31 January 2009

Two Rockers and a Wood Stove

Four years ago we moved onto 150 acres and into a quirky little farm house that was built 110 years ago. Plenty of room for our three dogs to run and two old barns for the outdoor kitties to mouse in. I fell in love with the front porch, hardwood floors and the creek outside our bedroom window. J fell in love with the barns and the wood stove. The porch was perfect for the two rocking chairs that I bought several years ago from an old general store in Plains, Georgia. Two old pieces of wicker, a chair and loveseat, that I drug out of the barn found a new home on the porch. Beware the loveseat is for looks only. Under that pretty quilt there is no seat! But heck, there are only two of us and those rockers now have a lot of miles on them. Spring and fall...this is where we can be found. Notice I did not mention summer? (Well, we do have air-conditioning.)

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