13 July 2009

Honest Scrap! Ten Things About Me and Ten Awesome Blogs to Check Out!

I have been gifted an amazing token!

"This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant. This award is about bloggers who post from their heart, who often times put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul." Internet source-Blogger

I received quite the surprise the other day! I have been gifted the Honest Scrap Award! Imagine my smile-it was big :), when I checked the comments on my blog and found a little diddy from Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm. It made my week

Sandra is one awesome lady. A world traveler. Incredibly talented too! Oh, and she is one heck of an animal lover. A woman of my own heart! If you don't already follow Sandra, you can check her out here at http://thistlecovefarm.blogspot.com/.

So thank you, Sandra! I really appreciate this token.

Ten Things About Me!
1.) I am animal-crazy! When I was little my mom told me when I was a "grown-up" I could have all the animals I wanted. I took her up on that! Everyone has a cause in their life that they champion for. Mine is four-legged critters that God sends my way :)
The county we live in recently added a hot line phone number for Abused/Neglected animals. If an animal is being neglected, it is being abused!! I make use of this number. Often.

2.) I have never seen the end of the movie Bambi. When I was about eight, my mom took me to a special showing at the theatre. When the hunter shot Bambi's mother, I lost it! We had to leave because I was hysterical.
A few years ago I saw a survey in USA Today newspaper asking people what the scariest movie was they had seen as a child. The top answer was, Bambi! I am not alone... :)

3.) I grew up in northern Ohio near Lake Erie. (We could see Canada from our home...(my ode to Sarah Palin!) I'm kidding :). Can you say cold, cold, and mucho snow?

4.) My husband grew up in middle Ohio, far out in the country. Our home now is very much like his childhood farm! He loves it. We love it! Soul mates do exist :)

5.) J and I met in south Florida eleven years ago; not in Ohio! I was a horse "nanny" to three beautiful Arabians for a very wealthy couple. I lived alone on the beach in a gated home. Sometimes "new" money makes people take on bizarre behaviour. I lasted less than one year, working for this bizarro couple! It broke my heart to leave the horses.

6.) I adore old homes. I love the history that goes with them. I have lived in three. The first, built in 1910, was a Craftsman. It was in north Georgia, ( where I worked as farm and breeding manager for over 130 Arabian horses). I researched the history on that home for the nine years I lived there. When I sold the home, I left a copy of it for the new owner, so they would hopefully appreciate the home they were living in, as I did!

The second home was an 1879 Victorian, that amazed me every time I walked through the front door. It was in south Georgia; in a tiny town named Montezuma. After completing the research, (I even interviewed a 100 year old woman in a nursing facility, who had grown up down the road from this home!) I entered everything onto a website known for researching your ancestors. I also left a copy in the home for the next privileged owner. And it was a privilege to live there.

The third is where J and I live now. An 1890 cottage farmhouse on a 150 acres. We have two very old barns, a tobacco barn and a livestock barn, that are original to the property. We have uncovered some pretty awesome stuff out of these barns, too! Slowing I am piecing together the history of our home
We heat by wood in winter, although we do have propane fireplaces. Our nearest neighbor is 1/2 mile away. If we forget something when we do shopping, it has to wait until the next trip to civilization! We have beautiful turkey and deer that come to visit daily. The coyotes howl nightly.
They also bring their pups to play in the creek beneath our bedroom window. *Can you tell I love to gab about old homes!

7.) I am certified by Colorado State University in Equine Artificial Insemination, Semen Collection and Transported semen! Not much explaining needed I guess!
Colorado is one of the most incredibly awe-inspiring places. I would love to live there. But I think I am finally settled, here, in the mountains of Tn.

8.) I have Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed a year and a half ago. I have good days, bad days, good weeks, bad months...well you get the picture. Fibro is a very misunderstood chronic condition. It has changed my life in many ways. It has really been a blessing that I have a supportive family. Many people with Fibro suffer without the support of those closest to them. No one should have to suffer twice with this. First a chronic condition. Second, a family that is lacking in the medical knowledge needed to be of support to the family member! To learn more check out this link- http://www.fmaware.org/

9.) I am an only child. I am always being asked if I miss having brothers or sisters. You cannot miss what you've never had! My mom's (and only sibling) sister is only 9 years older than me, so that pretty much qualifies her as an "almost sister to me!" When I was a child, Aunt Debbie was always there. Family vacations, at our home hanging out, as a babysitter etc. She is my moms only sibling.
We are quite a small family! J and I do not have children (two-legged, that is) and neither does my aunt! Deb lives two hours away in N.C. Next year my parents, along with my grandmother, are moving here to Tn. I cannot wait! J's parents live in Dallas! The rest are still in Ohio.

10.) I cannot stand hot weather. Really. Cannot handle the heat. Those years in south Florida were utterly unbearable to me! Every year about now, I begin the countdown to fall. My favorite season. I even have a "countdown to fall" counter on the blog. Funny, I was born and raised in northern Ohio were the summers are much milder, and all my my adult life I have lived in the south! Go figure...

Whew! I hope I did the assignment right! I really take an assignment seriously! I also hope maybe you all learned some new, maybe interesting things, about me! (Yes, I know I'm long-winded..)

I started reading blogs last year. I was amazed at how many beautiful sites there were. Not just beautiful in the pictures displayed; but beautiful in the written word, also. The amazing kindness shown from one blog to the next, that the bloggers themselves give to one another!

So now join me as I gift the Honest Scrap award to ten bloggers I follow. Blogs that I look forward to seeing new updates on. Whether it be the incredible pictures they skillfully take, a project they let us follow from start to finish, or the written word they compose from the heart! ( I did take the time to check these sites to make sure I was not gifting this token to an "award free" blog. If I made a mistake, I apologize)

Ten awesome blogs! Ten "Honest Scrap" awards!
In no particular order :)

1.) http://pleasant-drive.blogspot.com/ Lindsey does not even know I exist! I've left a few comments on her blog, from time to time, but mostly I pop over to read more of her journey. And a journey it has been for Lindsey and her husband this past year. Check out this blog but start at the beginning. You will be amazed by the spirit of grace, joy, and honesty of this lady! And a little tidbit to share; she has a Bull Mastiff, just like me!

2.) http://oz-girl.blogspot.com/ CityGirl Moves to Oz-Land! Susan has an awesome sense of humor. And she is so in love with her handsome hubby and a new life in the gorgeous sunflower fields of Kansas. And she is a cowgirl just like me! Reading her is like dropping by her home for a cold glass of sweet tea. I can almost hear the screen door squeak behind me as I drop in to say, hi! Susan is quite the animal lover, too :)

3.) http://chroniclesofacountrygirl.blogspot.com/ This was one of the first blogs I began following. O.K. I lurked for quite some time, but I was there, everyday! Kate is gifted. She is a photographer, extraordinaire! You will enjoy her written words as much as the breathtaking pictures she shares.She talks "shop" about her photography, and while much of the technical info zooms over my head, I actually have learned a few things! And you will meet and love George. Sweet George who just turned two. Her very "absorbent" dog! (If you want to know the background on the "absorbent" comment you will just have to read the blog. From the beginning! Kate lives with her hubby in scenic Maryland. Ding Dang Diddly!

4.) http://cass-thatoldhouse.blogspot.com/ Cass makes me laugh. She writes a great post, and inserts her quirky sense of humor that makes me come back. She is living her dream, by living in her dream home. It is one beautiful, old home. I love all the pictures she shares, of all the nooks crannies that wonderful old homes have. She has also made me a reader of Craigs List after seeing all the wonderful items that I, too, could refinish. If I am ever in New Jersey, you can bet I will be stopping by That Old House!

5.) http://sweetcottagedreams.blogspot.com/ Becky has one of the most adorable blog backgrounds yet! She has a wonderful knack for fluffing her nest, and making you feel like she is talking only to you! She also has two of cutest doggies, Mr Duhgall (aka Doogs) and Miss Fiona Jordyn! Spoiled rotten (aren't they supposed to be!) and so very loved. Living in Cali, Miss Fiona had her first trip to the beach recently! Becky has had a tough year. Going through something no parent should ever have to live through. Her posts are so very touching. She writes with such an open heart. She is a special lady!

6.) http://ajoyfulchaos.blogspot.com/ A wonderful peek into the life of a woman who grew up Amish. She tells the most amazing stories of her childhood and she keeps me waiting for more. This blog is really a gift of the written word and lovely pictures of her three beautiful children. When I get to the end of a post I think...couldn't she have written some more today!! :)

7.) http://yupihavenoclue.blogspot.com/ OK, the name of this blog is really, "It's Always Something." I never, ever know what to expect from Lucy. Unpredictable she is, for sure. She blogs about this and that. A little bit of everything. Reading Lucy is like a daily column in the newspaper. And what an animal lover. She shares in my heart a love for rescue animals. Now that's an awesome woman!

8.) http://flatcreekfarm.blogspot.com/ I hope for a post from Tammy each day! She and her husband have a farm in Missouri and hubby is an awesome blacksmith! He has a shop with Etsy. So check that out. One of my favorite things at Flat Creek farm are Ruby and Gracie. The most adorable, precious, two year old miniature donkeys. I want two donkeys. Someday soon :) . A special thank you to Tammy. I am so very new to this blogging arena, and she has been a big help in pointing me in the right place when I am stumped on how to do something. Thanks, Tammy!!

9.) http://ontarioruralrevival.blogspot.com/ I found Rural Revival one night while checking out other blogs. Andrea and her family have just left "big city" life to join the ranks of us living in the country. I really love her written word. She makes me smile, laugh and sometimes her words make me think, Hmmm. Learning to do with less, par down, and learning to lead a simpler life in rural Ontario. And this family is renovating a Gothic farm house! It doesn't get much better for me! Her post from June 22, 2009 is one of my favorites.

10.) http://eclecticculturefarm.blogspot.com/ A lot of you may have followed this blog , so you know that it is no longer being updated. It follows the journey of a couple and their six children moving to the country, in an Amish community, to begin farming and leading a life "off-grid" in Michigan. That's right. No electricity. But there is much more to living off-grid than just electricity. A total simpler, way of life all around is what they were looking for. A lot of negative comments were at times left on this blog. Very rude comments at times! It always amazed me how so many people leaving comments like this, are just scared themselves of the unknown.

A few weeks ago, Homemaker Angie announced that her family was joining the Amish community. Because computers are not compatible with the Amish way of life, the blog has ended. But she will be putting out a newsletter, (hand-written), that you can subscribe to. I have written to Ang already. Soon I will let her know she was gifted an "Honest Scrap" token! She can put it on her newsletter!
**Please take the time to read the entire blog from it's inception. It will make you think of how you can simplify your own life!**

*As the recipient of the Honest Scrap award, you must thank the person who gifted it to you, write 10 things about yourself, and choose 10 blogs to pass the award on to!

I hope that you enjoyed each little synopsis for each very worthy blog. Even though we may read some of the same blogs, I know we each take something different from them. And thank you to my followers, and anyone else, who make my day by leaving comments.

It thrills me to no end to think that someone really did read my post or view my pictures! Not just me! I started this blog as a way to keep in touch with family. Along the way I have made a new family in blogland! Thanks to all of you, who, open your homes, share your families and pets, and make us all realize how we are connected in so many ways!


Flat Creek Farm said...

Thank you, Misha! That was so nice, and what an honor!!! I so enjoyed reading 10 things about you. Interesting stuff! I'll have to check out the other blogs as well - there are some that I haven't visited yet. You're a lovely person, and I always look forward to your posts! And those gorgeous pictures from your home and farm... Love it! Thank you again... oh my, did you know I'm a procrastinator? That could be #1 on my top 10 list... haha! It could take awhile, but I'll work on it. Oh, and I may have to consult your professional opinion about A.I. for the mini donks... I'm looking into it! Blessings to you... ~Tammy

Country Girl said...

Well, thank you Misha. I was actually thinking of putting up an award free zone but never got around to it. (I usually don't respond to them, which is quite rude of me).
I'm packing to go away for a few days and will return Sunday. Will try to get to this when I get back. And darn, girl . . . you had to go way back to read that absorbent post. That was one of my first, in late 2007!!!
Pretty site here.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Misha! Thank you, thank you!!!! I will be back later to read and leave another comment. On my way out the door to take some goodies to the shop, but I wanted to tell you that you brightened my difficult day. LOVE to you!!!!!!!!!!


Oz Girl said...

Misha dear, I am so honored by your Honest Scrap award!! I just LOVE your blog and usually I'm always waiting for your next post. I see that I'm behind this time -- it's because of a new job I started last Weds, it's consuming me for the moment. I hope to get into a groove with the new job soon, so I can get back to blogging and tweeting on Twitter!! :)

I started my blog for the same reason as you - to keep family up to date with what I was doing in KS. I don't remember if you or I commented on the fact that we are both from north Ohio? So I'm much more accustomed to the cold (and rainy!) weather than this 100 degree plus weather here in KS! ACK!

I have met some of the most wonderful people through blogging - a totally unexpected yet awesome bonus. You are most assuredly one of those top 5 people! :) And I loved your synopsis of the blogs you gave the award to - I hope to find the time to visit them all!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this award - I will compose a post to honor it soon. Perhaps this weekend I can work on getting caught up.

Have a blessed week ~ hugs!

aka Oz Girl

P.S. I love old homes too - they have oodles of character. I lived in a 1920s Sears bungalow in Ohio with 9.5 ft ceilings. So although small, the ceiling height made it seem bigger. I loved that lil house! I left all the house info that I had researched for the next owner, but I doubt he really appreciated it. (It was my ex-husband's dad. Me & the ex are still friends but his dad is a rather sad, depressing man - long story there. LOL) If we came into $$, I would add onto this house - a wraparound porch first! No brand new house for this girl. :-)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

How delightful to read about you and your loves, I've enjoyed my visit and am proud to award you the Honest Scrap Award! I've never seen the end of Bambi either, I live in an old house, raise rare breed horses and love all my critters, beasts and varmints. I'm going to enjoy visiting the folks to whom you've given the award...thanks for playing along -smile-.

Lucy said...

Well wow, Misha. Thank you so much for the nice comments about me and my blog and my cat(s). What a nice thing to come home to. I just got back into Phoenix from a whirlwind trip to Utah and Idaho and guess what? I'm doing the same trip over again next week with my cousin. It just happened that way. I haven't posted yet but I have LOTS of photos and things to talk about. But right now a nice nights sleep in my very own bed. Awwwww and ahhhhhhhhhh........ I knew I loved your blog!

Southern Belle said...

Thank you so much for reading my blog!!! I love horses even though I've never actually been on one. LOL=) I drive by the Memphis Police stable every day on the way to work, and I love to see the horses just hanging out their heads out of the stable doors. It's one of the guilty pleasures I enjoy on a daily basis!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

What a fun post! I grew up on Lake Erie except in Pennsylvania; heck, we were practically neighbors. Your #7 comment about yourself is funny; my son in law and cows - need I say more. I'll be back!

aimee said...

congrats! i have enjoyed reading about you:) how did you come across the info for your houses? i am so interested.

Rural Revival said...

Thank you Misha, you are truly such a sweet person! After the day I had last Monday, you really boosted my week! Thank you so much for your acknowledgment and kind words. I loved reading the ten things about yourself and have to tell you that I love fall too and really love your countdown! My post in response to your token has just been posted; I hope you'll have a chance to read it.
Be well. ~Andrea~
PS. I grew up on the north side of Lake Erie, could you see me waving?!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hi Misha! Please forgive me for "ignoring" your lovely blog award -- I was so surprised and tickled by it! You said such nice things about me -- thank you!
I will officially pick up the award soon -- but I'm borrowing time on my daughter's laptop and need to be QUICK with everything -- Annie needs her laptop for apartment hunting and other stuff. I'll steal it tomorrow, and by tomorrow night I will have my own computer back! Yay!
Thanks again, my friend, and if you ever come to New Jersey, you are most welcome at That Old House! We have guest rooms always ready for friends.