10 June 2009

It's That Time Again. It's Hay Baling Season!

It's that time again. It's hay baling season! From June until late September the farm is busy with the buzz of tractors and balers. It starts early in the morning, long before the horses are even awake! Late into the night, when the cool air makes working outside more bearable, the headlights from the tractor can be seen cruising up and down the fields.
The round bales are sold for cattle hay!

Everywhere you look on the farm, round bales sit waiting to loaded and carried off to various cattle farms.

I'm sure the horses look at this hay and think, YUM!

Can you see the storm getting ready to role in? The lightening was incredible and all work ceased!

Yellow and green are two of my husbands favorite colors. I wonder why?

The first cutting is finished. By the time it is all hauled off, the second cutting will begin! The past few springs and summers we had devastating drought conditions. But, this year the spring brought rain, rain, and more rain! Farmers can be assured, that this year, their cattle won't be scrambling for water or hay!

I just can't seem to explain to the horses why they can't snack on the round bales sitting in their pastures! But when they come back into the barn after their turn-out time, they have fresh grass hay waiting for them, in each of their stalls. And a carrot for desert! I hope this makes up for having to stare at all those snacks sitting the fields!


Flat Creek Farm said...

We'll soon be doing this too in mid-Missouri! I love the smell of fresh-cut hay :)

Lucy said...

Why can I smell it still just by looking at those pictures. Nothing like the smell of new mown hay.

Cottage Contessa said...

Hi Misha! Sweetie it looks like things are rolling full steam ahead on your gorgeous farm, and I hope you have a truly wonderful summer enjoying it all!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I can smell that sweet fresh cut hay from here :)
Yesterday when I was driving through our neck of the woods, they were in the fields cutting hay, and I wanted so badly to take a picture, but had another driver "on my tail" so to speak...
I thank you for visiting my place, I love your home in the mountains...how lucky can a girl be ?
One day I hope to retire there, and we can swap stories :)
Lovely blog, I will visit often....

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

What a beautiful property! Just gorgeous!

Oz Girl said...

With our 26 acres here in KS, we have the ability to grow our own hay (and wow, you've got 150 acres, how cool is that?!) Soon, we hope. First, a tractor... :) Hubby has grown his own hay before, so he knows how to do it. Good thing, me being the city girl that I am. LOL

Thx for stopping by my blog, looking to reading more about you too!! :) I'll be watching for pics of that lil foal that's soon to come.