22 June 2009

Junk stores, grand homes, and five new lives!

Saturday J and I took off around noon just to play and drive our beautiful countryside. We headed toward Tellico Plains to scout out antique and junk stores. We found a new store that had just opened at the beginning of spring. The quilts out front were what made me yell, "STOP HERE!" Inside was shabby junk heaven. I spotted two things as soon as we walked through the door. I just had to have this adorable picket fence with a basket for flowers and a little welcome sign across the top. This is the picket fence after a first spray of primer. I need to pick up supplies tomorrow and finish it. Isn't it just too cute!

Below is what it looked like at the shop. I want a second one now to put on my front porch! J looked it over and said he could build one for me. But, I will tell you-he won't be making it for what I spent on the original. It was $2.00!!!!!!! I was so excited!

I also picked up this pitcher at the same shop. Too sweet! I love anything tin. It has a little garden scene on the front complete with sunflowers, Cardinals, and bird houses. I will probably put it on the front porch. Our Sunflowers will be blooming soon, and they will look so pretty in this pitcher!

The price tag on the pitcher was also $2.00! I walked out of there happy as a lark. It just feels awesome to be giddy over a purchase you love, you will have fun with, and there is no guilt in wondering..."Should I have spent so much money?"

A $4.00 shopping spree and I felt vindicated! Then it was off to our favorite used book store, where we traded books for store credit. I picked out several new books ( another passion-books of all kinds!) and still have $25.00 to spend in store credit. What a way to shop!

We decided to check out this home. Two years ago, after being for sale forever, it finally sold. I wish I had a before pic to show you. It was in total ruins. One of those beautiful old homes that was just let go and forgotten.

As I was taking these pics a neighbor was walking by and we chatted about the house. He said the new owners had started renovations on the interior about six months ago. I would love to see it, up close and personal. Wouldn't you?

You can't tell from the picture, but there is a rocking chair on the porch and a wreath on the door! I bet the house is happy to once again be lived in and cared for. Cheers to the family who calls this beautiful old landmark home now!

On to Sunday. A day filled with 95 degree heat. Three dogs who do not want to leave the air-conditioned house. Barn cats who are passed out in front of the fans. Four horses dripping with sweat, enjoying their baths. One of the horses who is cranky, cranky, cranky because she is 4 weeks away from foaling and looks like she swallowed a truckload of watermelons!
Poor thing! She did get a nice relaxing bubble bath-horsey style!

And on this hot, steamy day with a heat index of 100 degrees, our resident Barn Swallows
decided to give their babies flying lessons.

Every year a pair of Barn Swallows build a nest in the barn. Much to the delight of the barn cats! This year the proud mom and dad had five babies hatch. Last year they lost one from a tumble out of the nest down to the concrete barn floor :(

So J had an idea. He took the cat bed out of the tack room, stacked 5 bags of lime on top of a garbage can, and placed the bed on top! It would make for a soft landing if any of the babies fell out of the nest!

Thankfully none of the babes fell out this year. So yesterday when mom and dad Swallow decided that this was the day to learn to fly, the babies were smart enough to use the cat bed as their launching pad! Notice in the pic above are all five birdies.

Now we have four! Where did the fifth babe go?

Here he is! On the cat bed; getting ready to test his wings. The parents excitedly swooped in and out, and in and out of the barn, screeching at him to follow them! I was finishing bedding the horse stalls, and J had just pulled up in the farm truck ready to pull in the barn with a load of straw. All work ceased. For the next hour! Because the little guy finally flew to the barn floor!

Where he sat, and sat,and sat. And pondered what to do next! The parents finally coaxed him
to follow them, after swooping in and out of the barn for the next hour!

And then the other four followed. How sweet it was to witness this. Two weeks old and spreading their wings to explore the world. I hope they have wonderful little bird lives. We have many
wonderful bird feeders on our property if they want to stay!

Next year another pair of Swallows will come to the barn and build a nest. Wherever it is in the barn, I think the cat bed will be placed underneath. The super launching pad that help spring five baby swallows into the world! Just don't tell the barn cats...

What an awesome way to end a great weekend. Welcome to the world, little guy!
Thanks for spending a little time here. I really appreciate everyone who stops by My Front Porch. I so appreciate it when you take the time to leave a comment. You all make me smile! :)
We got to shop for wonderful treasures for the home. Stand in awe of a grand old home, and watch nature welcome new participants.
Does it get much better than this?


abeachcottage said...

just surfed right on in...love your blog header, so peaceful

sounds like a great place to go junkin!


Mountain Woman said...

What a beautiful blog you have. I enjoyed looking through your sidebar pictures.
I would have stopped at that store too and I love your finds. It's amazing what you bought with 4.00.
I'm always happy to see the old homes restored instead of allowing to fall down. Too much history gets lost.
I love how you protected your baby swallows. We had swallows in the barn for about a week but they went somewhere else. They are really amazing birds.
Enjoyed my visit with you. Please, please don't send your heat wave to Vermont :-)

Rural Revival said...

What a beautiful grand old home; it always makes me happy to see a once neglected home become loved once again. What a wonderful idea to protect the babies! All creatures deserve a fair start and a cushy landing!!
Have a wonderful day! ~Andrea~

Lucy said...

How fun to watch that. I love watching the parenting of nature. Very cool. And I want that house! Get to know the people so you can take indoor pictures. Inquiring minds, you know.

Oz Girl said...

What an awesome weekend you guys had! We had a barn swallow nest in the front porch eaves last year and I did get some pics of the babes in the nest. I love, love watching the barn swallows fly, they are just so cool! :)

That house is awesome. Like you, I would love to live in a house like that, filled with so much history. So glad someone is fixing it up; it sure deserves to be brought back to its former glory.

And your bargains, well, I agree. Those are the best finds ever and you never feel guilty about what you spent! Good job.

Hope y'all are staying cool in the heat. I've let Ringo, our ranch dog, in the house and he is passed out as close to the air conditioner as he can get! :-)

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a wonderful outing you had! And you spent only $4 for some really priceless treasures! The big ol' house is absolutely beautiful.. glad someone is giving it the love and care it deserves now. Love the pictures of the barn swallows too.. aren't they fascinating to watch? -Tammy

Candy-Faith..... from Simply Pretty said...

Your blog is really nice! :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Your blog is beautiful...love the colors...natch!...love the layout, the photos and enjoyed my visit this morning. Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farmn and following, I am happy to return the compliment. We have lots of barn swallows and love the fact we have few to no mosquitos...what a gift!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh goodness...I've either not posted or will post twice...I'm never quite sure about computer stuff.
Love the colors of your blog and all the wonderful photos. We have lots of barn swallows and none to few mosquitos...what a gift!
Thanks for visiting and following Thistle Cove Farm; I've returned the favor.

DG said...

Love,love,LOVE your blog! You have found your piece of paradise in the view from your front porch in the mountains.