21 August 2009

Previews of a Trip to the Big City!

Next weekend, on the 29th of August, my parents will making a trip here, to Tennessee. And then on to North Carolina for a visit with my Aunt and Uncle.
Being the good hostess that I am :) I have already planned our itinerary!
Although I must confess, it is a slightly selfish one. I thought since we spent so much time in the mountains, when they were here in May, a trip to the big city of Knoxville was in order!
I chose places that showcase East Tn. history, incredible historic
renovations, and a very eclectic shopping area.
What do they have in common?
We are going to the fabulous Tennessee Theatre! It was renovated to it's original
1912 glory a few ago.

I will have pictures galore to show you after our day in the city.
This is just a little peek!
Is it not absolutely gorgeous?

Then it's on to Market Square, which is just a street over from the Theatre.
A collection of very eclectic shops and eateries.
This picture was taken at one of the many art fests they have in Market Square.

And Market Square has a fountain that invites all ages to jump in!
You may find me here if I need a bit cooling off in between
shops :)

From the outside The East Tennessee History Museum
looks a federal building in D.C. Doesn't it?
But enter through those doors and you find a warm interior
that celebrates the history of 32 counties in East Tn.
Oh, and they have a wonderful gift shop
with books, books, and more books!
I love books, of any kind!
As you walk through the exhibits you feel like you are back in time!
I will take mega pics to show you this awesome collection of history.
You just have to wait a week :)

J and I are so hoping Miss D has her foal by the time my parents arrive.
My Dad is greatly anticipating this birth.
I think he may have actually bought cigars!

Many blessings,


Flat Creek Farm said...

I'm happy for you that you can have a getaway with your family. Have fun, and stay cool - it looks like a perfect place to visit! We will anxiously await photos (and news about Miss D of course) :) -tammy

Heart2Heart said...


Can't wait to see the pictures when your family arrives. Love all that nostalgic old stuff from the oldies like the theater and the drug store.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Lucy said...

What fun you'll be having. Can I be a cousin?

Elle Bee said...

Oh you guys are going to have such a fabulous time! All those pictures make me wish I was there to tag along! I'm sooooo hoping for some foal photos soon!!!
Elle :o)

Mountain Woman said...

Oh, you are making me homesick. I love that part of the country so much.