19 March 2009


k We are having a second day of spring-like temps! The Bradford Pear and Red bud trees are in full bloom. The Daffodils are just beginning to open. I can't wait for my Dogwoods to bloom! They are my favorite. Everyone has spring fever! Including all the animals.
Yesterday the horses ignored me as I stood at the gate, clanging their halters to get their attention. They just lifted their heads, glanced my way, and went back to grazing. They got their way. An extra hour outside.
Our dogs, Sadie Louise and Baby Girl have decided the backyard is the place to be. Barking at the birds who land on the feeders is their favorite pastime right now. Oh, and napping on the warm deck in the sun. Zeke, our Mastiff, is quite content to stay inside. He has his own love seat in the living room where he loves to camp out. Stretched out, flat on his back (he is not modest!) snoring away. I do occasionally explain to him that he is a dog, and he needs to get some fresh air and bark at a few birds with the girls. He begrudgingly goes. Only to be sitting at the screen door within 30 minutes! Ah, the life of a dog.
We have quite a collection of felines. Inside cats, outdoor cats, and inside-outside cats! Their ages are split down the middle. Three older cats, in their teens, who mostly sleep in favorite places all day. Younger cats who have shown up here at our home in the last four years in need of a home and love. The two youngest are Brutus and Bo. Bo showed up on a Sunday morning. All 2lbs, 8oz. of him! Brutus was born here. His mother, Chloe, decided our basement was the perfect "birthing room". He was one of six. We had so much fun watching those kittens grow, and I always amazed at the way Chloe just knew how to be a mother to them. Brutus was the biggest, fattest kitten of them all. His personality was just as big. When the kittens were old enough they all went to loving homes. Brutus had won a spot in our hearts. He stayed. Much to the delight of Bo, who was the youngest in the house by many years, and in need of a buddy!
They have become inseparable. Best buddies! They play, they wrestle, they scheme, they cuddle. I am so glad they have each other to grow old with. This week they have fought for window space to bird watch," helped" me make spring wreaths, and cuddled together after rough-housing!
Soon spring will be in full bloom. The horses will graze on fresh, new grass, the dogs will snooze in the sun, and the cats will bird watch from the windows and their perch on the front porch. In the evening we sit in our rockers and watch spring blossom. From our front porch in the mountains! Happy spring, everyone! k

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