28 July 2009

Meet Kate! She Needs Your Prayers...

Come on fellow bloggers, help me out here!

Please visit Caringbridge and meet Kate! I was introduced to Kate and her family, through Angie Smith at Bring the Rain, last month. I have been signing the guestbook each day since then! Kate is fighting for her life. Won't you sign her book and maybe send a card? I know Kate and her family will appreciate your words! Her father has a blog! You can get that address from the Caringbridge site.


Attn. Kate McRae

Phoenix Children's Hospital
1919 East Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016United States



Elle Bee said...

Misha, Kate is a lovey and beautiful little girl. I went and checked out her father's blog and added it to my blog roll to get updates. Her story has my heart breaking. Thanks for sharing. I'm honored to pray for that family and ask God for mercy for them.

Mountain Woman said...

I'm headed over that way now. Thank you for sharing.