hope you continue to have cool weather and you & J don't work too hard. And remember to always put on clean underwear before you go to bed :) love, Nana
Monday, August 24, 2009


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love your farm! I'm getting my fall groove on a bit early too, just can't help it when it's so nice out!

Nana said...

This is your Nana. I enjoyed reading you blog today and was surprised to see our picture. I wish we had taken a picture with J in it also. Hope you continue to have cool weather and you & J don't work too hard. And remember to always put on clean underwear before you go to bed :) love, Nana

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh, I just love this post! I still have one of my precious Grandmas and see her quite often. She is almost 96 and still lives in her own home. I love how you and your Nana stay close! She is just adorable.

Your kitty cats are so cute, and I love the little tie! And the Not Tonight pillow.. lol.

I'm still keeping Miss D in my thoughts! -Tammy

Heart2Heart said...


I love all the wisdom that your Nana has imparted to your wise ears! I love the list and think you should have it published as a great gift to your Nana.

Can't wait to hear more in the future posts! Sounds like you two have quite the awesome relationship!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Mary Ann Miller said...

Beautiful blog! Your grandma sound delightful! I am going to follow your flog, glad I found it today!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Great, informative post. Surely Nana meant "put on clean underwear After you take a bath and Before you go to bed" -grin-.
Give Nana a hug from your VA blog friend.

Diane said...

Not only you had a lovely Sunday but you also have a lovely Nana. I do admit I envy those you could learn from their grandparents/Nanas
I never had that honor. Both my parents were 40 when I was born, and though my grandmother took care of me as a baby...well she passed before I really knew her.
As for the chicken advice...well we had rabbit dinner one time...it was my pet rabbit. Mom said if I did not start taken care of it...well supper it was!

Elle Bee said...

AH! This post was full of so many things that made me laugh! Your Nana and the Nana-isms are priceless! I love it! The Not Tonight pillow is so funny and I'm glad Miss D now has a good way to announce her business. :o)
Love the kitty in his dapper tie. One of the most cherished rights of owning a pet is the right to dress them up. HA!

Life is good! said...

those hand written letters are priceless!

Diane from said...

Hi...got you comment about that blog. I wrote a response to yours on my blog. Thank you for you comments too...love them I do!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Misha! What a wonderful post and such a terrific Nana you have. I love the Nana-isms you wrote, and please share more.

How fun you have a new sewing machine!!! You will have a ball once you get rolling with it!

Cheryl and Carman said...

I love your Nana, mine are long gone, and miss knowing them as an adult! Kitties playing dressup too cool!

Mountain Woman said...

I loved hearing the stories about your Nana. My Nana was one of my favorite people too. I'm so glad she came to visit you and got to spend time at your beautiful farm.

Cass @ That Old House said...

What a charming post! I love your Nana-isms, many of them are very similar to what my Mom taught us . . . although she said, "Never WEAR underwear to bed!" and then she winked.

And my dog Dion says you are lucky that Bo only stuck his tongue out at you. Dion says he'd have done something much more dramatic to express his displeasure.

Best ... Cass

aimee said...

lol your nana is so funny!it's nice that you have a great relationship with your nana. i enjoyed reading your post.

Rural Revival said...

I just love your Nana! You're very lucky to have her, but I think you know that...that's what makes you so special!
Be well! ~Andrea~

Oz Girl said...

I still have my gramma in Ohio also! She is 92 and still lives in her own house. She's quite the independent woman. I'm heading to OH for a visit toward the end of the week and looking forward to seeing her and my son the most. :)

And just how IS Miss D doing these days??!

Lone Star Queen said...

My Grandmother and I had a relationship a lot like yours and Nana's. Thanks for making me smile this afternoon! I'm looking forward to following your blog!

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