20 July 2009

Charming Sweetwater....A Little Vintage Town!

A visit to a most charming little town! Be the travel guide in your own little world :)

In a few weeks J and I will be hitting
the most awesome antique-junkin-shabby-vintage street fair! These are a couple of pics from last year. Everything you can imagine, from furniture in the thousands of $$$, to shabby items, and vintage,vintage, vintage!

This year I plan to take many pics to show you. Last year I was too busy shopping! I guess I need to plan on staying from sunrise to sundown!

We literally parked about a mile away. And we were there early! Sweetwater, Tn. is an adorable little town in our county.

I give the town so much credit for preserving the historic buildings and heritage of the people who first settled here.

An old advertisement for a "filling" station in Sweetwater!

McCosh Filling Station and Tea Room!

It is said in old folklore that everyone in town went to the depot when the train arrived. This way they could see who was leaving town and who came home!

This photograph was taken where the flea market was held in the pics above!

This little town reminds me of a movie set! Sweetwater Valley Antiques (the shop on the right) Is HUGE! Two full levels of goodies. The back of the store holds the most amazing antique furniture. Huge pieces that would be at home at Tara, from Gone With the Wind!

They always have plenty of vintage books to scour, too. One of our favorite things to collect!

Isn't it charming at night? Every November Sweetwater holds, "A Small town Christmas." Complete with carolers in period clothing and carriage rides through the town. Last year it was snowing just a little and I felt like I was living in the 1890's as we walked through the town!

We have gone every year since moving here. It kicks off the Christmas season for us in such a nice way.

Yes, yes...I duplicated a pic! But you don't care, do you? Another chance to peek at this beautiful town!

(BTW-if anyone knows how to delete a single pic in a post, please let me know!)

This is Hunter's Bakery and Cafe. Awesome food and the interior is total vintage. From the twenty foot ceilings, antique lighting, old pics of downtown Sweetwater from turn of the century, to the incredible counter and register when you first walk in!

I took my Mom here when they visited last month. We had an entire Sweetwater shopping day together!

This fountain sits in the town square. Complete with a gazebo and a refurbished passenger train car that you can walk through!

At Christmas it is decorated beautifully!

This is Duck Park. One street over from the little downtown. Many, many ducks live here! They are the prized mascot of Sweetwater and bring many visitors to sit on the benches and feed the ducks and watch them play in the creek! There is a "duck crossing" which means if the ducks are crossing the street you stop. And everyone does!!

The passenger car which is an original car that serviced Sweetwater. When the car was retired, the town bought it!

The flags always fly, and there is a wonderful memorial to the veterans of war. The Sweetwater Gardening club takes care of all the flower plantings.

And of course...many, many beautiful old homes line the streets of Sweetwater.

I have so many pictures of these beauties but I am saving them for another post all their own. You will just have to wait!

And finally, leaving you with a beautiful early morning picture. Rain in the mountains with a little sun peeking through the horizon.

We are all so blessed to live in such a beautiful country with so many hidden treasures waiting for us to explore!

Sometimes we dream of taking a vacation to visit a far-a-way place. When all along that far-a-way place is right where we live! I always check out the license plates in my county when I am out and about. This time of year I sometimes see more out of state plates than Tennessee plates! Because people chose this far-a-way place to come visit!
And one of the most wonderful things about belonging to the wonderful world of blogging is that I get to visit so many places through all of you! In one evening I get to read tales and view lovely pictures from Arizona, Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Kansas.....whew what a trip! And so much more. I even sail out of the U.S. to visit Australia, England, and Paris!
On days when I feel the ho-hum of living in my little world, someone will drop a lovely, sweet comment about the beauty of where I live. Just like I leave comments for some of you, "How lucky you are to live there...." I guess at times the grass is greener...!
And remember; when you are feeling the ho-hums about your little town or big city, someone is planning a trip there. Because it's the adventure in us all that the lure of the unknown begs to take us to new places. Whether by car, plane, train, or through the world of blogging!
Enjoy your world today. Be your own travel guide. Drive down the dirt road instead of the paved. You will be amazed at what you may find!
*EDIT to ADD* Andrea at http://ontarioruralrevival.blogspot.com/ has picked up her "Honest Scrap" award! Go check out her blog and read her very interesting '10 Things About Me!'
We are such an interesting group of woman, aren't we?!


Flat Creek Farm said...

Misha, I will be there for the street fair - I wish! What a wonderful town.. with a wonderful name! I certainly enjoyed my visit, and thanks for sharing. I think blogging has helped me appreciate more - not only where I live, but where everyone else lives also. Truly.. what a wonderful world ♫ -Tammy p.s. I am blank right now on how to delete that pic. Hmmm. you'll probably figure it out before I do!

Elle Bee said...

Hi, this is my first visit to your blog. I love it! You take beautiful photos. I'm mesmerised by the beauty you are surronded with. Plus, you've got cute critters!

Lucy said...

I wannnnnnnnnnaaaaaaa gooooooooooo! And I don't care that I'm whining! Sounds like so much fun. I brake for antiques, you know.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Thanks for the delightful visit to Sweetwater. Travel is fabulous, getting to greet and meet other people in other places. Love the photos too.

Rural Revival said...

What a sweet town...aptly named, that's for sure! I am envious, I wish I could be there, especially for the street fair! You are so right, there is always much more to see in our neck of the woods that we often overlook or take for granted. While the kids are out of school, I've been taking a different route home each night and having lots of fun doing it!
I love your last photo taken in the morning..it's absolutely breathtaking! Be well. ~Andrea~
PS. The big day is Aug 22 and I'll be sure to have lots of photos of our country affair!

Oz Girl said...

Your early morning picture is gorgeous... and I love your thoughts about vacationing in far-away places. You are so spot-on with the thought that others drive from faraway to visit where WE live. :) Since I've only lived in KS a year, I've still got lots of exploring to do... and I already live down a dirt road to boot! LOL

Enjoy your fun visit to Sweetwater, sounds like such a lovely time. Wish I could be there too. (There I go, wishing I could travel somewhere else, haha~)

I'll be posting soon, hopefully this weekend, re: my Honest Scrap award. Regretfully, I've gotten quite behind in my blogging the last few weeks with this new job. :-(

Last but not least, if you haven't figured out how to delete one photo from a post, send me an email at suzgarten@yahoo.com, and I shall tell you! :)

Lenore said...

Hi Misha,
Love your street fair story and all the pics....terrific blog.
To delete a single pic in your post, just right click on the photo you want to delete and a box will open and there are some choices...obviously you pick ...delete.
The way I know that this works is that I had to do that on my blog today and I was NOT going to redo the whole thing.
Please come by and visit me at....