17 August 2009

Just a Slice of Life...

Nap time for Zeke and Bella. Yes, Zeke has his own love seat!
In the summer I cover it with a sheet because it is cooler.
He is one spoiled pup! But don't they deserve to be spoiled?

You, betcha! Zeke has fallen in love with Bella. She loves to climb on
his back and "make biscuits". He grins and bears it :)
Drifting off to dreamland. Look at the size difference in
their feet!

Bella squirms and wiggles when she sleeps. Zeke takes it all in
stride, moving a bit to give her more room. Not easy for a dog who weighs 130lbs!

She sleeps between our pillows, without fail, every night.
During the night I always wake up with a paw on my face!
Such a sweetheart, she is! And what a chatter box!
And a chow-hound (she loves to eat-anything!)

I adore cats and kittens. (Well, I cannot lie, all animals for that matter.)

Many blessings to the person who dropped her off at our home.
You did the right thing. In more ways than one!
Bella clutching her bunny that she drags all over the house. By the ear.

A year ago my Siamese cat Maverick died. He was 21. From the time he was a kitten,
until he grew old, he also constantly carried something in his mouth.
A Playtex rubber glove! Hmm. I never got that one either!
I have his first glove, from when he was 8 weeks old.
And his last.
I keep silly things like that. I even have his baby teeth!
In a little keep-sake box, labeled Maverick.
Saturday we went for a drive. And then for a walk along the
Tennessee River.
It was a hazy, humid day. Oh, and it was very HOT.
Have I mentioned how I loathe HOT weather?
We did a little bird watching.
I say little because the birds were no where to be found.
I told J they were smart birds. They were staying inside where it's air-conditioned.
We did spy this incredible nest on a channel marker.
No birds to peer at through the binoculars.
Yes, I duplicated a picture...again.
Oz Girl, I will be emailing you for the tutorial you offered me!
The girls grazing in their fashionable fly masks!
Miss D is beginning to show signs of being closer to foaling!
We are hoping by the weekend...but then again.

Can you see their Pippi Longstocking pony-tails?
Every morning I do each mare's mane before they go out. It keeps
their necks cool. And I think it looks darned cute!
I even do Cadence's mane, the stallion. But I never tell him he looks cute.
Just studly!
Our little devil of a raccoon, Elvira, came by for a visit.
Her kits stayed behind in the trees.

She found something yummy in the dirt to snack on.

I think she is quite a looker! Oh, that beautiful, bushy,
striped tail. And that mask!
If I were a raccoon, I would want to look just like her!

I'm just sayin'...
And after I told her how stunning she is, she put her head down
as if to say, Oh stop, you're embarrassing me!
Yes, I know. I am just downright silly.


I hope all of you are having a wonderful week. Thank you for
stopping by. Oh, and leave a comment!
I love to read your comments as much as I love to read your blogs..
and that's a whole heck of a lot!
I *heart* you!
p.s. Please excuse the "font size" changing from large to small. It is a Blogger problem
not a Misha problem!


Utah Grammie said...

Hello! Found you by way of "It's always something" and I love your sweet animals! Your Zeke is beautiful and Bella looks like a real firecracker. I must re-visit when it isn't so late so I can take this all in. Keep smiling and have a great week :-)

Jeanine said...

Hi, from one side of the US to the other!!! Love your pictures, love the south! I am originally from KY, so the pics I drool over them!

I too am getting my fall "groove" on!

Just stopped by to say HI!!!

Heart2Heart said...


Love all the beautiful pictures you have showcased here. Makes us just want to pull up stakes and move to Tennessee and get a farm just for the love of animals and land that we have.

For now we will live through your blog and pictures. Love the names you have for all your pets and creatures like Elvira that happen to be passing on through.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Zeke and Bella...TOO AAAdorable! Bella looks a lot like my Miss Emma and Zeke looks like a love bug.
Still waiting, Miss D., still waiting but I'm guessing you're more ready than I -haha-.

Oz Girl said...

Misha, I love your blog posts. They are so from the heart. So real. So refreshing! :)

Bella is THE cutest kitten ever. I swear, every pic you put up of her is cuter than the last. That pic of her and Zeke all cuddled up on the couch is just too much cuteness all in one photo! I can't bear it! LOL (Ringo and Fluff love to cuddle up outdoors... and since Ringo is a choc lab and Fluff is a dark calico, they look quite stunning together... I'll have to get a pic of them posted someday.)

I too am so ready for fall. The heat can just go away. And the storms we've been having every single day for the last 4 nights (tonight's yet to come) can go wherever the heat goes! It's been a non-stop light show along with high winds and ear-deafening thunder the last few nights -- I'm sure all the animals are as tired of it all as I am. We all need a good night's sleep. :)

My initial plan was to keep the outhouse, then I thought, let's just tear it down, now by popular demand, I think we'll keep it and do something cool to it.

Re: the horseflies, I am lucky enough NOT to have been bitten yet. I'm sure my moment is coming. Haha.

I haven't forgotten the lovely award you've given me, I've just been remiss in posting it, along with another award someone gave me, and a pair of jean I won in a contest just a week ago. I really need to get caught up!!

Good luck with the foaling, I know we are all anxiously awaiting along with you!!! :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh, such wonderful pictures! Where do I begin? I just love Bella, and Zeke, and Miss D and Elvira and ... everybody! I love it that you braid the manes to keep the horses' necks cool! I don't have to worry about that with the donkeys, but sometimes I do wish I had more to work with there & enough to braid :) Oh, and we had a kitty "Ace" who lived to the ripe old age of 21 as well. I just took our 17 y/o cat Ollie to the vet to have his teeth cleaned and get antibiotics for a mouth infection issue. Hopefully he'll be fat & sassy again soon! Give all your adorable pets a big hug from me (maybe except Elvira, that is, unless she will allow it!). -Tammy

Elle Bee said...

OH I loved the pics of your little munchkins!! Those should be calendar pictures! So cute.
Elvira certainly is a looker!
I heart you too!

Shanda said...

Such sweet sweet pics, your animals are much loved I can tell.

Cheryl and Carman said...

I love the Zeke and Bella photos! We have a siamese Uma, who also carries toys around, but as soon as you look, she drops it. Lovely river pictures! Like the mane braiding idea!

Rural Revival said...

Zeka and Bella are so adorable together. I want to bring them home with me!! I'm always, always thinking of D. I hope she's coping well. ~Andrea~