01 July 2009

A New Addition, A Mare Waiting to Foal, and Summer Flowers...

Introducing Bella! This sweet thing took three days to coax out from under J's work shop.
How she got here, who knows. I figure her mother had kittens in the woods. Maybe something happened to the mother and the kittens were left to fend for themselves.
Bella is not more than 4 weeks old! J took her to our vet on Monday morning.
She only weighed 1lb., 2 oz.! Tiny little girl, she is!
Our vet was wonderful. She needed a couple of different meds for each day this week, she was dewormed etc. He charged us nothing :) I guess he was thinking of how many strays we have brought to him for much needed vet care, and then we adopted
to become a part of our family.
God Bless You, Dr. B!

If you follow this blog, then you know our cat, Brutus! The antics of this 15 lb., not quite 2 years old cat, keep us laughing and in disbelief daily! The mother of Brutus is Chloe ( see sidebar pics). The daddy is a HUGE stray that we have been trying to catch for 4 years. At least to be able to have him neutered!!
You cannot look at Brutus and Bella without knowing they share something in common...a daddy!
Brutus was skeptical of this tiny, little kitten at first. But after finding out she is playful, and full of energy, he has decided that it will be a dream come true to have another buddy join he and Bo!

Sweet Bo took to Bella immediately.

"Please, can she stay?" "I will be a great 'big brother'!"

Yes, Bo loves her already! We always call Bo our little guy.
He is huge beside Bella!

Watching butterflies together.
Are they not cute, side by side?
"I promise I won't teach her all my bad habits". (he, he, he, he)
"Can she puhleeze stay?"

She is already a climber!

She loves the kitty condo!

Nap time for Bella...

Bathtime for Horses!

Well, it is only a matter of weeks and D will have a foal at her side!
We are so excited :)
I think D is ready to get this kid out. Doesn't she look like ate a truckload of watermelons? Poor thing.. To make matters worse, it has been incredibly hot and humid. But we saved the day by giving all 4 horses bubble baths. I do believe D
was the most appreciative. Every expectant mom needs a little pampering :)

Three very sweaty mares. Ugh.

They have more stuff for their bath routine than I do!

Nice fluffy towels to dry off with. Of course we do the drying. They
haven't mastered this yet with their hooves!

Gotta have fly repellent. Good Eco-friendly stuff for the horsies :)

Lots of groom tools.

Taking care of their feet is of utmost importance.

I love Cowboy Magic products. They smell wonderful.

After bath-time, it's time for carrots, yummy hay, and an awesome fan to stand in front of. Each horse has one in their stall to combat the heat.
Don't they just have it made?

Even horses have laundry. I get to do it.
Yes. They have it made!

Bo relaxing in his kitty tent, contemplating a new sister.

The Petunias in front of the barn are beautiful this year.

Moxie, beating the heat under the Magnolia tree.

I love this Magnolia. It is about 80 feet tall, and just so lush.
I have been cutting flowers off it for weeks now, to float in a beautiful
Waterford crystal bowl. They smell heavenly.
On the other hand, J loves the blooms but hates the mess under the tree.
I think the mess is worth the beauty!

The Magnolia is beautiful even before it blooms..

Don't you agree?

Just gorgeous.

The first Sunflower to open. It made my day to look out the kitchen window
and see this!

I love these summer flowers. They take care of the void left by long, gone
spring blooms!
What have you been doing so far this summer?


Thistle Cove Farm said...

I sure don't miss the cutting, stacking and hauling part of heating with wood but I miss the warmth of the wood stove. Our house was finished in 1902, begun in 1900 after the original brick house burned Christmas hols 1899.
Another thing I don't miss...foaling and lambing! Oops, that's two things -smile-
Those 3 a.m. visits to the pasture and barn to check on pregnant mares and ewes...don't miss the lambing part although I do miss the lambs and foals -smile-.
Now I've got two puppies and it's same thing all over again!
Bella is beautiful and does look like Miss Emma, love the name Bella.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Great pictures! Yes, your horses DO have it made! And that little Bella is beautiful, just like her name. How lucky she is too :) -Tammy

Cheryl and Carman said...

Congrats on the new kitten, we found two kittens on our doorstep 1 year ago and cannot imagine what we did for excitement before they came to us, they became our 4th and 5th house cats!!
Lovely flowers, mine are still a long way off....

Lucy said...

Ohhhh....that just melts me. But now I worry about the rest of them and what happened. I'm so glad you got her out. That sweet little thing.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh, my, Bella is just the cutest little fluff ball! What eyes! (Just like her big brother, I think.)

Love your blog ... your horses are indeed lucky, although I do feel for that expectant mama -- OY she does not look comfortable.

I have signed on as a follower! Love to see what's going on TN.

Best wishes, Cass

Cottage Contessa said...

Hi sweetie! OH MY GOODNESS Bella is just sooooooooooo cute! What a wonderful big brother Bo is to her too! Wishing you a happy day sweetie.......
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

The Old Painted Cottage said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love the pictures of your darling animals!


Rural Revival said...

What a sweetheart! I just love the pic of her and Bo together, too cute!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What a sweet little girl you have there. It's obvious that all of your animals are so well loved and tended to, a girl after my own heart.
One day, I hope I can run a rescue, there are so many beautiful animals who need help.
I would say you are one busy lady, between the horses, cats, dogs,caring for the farm....how do you keep up ?
Hope you have a wonderful July 4th !

Oz Girl said...

I just love your blog and your place in TN. Your cats are just oh so cute and yes Miss Bella is adorable!! What cute pics of all of them. And your horses are the luckiest horses in the world, that's for sure! I can't wait to see D's foal, how exciting that will be to have that lil baby foal - you guys will have days of fun just watching it!

When I was younger we had a magnolia tree at our back door and my mom always hated the mess it made underneath. Unlike her, I always loved the flowers, their appearance and their scent. And how, I always wondered, could that glorious pink-purple carpet on the grass be considered a mess??! Sunflowers and daisies are my most favorite flowers -- they epitomize a giant smile, in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pics with us, and my hubby and I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday weekend.