06 March 2009

Our New Shabby Chic Rocking Chair!

k I have a love affair with old rocking chairs. We have two beautiful rockers on our front porch that I bought in a general store in Plains, Georgia years ago. I would have bought out the entire store if possible! I also love to refurbish and renew old pieces of furniture. The saying "one person's junk is another persons treasure" is so true. We both love to find anything old, think "shabby chic" and do a quick fix-up to make it porch or house ready! Thrift stores, antique stores, consignment shops, flea markets and garage sales are our kind of shopping.
Our home came with two barns and lot's of great stuff left in them from various owners from over the years. The wicker love seat on our front porch is one of those items. I have refrained from painting it because I love the shabby look it has. Last week J passed by a home that had an awesome old rocking chair sitting at the end of the driveway with the trash. We couldn't believe anyone would throw out an old antique rocker. But they did and now it has a new home. Ours!
It makes me sad to think that years ago someone built that rocker, probably with the intentions of keeping in their family forever, only to have it end up in 2009 sitting with the trash ready to go to the landfill! The new rocking chair will get plenty of miles clocked on it. In fact it has become the new favorite "curl-up and snooze" spot of our cat, Brutus! Welcome home, new rocker! You fit in perfectly. k

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