02 August 2009

Dear Summer...

August 1, 2009

Dear Summer,

Thank you so very much for stopping by the mountains of East Tennessee. We had a lovely time during your visit. You actually let Spring stay a little longer this year before you decided to make your arrival. And for that, I am grateful!

But, it is now August. And the welcome mat is a little worn out. Goodness, school begins here this week. Shouldn't you fly on out to make room for cooler temperatures? Would it not be easier to gracefully leave than have us, time and again, wonder when you will take flight? Little children should anticipate their first days of school in the cool Autumn breeze, excited to wear that new uniform. Not dream of the bell ringing, so swimming pools can be filled.

And the dog days of Summer? They have set down heavily here on our front porch. Our beloved four-legged creatures have taken to never leaving the air-conditioned home. No lingering in the back-yard to bark at rabbits, wild turkey, or scout for deer. No games of tackle with one another. They march out, take care of business, and return to the door. Letting Zeke bark in that low, ruff-ruff, he does. The signal that all three canines wish to return to the cool indoors.

So as you can tell, Summer, we are ready for some changes. Brisk morning breezes. Leaves, in every color, sailing to the ground.And big, woolie sweaters for all! Fires in the wood stove. Heck, we are even ready for all the tourists that flock to the mountains each fall to welcome the Autumn colors.

And as Fall turns to Winter, and the cold sets in for months; I am sure we will look back and wish Summer were once again, here to stay. Well, maybe other people will wish that. But me? I must be honest. I would be perfectly fine living in a world with three Seasons. Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

Thank you again for stopping by. And if you cannot make it next year, for your yearly visit, I most certainly will understand!


P.S. As my handy-dandy sidebar counter says...It is 50 days 'til the first day of Fall!


Elle Bee said...

Misha, I agree with you whole heartedly! Summer has outworn it's welcome at my house too! I love that you wrote a letter to summer--clever girl. :o)

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Lovely! I'm anxious for fall also! Love the photos!

Lucy said...

I love your pics of Tennessee. I've only been there once and I was with my former husband who wouldn't take a back road if his life depended on it. So I saw Tennessee at a blurrrrrrrr. I posted an answer for you on my blog about the collage.

Rural Revival said...

If you run into summer, please send him north, he has forgotten to visit us this year; meanwhile the heavy spring rains, while lovely, have over burdened our hearts and gardens. Thanks ever so much!

Cheryl and Carman said...

I love Spring and Fall, but not the winter! We are just getting summer weather a little slow this year, another month till school. Look forward to seeing your beautiful Fall colors!

Heart2Heart said...


I found my way over here from Elle Bee's blog! Interesting title so I thought I would hop on over. I simply love your summer letter, I too am anxiously awaiting fall and simply love the picture of the chair and the fall leaves. Just plop me into that chair and hand me a cup of coffee and I am happy!

I love that you are counting down the days til fall. Interesting note, my youngest daughter told us that we should all move to Tennessee. When we asked why, she said she saw pictures and loved the way it looked.

I have decided to become a follower of yours as well. Love your horses, dogs and I am a cat person as well.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh, that was a nice letter! We have been so fortunate here in our neck of the woods - July had record below-normal temps! We've had regular rains as well. I do love Fall too, and from the looks of our forecast, I'll be wishing for it before this week is up! :) -Fall Blessings, Tammy

trishiekoh said...

I love the way you write, it's beautiful.

Mountain Woman said...

I think it's a little different here in the far Northeast. We'll have snow in a couple of months and I beg summer to linger just a little longer. I used to live in your spot of the world and it is just the most beautiful fantastic place and I can see why you want fall to arrive.
Loved the photos.

Oz Girl said...

Had to chuckle as I read your post, but I agree with you, I love autumn!! And I really like the photo you used at the top of this post. What an utterly beautiful, relaxing spot to be!