15 June 2009

Elvis has entered the room!

k We have a resident raccoon at the farm. His name is Elvis. He has been coming around forever. The cats ignore him and the horses let themselves be entertained by him. We put up with him! It's not the lure of companionship he is seeking. No, it is that wonderful, tempting treat left in a freshly washed bowl each day called CAT FOOD! Oh, and he loves a clean water bowl to wash his paws and face in.
Mostly he comes in the evening. He sees the barn lights on and knows it's feeding time. Last Call! He comes lumbering to the barn, peeks around the door to see where you are, and then decides if he should slink in or wait 'til we are gone. Although he is very fastidious in cleaning himself, he makes a mess in the barn! He also loves to check out the tack room, try to get the feed bins open,(he can't) and wallow in the large utility sink. But his fave thing to do is climb up on the washer and dryer, (leaving nice muddy raccoon footprints) and then hoist himself on the shelves that hold clean, fresh towels that we use for horsey baths. Then he makes a bed and takes a snooze!
As I was typing this I asked J why he named him Elvis. He replied, in a matter of fact way, he named him after Sonny's Crocodile in the old T.V. show, Miami Vice. Yeah, that makes sense to me! k


Cheryl and Carman said...

Great pictures! I'm amazed that the other animals tolerate his visits!

Shanda said...

Elvis is so cute. My cabinet contractor was here this morning and he was telling me that he and his wife are nursing a baby coon with a bottle right now.

You are right,
I am worried about the weight of the tub and just discussed this with him this morning. It weights 378 pounds and filled with water it will weight over 750 pounds and woith hubby, that means over a thousand pounds and we have a basement under us. I was wondering if we needed some sort of extra support, they told me no. My house is 15 yeras old and I am trying to make it appear older, I would have loved to have found an old home, but we needed a place for the horses and such and hubby isn't into the remodel stuff like I. In fact everything would be just fine with him the way it is. Ugg, he is s tuffy and old fashioned and would rather buy cows and tractors. Go figure.

Would love to have a visitor such a sElvia at my place,

Rural Revival said...

What a lucky fellow! By looking at your photos, I'm more and more sure that my cat must be part racoon!
Have a fabulous day. ~ Andrea ~

A Brit in Tennessee said...

He obviously is "at home" when he visits for his kibble in the barn ;)
He's a cute little fella.
We used to have a opossum which visited nightly, eating any cat food we had left out on the back porch. He then decided he would make his nightly bed under the barbecue grill, and so for long Winter months, there you would find him/her. The last I say of "Wilburt" he/she was surrounded by young 'uns brought the whole family to meet us, or at least, that's what we liked to think it was :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

OH, I just love Elvis! So cute, and it's nice you just have one and not the whole family. Unfortunately(?), we have a whole pack of raccoons around us. They're wreaking havoc in hubby's blacksmith shop every night, and night before last they turned the intercom on out there! Oh, if we would have been awake to hear their party! They're now blocked out of the shop, but they've been finding other areas to feed here. I'd love to see them and how they do certain things (like *steal* my hummingbird feeders!). No matter what ruckus they cause, I have to say they're some of the cutest critters God made :) -Tammy

Cottage Contessa said...

Hi sweetie, cool photo's, especially since we don't have raccoons here! Funny post too, and i love the name you guys have for him! lol Thanks for your well wishes too, you're a doll!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Misha (re watermarks on photos) -- a few months ago I downloaded this free program: http://download.live.com/writer and it's made blogging quicker & easier overall. And that is where I put the watermark in. When you insert your picture while in "writer" program, select pic > advanced tab > watermark. Screen pops up, and you just type your info in. Simple as pie - the way I like it :) You could also do watermarks with some photo programs - but for me this is easier. -Tammy

Rue said...

Hi Misha :)

Well, I think Elvis is pretty darn cute, even if he is a bit of a messy guy LOL I'm really surprised he doesn't spook the horses.

Oh and yes, that name makes total sense ;)


Rue said...

PS Thank you so much for all your sweet comments! I'm sorry I'm so behind in visiting you and your beautiful blog.