24 July 2009

The Beautiful Old Homes of Perrysburg, Ohio...Where I grew up.

I promised more pictures of beautiful old homes. Pictures of Sweetwater homes. But, instead, I thought I would show you where I grew up! My hometown is Perrysburg, Ohio. Way up north. Where spring does not arrive until June, and snow was usually still on the ground for my April birthday.
I have loved old homes since I was a child. I used to dream about living in an old farm house. Or an old Victorian, or an old...any old house! An old house with nooks and crannies, and history. History about about who lived there when it was a new house.
Perrysburg is a town steeped in history. Preservation is the word you would be thinking of if you took a drive through this historic town. I only wish my small town would follow in the steps of these like-minded people who cater to this thought! Cater to the idea, that once a home or building is gone, that it is final. Progress comes in many forms. And renovation for a dilapidated old home, becomes progress when preserving it's dignity, and restoring it's grandeur.

So enjoy these beautiful old homes, that are on every street, at every turn.
And think of me.
At twelve years of age.
Riding my bike.
To gawk at old beauties.
And dream.
While the other kids were at at the community pool!
I have thrown in some very old photos, too.
 Of places that once were new. And now belong on the Historic Registry. As most of the town does.

When I was growing up in Perrysburg, I had the
wonderful opportunity to be invited into
many of these homes. My friends lived in them!
They saw nothing special about the house
they lived in. It was just old...
How I love that word!

Have yourself a wonderful day!


Lucy said...

Ooooooooooh...don't make me choose. I love all of them. But I'll choose the one that's round on it's right side and the wonderful porch in front. I want an old house with a porch. I just love small towns and the older the better. I'd like to have been raised in one like yours.

Rural Revival said...

What a great idea Misha! I have a yearning to return to my hometown every summer, which just became a whole lot stronger! At first glance, the soft gray house with the blue shudders and door, framed by the trees surrounding the house really caught my eye. However, I think the green house is my favourite. I love the lines and angles of the house and the front porch is just too inviting!
Be well~Andrea~
PS. I'm still waiting anxiously for your new arrival.

Milah said...

I think the little light blue house with the gingerbread trim is the prettiest. Some of those pictures makes me think of Norman Rockwell scenes. It's a very charming town, I'm sure you have fond memories.

Flat Creek Farm said...

They're all gorgeous - homes, buildings everything. I think my favorite is "24 McKnight" (that's what the pic name was when I enlarged it). It's kinda blue-gray. I love the huge bay window and all the gingerbread! I'm a sucker for gingerbread! Thank you for the tour! -Tammy

Lenore said...

I think I like the brick house that is 2nd to the last.....but how do you choose as they are all so lovely and interesting.
We were in Cincinnati and the surrounding area last June to see the Passmore cabin that I have featured
in my blog. We also went to several small towns that were quite quaint and we also visited some ancient cemeteries where some of my husband's family is buried........4th great grandparents etc.
Thanks for following me....love the history
Lovre your background also.

Elle Bee said...

I can't pick...Oh, but that dark green one looked so peaceful! I think that's my favorite. I do love old yellow houses though.

Cheryl and Carman said...

I have three favorites....the one with circular rooms on the left, the next one which is blue with long front windows and the next is the yellow one , they are all one after another...if I had to pick one it would be the blue one.They are all so lovely!! An absolutely lovely hometown!

Mountain Woman said...

I can't choose. I love them all and I'm so glad to see them still standing. Old homes are one of my passions.

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