06 June 2009

My Favorite Kind of Day...Vintage shops and old books!

k Yesterday we spent the day visiting some of our favorite shops, in one of our favorite little towns near our home. Tellico Plains (pop. 951) is quaint, quiet, and full of wonderful surprises. Vintage shops, antique stores, an ice cream parlor, a wonderful bakery, and our favorite stop each time-the cutest little used-book shop! So come along...have a look around town with us. I think you will agree, it is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! k

I love the logo Tellico Plains uses-Mama and baby bear!

Oh. My kind of shop!

Tellico Bakery. Fresh bread, baked each day! Love the herb bread. Yum :)

Herb garden in the middle of town. I love it!

For those not familiar with Kudzu! It grows rampant, and the cows will not eat it!

This shop has beautiful, locally made goods! From pottery to quilts. Oh, to be so talented!

I love the artwork displayed here.

I could sit in this book store all day. We trade books here every few months. One of the best collections of books about Tennessee mountain history; and every category of book you can imagine. Great background music and little benches to sit on while you browse. Barnes and Noble has nothing on this tiny, bookstore!

Where my husband waits for me!

This shop is as adorable inside as out!

If I owned this shop I would live here, too! You walk through the door and just sigh...Vintage paradise!

In the middle of town, a place where Lassie can do her business! Without retribution. And the shops keep doggie biscuits on hand!

You can hitch your horse here while you shop...I'm not kidding!

I collect vintage bird cages, and this shop has the next one for my collection! I'll be back soon!

Most people hate Kudzu. I love it. I know, I know. It is so invasive. But I just love the way it hangs and drapes itself over Anything! I wish my Swedish Ivy was doing this great!

k Until next time, Tellico Plains! I need to trade more books, so I'll be back soon. Oh, and I have to get my birdcage! (On a side note-there were roosters on the roof of this white house. Happy roosters crowing at 2pm!)
Hope you had a wonderful tour of this tiny, little mountain town. Next time, we will tour the beautiful old homes. We are so blessed to live here! k


Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh my gosh, I love that little town! Thanks for the fantastic tour - looks like my kinda place. Yes, I agree, that Kudzu is sorta pretty - I know it's a problem tho! Oh, and Roxy says 'thanks for asking - i'm doing great!' Have a wonderful week! -Tammy

Rural Revival said...

What a lovely tour! Your neck of the woods looks absolutely beautiful; I hope to see it someday. Thank you so much for your kind words about Chloe. I love your blog too, it's just what I've been looking for, your front porch looks so inviting! Thanks for following my blog, you really made my day!!
PS. I love the Kudzu..we don't have it here but it makes everything look so lush.

Lori said...

I love the Tellico Bakery! Just the smells are enough to make me gain 5 lbs. We've been past the bookstore on the way tot he Motorcycle Outfitters but never inside. We just migh thave to take the time to do that next trip.