15 April 2009



k Today is our anniversary! Four years married. Of course we have been together much longer. First we were friends, then we fell in love. But that's how it should be!

Like all couples we have had our share of ups and downs. But the ups always outweigh the downs!

Together we have been through a hurricane, moved to a new a state, had three surgeries between us, job loss, pet loss, juggled living on a tiny shoestring at times, and are facing life with a chronic illness. But we did all of this together. And I can't imagine my life without J in it!

We genuinely like each other. Cooking together is a favorite thing of ours. We both love junk stores, antique shops, used book stores and yard sales. We love to drive in the country, the mountains-of course I am never the driver!

We are both great lovers of animals. I could never have fallen in love with someone who didn't share my passion for animals. We are silly in our home with our pets. They make up our family that we have built. I love it when J cuddles our cats, kisses our Mastiff, or wraps Baby Girl in her blanket because she is scared of storms. We bird watch from our back deck, and J can tell me the names of all those birds hanging out on our feeders. And at night he will take the flashlight out and shine it across our property to find the deer that have bedded down for the night, calling me to come see their eyes in the light because he knows how much I love our deer. I can't began to count how many dogs have been dropped off on our property. Owners too lazy to take an unwanted pet to our wonderful shelter. But each of them ended up in a loving home because J made sure they got to the shelter where they received vaccinations, were spayed or neutered, and then were matched up with the right family! Many times have we passed by a dog, laying on the side of the road. When we come home, J will grab a shovel, jump in our truck, and go back to give the dog a proper burial. He says he does it because he hates to see me sad. But I also know it breaks his heart. I love these things about him. No he is not a saint, but these simple acts show what a kind, decent human being he is. They make up who I fell in love with.

I still get excited when the phone rings and it is him. I still love hearing his car turn into our driveway. Because the dogs are so happy he is home, he takes a minute to pet each one, every single day after work. It is the little things like this that touch my heart. I am so fortunate to have this kind of love in my life. We are truly blessed to have found one another.

Happy Anniversary J! Happy Anniversary to Us!

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