31 May 2014

~ The Life of Gus ~ And now He is Patrolling Heaven..

I wrote The Story of Gus on March 15, 2014.

On Wednesday, May 25, our buddy began 
sneezing and showing signs of what we 
thought were a feline cold. 

On Thursday morning, he couldn't breathe
through his nose and began gasping 
for air by breathing through his mouth. 
Off to our vet we went. 

I was thinking respiratory infection and so was the vet. But after 3 rounds of steroids, which usually always work by opening the bronchial airway, Gus was still unable to breath through his nose.

Dr. Kate did a CBC, which checks the blood cell count and a Chem 17, which checks internal organ function-liver, kidneys, pancreas.
Everything was normal.
 In fact, for the age of Gus, our vet was impressed 
with these test results.

A chest x-ray showed his lungs were totally clear.
After all these tests, and the rounds of steroids, 
Dr. Kate began to ponder that something was actually 
blocking his ability to breathe by way of nasal cavity.
A skull x-ray proved that Gus had a tumor in his nose.
It grew fast, as Gus had no symptoms until 72 hours before this.

At 6pm on Thursday, we arrived at our vet's office.
We are so fortunate to live less than a 1/2 mile from here!
Everyone was long gone except Dr. Kate.

We spent time with Gus loving on him.
We thanked him for all the field mice he caught over the years!
We laughed about the time he brought home a live squirrel....
and ran in the house with it! Oy.
How glad we were that he 'found' us 7 years ago.
We told him how much he was loved.
And then Gus left us to begin his new job of "Patrolling Heaven".

J buried Gus between the pond and a Bradford Pear tree.
The perfect spot he loved for laying in the shade and frog watching!

Thank you so much to Dr. Kate.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

This is Gus.
Gus showed up about 7 years ago.
Whether he just wandered to our home
or someone dropped him off, we will never know.
Either way, he needed a family.
Never wanting to come in the house,
the first few years he lived outside.

He had already been neutered,
so at one time someone cared about him.
{Although I am pretty sure that Gus didn't 
consider that vet visit an act of love!!}

Gus is a big guy.
He weighs in around 18 pounds.
He is sweet. He is a loner.
He likes to cuddle with us on his terms,
but he doesn't cuddle with the other felines or pups.
Zeke was the only one he would happily lay with.

After Gus showed up he seemed to 
make it his mission to patrol the property.
I believe in his mind he is a security guard!

We always had problems with a few 
feral cats and had tried to trap them.
They were too smart and never took the bait! 

But once Gus came along, they moved on.
He had a presence they didn't want to mess with!

I am in love with the old barn!

J and I took a short walk this past Sunday.
While the other felines played lazy 
and sunned themselves, Gus joined us.

He always walks with such purpose....

Stopping to check out anything that fluttered,
eyeing a squirrel who was chattering in a tree,
and making sure the meowing cat he heard was a family member.
I guess it's hard for Gus to leave his security
 job behind even when he isn't on duty.

Wind chimes in the Sunday sun outside our bedroom window.

But then he decided to get the most of his day off.
He rolled in the dirt.
He chased things that fluttered in the wind,
he flipped his tail back and forth while eyeing a squirrel,
and he meowed back at that meowing family member.

Life is pretty darn good for Gus.

Whenever Gus feels he has fulfilled his patrol duties,
he climbs up on the little table that 
sits between the rockers on the front porch.

And he stares into the living room window
 waiting to grab our attention to 
let us know he is ready to come back inside!

He leaves behind lovely little paw prints and nose prints
all over the window!
And so every few days, I fulfill my duties and clean the window!

Gus has slowed down a bit in the last year.
We suspect that he is in his late teens now.
He doesn't stay out all night anymore,
preferring a little comfort.
And he has claimed a very coveted spot on the couch,
used for napping and viewing the outside world.
No other feline ever lays there.

Obviously we don't have any idea 
what life was like for Gus before he found us.

But as long as he keeps putting nose 
and paw prints on the window....
I will happily clean them off!
I hope your week was great.

I would love for you to read about the 
Feral Cat Program in Tennessee.
We have participated in this many times.
I hope your state has a similar program.
Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR)

16 March 2014

~ The Way, Way Back ~ {edition #2}

Each Sunday I will choose a year 
and then post a few pictures from that week.

The Way, Way Back!

The week of March 10, 2010

 Four years ago this week, 
we were at Day 3 of non-stop rain!
It was a much needed Spring Rain.

But try telling this to a barn full of horses 
who were being hand-walked each day.
 When the rain would turn to a drizzle, 
J and I would throw on their halters and be out the door!

I could reason with Miss D.
"Think how green and yummy the grass will be!"
Miss D's eyes would glaze over just thinking about it!

But there was no reasoning with Little Miss Annie.
Green, yummy grass wasn't high on the
priority list of a 41/2 month old foal!

But running through the pasture, 
kicking up her back legs, 
and squealing with glee was.

Chewing on the fence boards was a close second.

But what she missed most of all, on those rainy days...
was kicking out the fence boards!

{and truth be known, #3 is still her favorite thing to do!}

 Cadence, the sweetest stallion ever,
was just happy to have hay, carrots, kisses and hugs.
He was patient with the rain.
Because all the while the rain came down,
it made for a wonderful mud hole to roll in!
And Cadence knew this.

And me?
As a lover of cool weather,
and someone who dreads the thought of Summer coming,
I was just fine with Mother Nature giving us a cold, cold rain!

When the Rainbow finally came and the skies cleared, 
the horses kicked their stall doors to let us know it was time.

Time to eat yummy Spring grass,
time to roll in favorite mud holes,
and yes, even time to kick out the fence boards.

Such little things that make them happy.
Those horses are smart.
Simple pleasures make their lives a joy each day.
We could learn a lot from them.


my apologies to Allure and Allegra 
who not included in this post!
Soon, ladies, soon.