24 June 2009

Let sleeping cats lie!

This is Brutus. For a cat, he doesn't do this much.

Sleep, that is.
Because he is always busy.
Busy getting into trouble.
He is our household thief. Stealing watches, hairbrushes, spatulas,
kitchen towels and even unmentionables.
Once, he even took the sheets off our king-sized bed.

He is a very determined little fella.

And even though we are enjoying a peaceful time while
he is snoozing...

I do worry...


is Brutus

Dreaming about?


Oz Girl said...

Oh he sounds like a very funny cat! I love the way he is laying while he sleeps, how cute. And he really does look quite innocent, I'm not sure I believe that he does all those things.... ;-)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Looks just like my daughter's kitty. He too is a "magpie" always stealing and hiding things of the grandchildren...
He likes to accumalate "treasures" hair bows, socks, pieces of pasta, dog's toys, anything of interest that doesn't belong to him !
What a beautiful cat Brutus is...

aimee said...

What a funny cat! I noticed you came over to visit my new blog and wanted to come over for a visit:) I just love your blog so nice to look at all of your peaceful surroundings. I will be back for many more visits:)

Shanda said...

Love Brutus, he is adorable all streached out like that.

Yes, that is pressed tin you see, well sorta like pressed tin I should say. It is a product from Lowe's and it is actually a reproduction made of a plastic substance. It is 20.00 per sheet for 2 foot by 18 inches I think, we thoufght that was kinda and and after we bought it we found some online for a much cheaper price, but the contractor was ready for it so we had to roll. The real tin is a special order form Lowes and it is about 18 by 18 inches and is 38.00 each. It cost a SMALL FORTUNE to use this stuff, but it won't ever break down or rust or dent as the old stuff did. I did a tall chair rail around the trub area and I spent 400.00 and gave my hubby heart trouble over it I think, he thinks the price is a rip off and says it cost more to make a box of corn flakes than it did to make my pressed tin. He is so old school I tell ya. If it doesn't moo, whennie or have a cab and hydrolic system he doesn't want to spend any money on it. I won this little battle as you can see and it is looking awesome so far. Honestly, what would have done about the faucet pump situation (the color), since you like to decorate the same as I. Please tell me.

allhorsestuff said...

Love your blog and you're large and in charge cat!
We had one of thoise once...Mike Madison Cat..
he could realy tear things up! He would gwet on the phone recorder and cut peoplke off(way back ewhen we had those) and once her taped me yelling at him to get off of it..then played it back...boy did I sound ugly yelling!
Anywho...I need to visit more often..you have a sweet place here!!
kacy with Wa mare~

Flat Creek Farm said...

Brutus is adorable! I love his personality too, although I can see he would be a real challenge in his waking hours. But what a little hunk o' love! -tammy

Rue said...

Hi Misha :)

Brutus is a beautiful boy! I can't imagine him doing those things ;)

I'm glad someone bought that old house in your last post. That makes my day!

Thank you for your sweet comments about Shiloh and the other issue. It means a great deal to me.


Candy-Faith :) said...

So cute :)
I love the pic of you and your dog on your sidebar...your so pretty!!!